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nicolasc has left the building.

43T and the friends I made will always be special to me.

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nicolasc has left the building.Wow,

I actually like that kitchen! You’re remodeling it? What don’t you like? 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Week 1, Day 3 - Kitchen

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today armed with one of their ubiquitous coupons and bought a new silverware tray (a fancy one with bigger compartments and non-slip lining!) and 4 plastic shoebox sized boxes. Whooooaaaaa! First of all, my silverware drawer looks 5 million times better. Less messy, and the very old, stained, beat up cutlery holder is outta here.

Even better, I’ve had this blind cabinet that has been driving me nuts. The door to it is so narrow, and there is so much wasted space in the area that you can’t reach. WELL! The shoebox containers are amazing. Instead of having all of this loose clutter and garbage hidden in the depths of the unreachable darkness, I have things organized into containers that I can just pull out to reach things. Plus, they don’t get dusty this way.

Waaaaalaaaaaaaa! ♫ I am going to buy more containers, but probably at the Dollar Store this time.

I put off organizing the rest of the kitchen drawers because I want to look into finding dividers. Can I ask you something? Why are drawer dividers so dang expensive??? It’s like $20 for two of them. Rip off! >:-{ I might see about measuring the drawers and seeing if I can get them to cut 1×3” (or whatever) wood into lengths that would fit the drawers, maybe that would work… 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Thanks!

Yeah, I’ve heard that about wheat and allergies. I haven’t been able to determine yet whether it helps mine, because I caught a respiratory flu that stuck around for a long time. We’ll see in April! So great that it’s knocked your allergies back! 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Today I'll say...

Favorite band? Today I’ll say The Band, or Parliament
Favorite visual artist? Today I’ll say Mucha
Favorite actor? Today I’ll say Al Pacino, or Jodie Foster
Favorite food? Today I’ll say homemade pizza
Favorite dessert? Today I’ll say the crispy edge of the brownie
Favorite city? Today I’ll say Copenhagen
Favorite tourist destination? Today I’ll say Copenhagen, again
Favorite sport? Today I’ll say martial arts or hockey
Favorite movie? Today I’ll say Young Frankenstein
Favorite flower? Today I’ll say peony
Favorite animal? Today I’ll say falcon
Favorite T.V Show Today I’ll say Breaking Bad
Favorite book? Today I’ll say Tales from Moomin Valley

Too many favorites, just had to go with my gut for today!10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Why would I say yes

if I weren’t in the mood? :-/ That’s not to say TripleB can’t get me to be in the mood, but if I weren’t interested/too tired/not feeling well, why would I do it?

::befuddled:: 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I don't agree with him on every issue,

but he is such a big step in the right direction. He seems to be moving the Catholic Church into the 21st century (which, given that the Catholic Church does not believe in continuous revelation, is not the easiest thing to accomplish). 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.No wheat

since last entry… 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Cleanliness Update 1/23

Been doing pretty good with this. No alcohol, dairy, sugar, legumes, or grains for about a month (with the exception of two cocktails at New Year’s Eve, and a minor wheat slip-up the next day, plus sugar in cough drops). Emoting and nesting are going ok, the two that are hard for me are early bedtimes and time management. Still working on those… 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.NICOLA kvass!

Oh,purrrrr! Kvas, nye kola,I love it!

PS- yeah, so refreshing in the summer, that “tank kvass!.” 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I like the stuff they sold

from a tap on those big tanks better than the bottled stuff. But I had homemade at a party once, and it was more flavorful.

I love kvass, too! Meow! 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I love it.

Do you like kvass? (Real kvass, not the bottled stuff with caramel coloring etc.) 10 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.It's almost more

culturally based than geographically based. Though even in the north and south you could divide it into valley, foothill/mountain, desert, coast as far as culture. But generally speaking, the cultures in northern and southern California are very different. The north tends to be more politically liberal and the south tends to be more politically conservative, they each have their own forms of coolness and their own forms of elitism, etc. People in the north tend to think of people in the south as superficial, materialistic, shallow, botox-and-silicone-infused, and not particularly bright, and people in the south tend to think of people in the north as elitist hypocrite liberals with a superiority complex that do snobby things like drink kombucha, own every Apple product known to man, and pretentiously spout Rousseau and Chomsky. There is a bit of truth to both and not complete truth to either.

That’s my take, anyway. 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I had this conversation

with my family recently. They felt that, culturally, San Luis Obispo was about the cutoff. That’s where the culture starts to become more SoCal (if you’re driving south). 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Week 1, Day 2 - Kitchen

I actually did one more upper cabinet last night, then did the remaining 2 upper cabinets tonight. I procrastinated a LOT because I am pretty tired…but I spent longer procrastinating than the job actually took. I found a lot of things to either donate or put in storage. (Plastic Halloween goblets, anyone?)

Tomorrow I hope to do one set of drawers, possibly two. I also have to do my “regular” household chores, as I am behind on those.

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll take down and dust all of the vases and other glassware on the top of the cabinets, since I just did that a few months ago. Maybe that will be a separate project.11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Until you go running...

...then not so “bully,” LOL! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I didn't watch the video,

so I apologize if this is off-topic, but I don’t like porn in general due to the HIGH percentage of people who are exploited/abused/trafficked/manipulated/controlled in order to create it. How can anyone derive pleasure from viewing images that were most likely made at the expense of someone suffering from addiction, emotional issues, mental illness, fallout from sexual abuse, etc.? I just don’t find it arousing AT ALL, because I can’t get that thought out of my head that I am witnessing someone’s abuse.

Yes, I know there are people who do it gladly and willingly, but that is a relatively small percentage. The vast majority are not participating with true willingness, or some say they are but are actually either in self-destruction mode or are being manipulated in some way.

And yes, I do think exploiters are filthy. I’m not talking about the “actors,” but the people who are using them for their own profit. I don’t think religious conversion is the answer (though it has helped some people cope), but eliminating the market for it. Whether that will ever happen is another matter. 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Feel better!

The bugs going around are nasty! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I don't follow the logic

of the first part of her essay. I 100% agree with what she says about “boys will be boys.” Men are too often excused from their culpability in rapes or harrassment with “well she was wearing…/acting like…” Papa Nic, ZH, TripleB, Mr. Peabody, my martial arts brothers…NONE of them would think “hey, I think I’ll rape her!” if they saw a half-dressed or drunk or whatever girl. I mean, if she were being provocative they might misread signals, but like the author said – any man can see when it’s not consensual or when someone is too incapacitated to consent and they can stop themselves.

Having said that, I prefer to dress more modestly, generally speaking, just because I prefer eye contact and I don’t like the feeling if being leered at… 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Ps...

Interesting how the graphs show that the incidence of narcissism has increased over the years (at least in undergrad respondents)...that is consistent with other studies and articles I’ve read about how college aged kids think more and more that they are inherently worthy of status and accolades, and can’t fathom that they would have to work to earn those things…! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I think

like others said, the questions are worded so that it could almost depend on your mood. It’s certainly not going to diagnose a person. There were a couple on there that I could have gone the other way on, or thought it would depend on the situation (especially leadership questions – I’ve been a good leader in some cases, reluctant or not the best choice in others, but I’m not driven to be one, nor necessarily think I make a better one than others), so it depends how you interpret the questions. Plus, a real narcissist is manipulative by nature, and might not answer the questions honestly anyway…

I’ve had plenty of first-hand experiences with narcissists, and from what I know of you, you don’t strike me as one! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.You

are killin’ me… 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Sounds

like a good one! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Yes,

how can that be possible? You are so modest about your fluffiness! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.Week 1, Day 1 - Kitchen

I know it’s really the 3rd day of Week 1, but it’s my first day working on the project…

So far on the list, I cleaned out the fridge, wiped down the inside, and reorganized everything. I cleaned out two upper cabinets, discarded old food and medicine, wiped the inside of the cupboards and the cupboard doors, and reorganized the contents.

It all looks so good so far! The rest of the kitchen is a mess, since as I go along I have been finding things I want to put in cupboards I haven’t cleaned yet, etc.

I may do one more cabinet tonight, but otherwise…more tomorrow! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.3 out of 40

Here are my results.11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.VERY glad

you are feeling better and that you took action to get support. Cheer cheer cheer – I hope you continue to make progress in feeling well! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.As the mother of a son,

I do have sympathy for your position. Seeing things through my son’s eyes, I can see that females can be genuinely confusing for men. It’s expected that men be the ones to make the first overture, but then women get all pissy about someone giving them attention. They may even interpret non-romantically-based conversation initiated by a man as a “hit.” And it’s all for the reasons qglas mentioned – from our perspective, we have been “ambushed” so many time in what we think is just friendly conversation. Or even just blatantly leered at, catcalled, etc. Many men do seem to think it’s their birthright to invade our space, make us uncomfortable, tell us to “smile,” or whatever the heck they feel like. It’s tiring. So it’s hard for us to separate the wheat from the chaff, if that makes sense. Often, too, the male gets all pissy if we make it clear that we have no romantic interest, as if they were doing us a favor and we just looked a gift horse in the mouth or something.

I think the whole male-female dance thing is just confusing sometimes. (Or, I should say, pursuer/pursued…I’m sure this applies to same sex wooing, too…!)

This is what qglas is referring to. It’s a “nice guy” phenomenon that hits pretty close to home for a lot of women. At the same time, I stand by my earlier comments that there are a lot of nice guys out there that honestly do not get a second look from a woman. That was in response to Anne’s question related to “where are the nice single guys.” Yes, there are genuinely nice single guys out there. And what you said also has truth to it. I think the same thing applies to women – there are a lot of quality women out there that would be great relationship partners, but they don’t get much attention, either.

PHEW! ;-) 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.LOL!

I think he deserved that. ;-)

Oh, that is horrible about your back. I remember doing that once after a move (lifting lots of heavy boxes improperly), and boy, you sure do find out how much you use your back without realizing it!

I hope it heals soon! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I'm eating a ton,

and keeping it clean. Was up late the past two nights, but also slept late in the morning. I’m taking a few days off work – hoping for a week, but might not be able to manage a whole week. I am so behind on everything because I’ve been sick for so long now and trying not to overexert myself. Plus I don’t have energy and get winded easily.

TripleB came over (first time in about 2 weeks – he was sick, too, though he’s already over his bug), saw all of my masses of dirty laundry separated into piles, and said, “Gee, guess you have a little laundry to do!” I said, “Do you see a maid in this house? If I’m sick, it doesn’t get done.” Smartass.

Thanks for checking in, tikini! 11 months ago

nicolasc has left the building.I

agree. 11 months ago

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