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nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Animales

What are your feelings on keeping multiples of pets? Do you have, or have you had, many pets at once? It’s fine. I’ve had two dogs at the same time in the past, I’ve mostly had 2-3 cats. Right now I have one outdoor cat, plus a cat that I “share” with a neighbor.

What do you feel is your limit? My personal limit? Right now it’s 1-2 cats, no dogs, because I don’t have the time or money to care for more. I really want a dog, but a) dogs need someone around, they really need companionship, and I work too much, and b) my cats are very skittish, one of them doesn’t even let me touch him, so I would never traumatize them by introducing a dog into the territory. Generally speaking, I think the rule for multiple pets is the same as the rule for multiple wives – you don’t take on more than you can equally and adequately provide for materially and emotionally. ;-)2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Yes.

Almost exclusively by other girls. In junior high it was “sometimes,” at my first high school it was “never,” and at my second high school it was “constant.” Always by the girls that the rest of the community (including teachers) would say were “nice, decent, from a ‘good’ family” and at my second high school they would have been additionally categorized as “good Christian girls who go to our church.”So of course I was seen by those same community members as “suspicious, from one of ‘those’ families, an outsider” and “doesn’t attend our church, therefore must attend an inferior church or even more likely, be gasp an atheist.” (Which I’m not, though it’s still irrelevant to my quality of character either way.) In their minds I would have brought it all on myself just for who I was.

Boys only rarely bullied me, but I was usually able to deal with them better. Once I verbally slammed a boy who said something to me about my very developed chest, after he had already been teasing me the day before for the same thing, and the adult who overheard it yelled at me…2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.You know...

the summer that I was 18 I had a major crush on an Irish guy that resembled Howdy Doody, all because his accent made me wobbly in the knees…

2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.I think what it boils down to is

1. what other people look like (or what they choose to wear) is no one else’s business;
2. there is more to a person than what they look like;
3. you can’t make assumptions about what is going on with someone either physically, emotionally, or spiritually based on appearances;
4. external validation of a person’s beauty shold be not be given importance – what counts is what you feel about yourself, and hopefully by extension if you feel good about yourself you will take care of your health.

And on to the questions…

What feelings do you have about how fat the general population in North America is becoming? I think our overall health is in decline, and the obesity is just an extension of that. Like you said, people are more sedentary nowadays, plus people have such rushed lives that neither get enough sleep and they eat a lot of convenience foods, both of which throw your hormones and metabolism out of whack. I think a lot of Americans also have depression, stress, and anxiety, which exacerbates the problem.

Should we promote that “beauty comes in all sizes” and we should “embrace our curves”? Yes, while at the same time promoting good health and also not throwing thin people under the bus in an effort to make curvy/heavy people feel better about themselves. “All sizes” means tall, short, thin, fat, straight, curvy, having all limbs, missing limbs, etc.

Should people who are morbidly obese be considered handicapped, and be allowed to modify their work spaces or work from home, or collect disability or be able to sue businesses like buses or airlines for not having seats big enough for them? I think it is more complicated than that. People are obese for different reasons. Some might be more valid reasons for being considered disabled than others. There is also the possibility of temporary disability for people who might be in treatment for health or emotional issues.

Is it really helping kids to tell them that their weight is fine, and adjust ideas of body image to include obesity as an okay thing? I think the main thing we need to teach kids is physical, mental, and emotional health skills. I don’t think we should promote that obese is something to be yippy-skippy about, but kids shouldn’t equate obesity with being worthless as a person or worthy of ridicule. That is the message sent by society currently.

Is self-esteem building useful vs. looking at weight realistically? I don’t necessarily think the two are mutually exclusive.2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Accents

what’s your favourite (favorite, whatever) English accent? Scottish, followed by Southern (American southeast), but I like the sound of accented English, period.
what other language do you like the sound of? All languages, but especially Zulu.

what is your accent? Pacific U.S., though I slip into either New York or Southern tinged accent around my family members.2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Looks nice,

Taz! How exciting! 2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Anxiety

can be medically based, like some people here said. Or maybe you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself about the gay thing, and so you are worrying yourself a lot over that. I don’t know. But I’ll add my voice to the others – if you’re harming yourself, you need to see a counselor. Please. And as for the stress of “outing” yourself, remember that you don’t owe anybody any explanations for who you are. I don’t go around “outing” myself as a straight person. But I do understand it’s different for you, because everyone assumes you’re straight unless you proclaim yourself otherwise. Just try not to feel like you are obligated to explain anything to anybody that you don’t want to. It’s none of their business unless you choose ot make it their business. Like others said, if you live in an unaccepting community, there are a million better places to live where people don’t bat an eye if you are gay.

Sorry I’m not very articulate tonight…been fighting a lengthy sickness and having brain fatigue…Just wanted to send well wishes!2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.I appreciate your analysis.

I have expressed the same thing before – I admired Snowden at first, when it was a matter of him exposing possible over-reach of the NSA. But as things progressed, he quickly lost my support for exactly the reasons you have outlined.

I am not a supporter of any governmental abuse of power or unreasonable infringement on privacy and freedom under the guise of “keeping us safe.” The Patriot Act, the NSA – whatever. (PLEASE do not get me started about Guantanamo…that mess is an appalling perversion of the justice system, and I have no doubt our government has and does target American citizens it deems “undesirable” in other circumstances, too.) But if we have put the government in charge of national security, they do need to be allowed some reasonable ability to monitor communications to pick up patterns and check into possibilities. Snowden et al should not be revealing information that could risk national security, and the fact that he seems to be leveraging information that could affect all other American citizens in exchange for his own security while passing himself off as their champion is a bit ironic.

And, yes, let’s talk about our corporatocracy… 2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.My germ thang

started when I had a new baby and a job working with lots of public contact. Also coinciding with all those TV investigative reports where they used blacklight in hotel rooms and stuff… 2 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Easy Cheesy

I used to think I was easy-going, but I finally realized I am not. It was like a relief to finally go, “YOU, dear nic, are not easygoing.”

I am friendly.
I am generally flexible.
I tend to get along with a wide variety of people.
I am affectionate.
I am casual.
I work and play well with others.
I am kindhearted.
I don’t have unrealistic expectations of those close to me.
I don’t take things out on those close to me.


I like things how I like them.
I may be OCD about the germ thing.
I have trouble relinquishing control.
I am a worrier.
I can be competitive.
I get overwhelmed.
I get stressed out.
I am passionate. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Carl Hiaasen

is hilarious…!!! I’ve read several of his books. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Cookie Monster

Are Girl Scout Cookies sold where you live? yes.
If Girl Scout Cookies are sold in your neck of the woods, do you ever purchase them? Yes
If so, what is your favorite kind? Thin Mints and Samoas. I could eat a whole box of Thin Mints in one sitting, so I usually try not to have them in the house!3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.The wheaten bread

I definitely did have, I just didn’t realize or remember it was called that. I saw Cidona, but never tried it – now I regret it!

The soda farls look GOOD!! 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.I read that as

“soda fart.”

I can vouch for the comment about Guinness. It does taste different in Ireland. Less…metallic? :-/ Also the Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps.

No one clued me in to Cidona, wheaten bread, or “soda farts” while I was there… >:-/ 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Libros

Who is your favorite author? Hard to say.
What is your favorite fictional place? Probably the Shire (I want a hobbit house) or Rivendell (because I am sure it smells like old carved wood rubbed with carnation oil inside).
What is the your favorite book series? Hmmm…hard to pin down, but I’ll name a few longstanding favorites: Moomin Valley series, LOTR/Hobbit, the Dragonriders of Pern/Harper Hall series, Oz series, and Hercule Poirot mysteries.
What was the last series of books you read in its entirety? Probably the ones listed, except the Oz books – after FLB died, other authors took over the series, and the titles go on and on and on, it seems…I’ve read all of his titles, but only a couple of those by other authors.
Or, if you are currently in the middle of a series, what series are you reading? n/a3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Awwww. X-)

Thank you. ❤ 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Cleanliness 1/14/14 - last entry for a while...

