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nitsanFantastic Summer

We just had our second to last watermelons, we’re harvesting heirloom tomatoes by the kilo every day. We grow cukes, zukes, lettuce, parsley, and plenty more. But the salad veggies are definitely the best. We have over 20 different types of organic tomatoes and the kids pick them directly from the bush. It’s great fun, and we’ll keep on doing it. 19 months ago

nitsanIt took me SEVEN years to get on it

But hey, I did! 19 months ago

nitsanJust found my first cache!

It was a micro cache a walking distance from our place. So FUN! We’re do it again. Tomorrow! (The kids are already on their second quest, I ran home to brag! :) 19 months ago

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81. Sleeping in
82. Hugging the kids
83. Just plain resting
84. Buying a new computer
85. Inventing Raw treats
86. Cycling with our daughter
87. