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newsurfiegirlNew Additions

sent out, let me know if they didn’t make it through and I will resend them. 4 months ago

newsurfiegirlThe list has been sent

please let me know if you didn’t receive it. I have a couple of people who haven’t sent me email & mailing addresses yet. 4 months ago

newsurfiegirlI can't see a way to send

you a message via 43things for some reason. Are you able to send messages? 4 months ago


Being Australian I had no idea, I should have checked but I was in a hurry to get the post up.
I have fixed it up now! 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlYes there is

and it is here: Send joy, love and cheer to my 43things friends in 2013 Holiday Card Exchange5 months ago


glad you will be joining us. 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlGlad to see

you back. :0) 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlWelcome Back!

Glad you have decided to join us again this year! 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlI hope I haven't upset you

I haven’t seen you round much this year, and I remembered you were having trouble with your computer last year. 5 months ago


Welcome aboard! 5 months ago

newsurfiegirl2013 Guidelines

If you’re interested in sending cards to other 43thingers, send me your information through 43messages or e-mail, and I’ll compose a list of all the participants. The information I’ll need for the list is:

1. Your 43Things name and whatever part of your real name you want included on the list;
2. Your complete mailing address; and,
3. Your e-mail address (I won’t give it out to anyone.

Around Thanksgiving (November 22nd) I’ll send everyone a list with all the names on it, and each person can choose who on the list they want to send cards to. You do not have to send cards to everyone on the list, but you can if you want to. If you only want to/can send a card to one or two people on the list, then that’s OK, too.

This is a fun, friendly, no-pressure exchange. No one is allowed to get offended if they don’t get a card from someone or if someone ends up not being able to send out cards.

There is no “deadline” for having to have cards sent out. December or January is nice, but June or July is OK, too.

Last year we had over 50 participants, and postage can get expensive, especially for those of you who live outside the U.S. and have so many U.S. people to possibly send to. PLEASE, no one feel like you have to send cards to everyone, or even to everyone who sent you a card.

This goal should not be a financial hardship on anyone, so please don’t let it become one.

Hopefully, by using the term “holiday”, we are including everyone, no matter what your race, religion, or country of origin. You can send a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Valentine, winter, Kansas Day, or whatever holiday you celebrate. OR, you could send a non-holiday, just to say “HI” card.

The addresses are sent to everyone on the “trust” system. Which means everyone needs to respect everyone else’s privacy and not post them publicly or give them out to other 43thingers indiscriminately.

Also, PLEASE do not use a person’s 43things name when addressing your envelopes unless that is the name they’ve requested to be used. We have had problems with this in the past and some 43things identities have been revealed, causing people to delete their accounts.

Any addresses I have by November 27th, I will (plan to) have out on a preliminary list to everyone on (or as close to as possible) Thanksgiving (November 28th), so that those of you who are on the ball can work on your cards over the long (American) holiday weekend. Cut off date for the final list will be December 3rd.

There aren’t too many other rules. Many people like to make their own cards, some send letters, some include little gifts or pictures. It’s anything goes (as long as it’s nice).

Oh, yeah, one last rule:

HAVE FUN!!! 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlIn Flirt's absence I have started the card exchange goal for 2013

I always look forward to the card exchange and I would hate to see the holiday season go by without being able to send my 43things friends a card. (I am sorry to those of you I never got cards to last year there was just so much happening in my life, but I hope you all understand.)

I hope that is okay with everyone. 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlCongratulations on your new job

I hope you are very happy there. 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlI would be happy to

put the list together if no one else has organised it 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlDoes anyone know if there is an exchange this year?

I haven’t seen Flirt around for a while :( so I am not sure if someone else has organised it or there isn’t one yet this year. 5 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you very much

You just put a smile on my face! Have a great day! 6 months ago

newsurfiegirlYou would still be able to visit the reef in January

They take people out all the time. In Townsville they have areas for swimming, at the beaches which are netted off there are also a couple of pools that are free to swim at. If worst comes to worst you can wear a stinger suit to swim in. The lifeguards are always happy to help you out if you want to know if it is safe to swim. 6 months ago

newsurfiegirlDrop 2

I dropped this one at the local supermarket, in one of the kids trolleys. As we left the shopping centre I noticed someone with it and they were very happy about finding it! 6 months ago

newsurfiegirlDrop 1

I dropped a toy today at the Canteen Family Fun day, drop 1 completed! Drop 2 is ready to go too just need to decide where to drop it. Then I need to start on drop 3. 6 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you very much

for the wonderful wishes. 6 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank You

for such a wonderful wish it truly touched my heart! I hope that you may have a blessed day. 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThanks JWillow

It was a wonderful day. 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you

for the wonderful birthday wishes :0) I hope you have a great day. 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you very much

I hope you are having a great day. 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you very much

I hope you have a wonderful day too! 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank you so much!

I just don’t know what to say, my favourite people are here wishing me happy birthday. I can’t tell you how much it means. I would never have known if you hadn’t sent me a message. Thank you so much it made my day! 8 months ago

newsurfiegirlThank You

It isn’t quite over yet. It was a wonderful surprise to find this goal! I hope you have a wonderful day 8 months ago

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