...because now that I’ve posted daily for a week, I think weekly or occasional updates will be good, lest y’all become bored with the trivialities of my boring life…

Clean nourishment
sweet potato hash, egg over medium
hot coffee, black

banana, cashew, coconut flake salad

leftover roast chicken, gravy, roasted butternut squash

baked apples and walnuts

two handfuls of raw almonds while cooking
A variation on Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice with chicken instead of bacon and using ingredients I had on hand – so good!!

hot tea edit: coconut milk latte

Clean time management
Worked a 10.5 hour day, was productive, but did kept getting interrupted by people wanting to chat. Also, my clerical work keeps accumulating, and I should have worked on that today, but I decided to work on more pressing projects. Still…if I don’t do the tedious clerical work, it doesn’t get done… Made enough dinner to have some for lunch tomorrow. Got lunch packed, breakfast planned, and clothes ready for tomorrow.

Clean scheduling
Went to sleep around 1 again. WTH? :-( Got up at 6:30. Can’t keep doing that…Spent too much time at work and didn’t leave enough of the day for good health or domesticities. I need to schedule more cleanly for good work/life balance – though my time management is OK, I need to work on drawing the line. I don’t want to look back at my life and only remember working.

Clean emoting
Was aware that I felt competitive today and tried to think of why. Good conversations with ZH, also controlled maternal fears and let him hang out downtown at night for a couple of hours with a friend…sigh. :-/ Drove him there and picking him up again.

Clean nesting
Cleaned the kitchen, which was getting pretty messy due to rushing around. That’s it. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Cleanliness 1/13/14

Clean nourishment
apple slices with almond butter (was in a rush and realized halfway to work that I forgot to eat breakfast, so I had to break into my snack!)
hot tea, plain

apple slices and celery with almond butter

leftover roast chicken, gravy, roasted butternut squash
spaghetti squash with marinara
apple and celery slices with almond butter

the rest of my lunch: chicken w/ gravy and butternut squash, spaghetti squash w/ marinara sauce

three handfuls of raw almonds while cooking
spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs and tomato sauce

hot tea

Clean time management
Worked a 9 hour day, was productive, though it was a rough day. Met with a contractor about my possible small bath remodel and kept within the meeting time parameters without too many birdwalks. Right now I am not being productive – on the computer while I wait for ZH to be ready to discuss a homework assignment…

Clean scheduling
Went to sleep around 1 – not good! Got up around 6:30. Put off a task so that I could have an actual lunch break. Made time to cook dinner. Spent time with ZH, good conversations and helped him with his homework. I am up too late now, though, because I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of this post…

Clean emoting
Good conversation with ZH following up on yesterday’s conversation. Was a little frenetic at an end of the day meeting and with the contractor – tend to motormouth and give off stressy vibes when I’m in that mode. Letting that go – it’s not worth ruminating over.

Clean nesting
Cleaned the bathroom this morning instead of last night. Cooked a good dinner. Minimal after-dinner clean up – too tired. Packing my lunch for tomorrow. I think I need to freeze some of this chicken… 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Someone gave me

a cinnamon scented candle, too. I love the smell of cinnamon! 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Wow, this was over 5 years ago...

how is your now-18-year-old? :-) 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Looks

great! 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Yesterday was pretty light,

but I wasn’t hungry until right before dinner, then I was really ready to eat. I was still a little hungry after eating a good sized portion of the chicken etc., so that’s why I had a banana and almonds. It was plenty. Also the latte was very big!

I don’t do “not eating” very well, and I also don’t believe in it, so I definitely won’t make myself go hungry, LOL! 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Cleanliness 1/12/14

Clean nourishment
sweet potato hash
egg over medium
hot coffee, black

snack sized amount of leftover chicken, cauliflower mash, gravy

hot coffee, black

leftover roast chicken, cauliflower mash, gravy
two handfuls of raw almonds


coconut milk latte

Cannot BELIEVE that yesterday’s 30 minute walk gave me shinsplints and aggravated my plantar fasciitis. That shows you how tight I am all over from being bedridden for two weeks. I used my addiday roller on my shins, calves, hamstrings, and inflamed arch, plus did some stretches to try and relieve the discomfort. I should have taken care of myself this way yesterday, but often I walk 6 times as long as I did yesterday with no issues…so imagine my dismay.

Clean time management
Did chores this morning. Wasted time on the computer for almost an hour. Was highly efficient at work. Am wasting time now on the computer. I hope you all will forgive me for not reciprocating more cheers, but it is after midnight already and I am not done with tonight’s chores…meeting a contractor here tomorrow right after work and don’t want it to be piggy.

Clean scheduling
I went to sleep around 1 am, but slept until past 9. Tonight I am going to bed very late because I had a full day, and I have a full day tomorrow for which I need to prepare, and I spent some time hanging out with ZH and his best buddy downtown, then helping him with his homework a bit – both of which are important things.

Clean emoting
Was resentful to go to work today, but when I got there I was so time efficient that it subsided. Listened to ZH express some frustrations with his dad’s parenting and just listened, did not chime in. Then listened to him express some feelings about living arrangements that were very hard for me to hear (he’s considering living with Mr. Peabody full time – long story), was honest with him about how I felt but totally did not harangue or get angry or express any negativity towards him, even though it was like a knife to my heart and I felt like crying, I didn’t because that would be like laying a guilt trip on him, which I try to be aware not to do. He was very concerned about whether he was hurting my feelings. I said he needed to be honest about his thinking, and that I understood. I tried to keep in mind what it was like when I was a teenager and wanted to live with one parent or the other. He saidhe ws not decided yet, and that maybe he was just stressed about school. Then I listened to him express frustrations and worry about school, and tried to be supportive.

PHEW! I think I handled my emotions very well today.

Clean nesting
Folded all the laundry in my room and did a lot of cleaning. There is still some to do. Made and cleaned up after breakfast, heated and cleaned up after dinner, cleaned kitchen counters. Next I need to straighten the living room and wipe down the bathroom before bed. Also put the shoes in the closet.

Sigh. Goodnight, peeps. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Beet greens are good, too!

You can use them in stir fry or soups like other types of greens. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.That's a good point.

There is a lot of nepotism out there, too. :-(

There was a study done several years ago that showed that people with connections fared better in the job market than more highly qualified, highly educated people who had demonstrated a strong work ethic. It surprised the researchers, because they thought that the people who had higher grades and were more goal-oriented would fare better. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Yep, it makes a HUGE difference

when you have a safety net. A lot of people don’t.

I don’t know what to think about that thing where a job is still posted several months later. I do know a friend of mine was trying for several months to hire someone for a position, and it was just because they hired one person who did not turn out to be a good match, then couldn’t find anyone in the interview process they felt was a good match. I understand your frustration, though, I would feel like, “What am I, chopped liver???” :-/

Sorry, LIGEMS3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.This is why

I get so angry when I hear people call the unemployed “lazy bums” or say they could get a job if they really wanted one. I know several people in your situation. Sure, there are unemployed people who take advantage, but the majority are like you – trying to feed and shelter a family and can’t catch a break. When I did hiring almost 20 years ago in another job, we would get 100 applications for every opening and I’d narrow it down to 10 to interview. I am involved in hiring now, and it’s the same thing, and I’ve heard that in less specialized fields (retail, customer service, etc.) with large chain companies, they can get THOUSANDS of applications for each opening.

It’s not for lack of trying, and it’s not because you don’t deserve it. God just has a lot of people to try and employ these days… 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Baker's Dozen

What would you like from the bakery? I am not eating grains right now, but if I were, I would be in the mood for chocolate pasticiott’.
What is your favorite kind of breakfast pastry? Like qglas said, anything custard filled, and like Hawk said, jalapeno cheddar bagel – both are favorites! I also love chocolate babka, but rarely get it, and the same with really good brioche, croissant, asparagus cheese croissant, or a garlic cheese twist.
What is your favorite kind of bread? I don’t think I have an unfavorite kind of bread. At least I’ve never met one. Well…except maybe Wonder bread…
How far of a walk is your nearest bakery? About 5 minutes in one direction, and there’s another one about 15-20 minutes in the other direction.3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Cleanliness 1/11/14

Clean nourishment
handful of raw almonds
hot coffee, black

tuna salad – tuna, diced celery, diced carrots, chopped cilantro, Persian lime infused olive oil (a Christmas gift!), Key lime juice, Hawaiian bamboo salt

apple slices with almond butter
hot coffee, black

slow cooker roast chicken with gravyholy cow SOOO good, I did not know how the gravy would turn out, given the ingredients, but it was AMAZEBALLS, and that’s not a word I normally deign to use. I did a few things differently: I combined the way she made gravy in her regular slow cooker chicken recipe and her quick one, which is what my link is to; I forgot to de-fat the braising vegetables (oh, well); and I added a half a cup of soaked cashews when I blended the gravy to thicken it a bit. I used a small, whole Smart Chicken, which was more economical. I still have enough chicken left for several meals.
garlic cauliflower ‘mashed potatoes’

hot tea, plain

edit: wanted something sweet, so chopped up an apple and mixed it with cinnamon, baked it with walnuts and a bit of ghee on top.

Walked for half an hour today, my first exercise in over a month, since I’ve been sick so long.

Clean time management
Went to bed about midnight last night, so I set my alarm a bit later and didn’t wash my hair (though I did shower) after I got up, just threw my hair into a ponytail and a baseball cap. Walked, then went shopping right away instead of going home to hang out (lest I get lured into slothery). So I got all of my grocery shopping done before 11 am, and was very efficient about the whole endeavor (though I did forget 1-2 items). Cleaned out my PO Box, which I haven’t gone to check since being sick – so it was stuffed. I did mess about on the computer a bit longer than I should have earlier while eating lunch (and post lunch). Went to work, worked a 4 hour shift and got a LOT done (including cleaning my laptop – boy, clean keyboard keys feel veeerrrry different! – and did a long overdue backup). Still need to work a shift tomorrow. Got home and set right about to cooking dinner, cleaned up the kitchen after dinner.

Clean scheduling
Even though I went to sleep at midnight, I got 7 hours sleep (minuse the time or two I woke up coughing). Woke up early, made sure I was on time to pick ZH up at Mr. Peabody’s. Hope to get 7-8 hours sleep again tonight.

Clean emoting
I went to the open market for my vegetables and apples today, which made me very happy. I hadn’t planned on it, but happened to pass by and realized I didn’t always have opportunities to, so I stopped and shopped and it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I didn’t let myself get resentful about my work encroaching on my weekend. I didn’t get overwhelmed at work like I sometimes do with all of the small and large projects and tasks (and minutiae) I have to deal with – just started on one thing, plowed through, and tried to be systematic and focused. Realized I wanted to change the wording of something I posted here because I didn’t like it and did it. I was happy cooking dinner – which I have been this whole month, but before that it had been a long time since I was happy cooking. Cooking used to make me happy all the time.

Clean nesting
Dealt with overflowing paper bags (I forget my reusables a lot!), got them out of the house and gave them to someone who needed them for a project. Grocery shopped. Cleaned the kitchen after dinner. That’s all for tonight, hope to clean my room, the upstairs bathroom, and do some laundry tomorrow. 3 months ago

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot.Lox

When were the front locks on your home last changed? Last time I broke up with someone.
How many locks do you have on your front door? One hefty one.
Do you always lock them all? Yes.
How many people have keys to your home? Me, ZH, TripleB, and Nanny Peabody.
Do you keep a spare key close by outside? Hell no.
What’s your address? Your mom’s.

Nah! Only kidding. Don’t answer those. Here’s my Friday question:
What’s for dinner tonight? Slow Cooker Chicken with cauliflower mash and veggie gravy. ZH will have mashed potatoes in place of the cauliflower.3 months ago

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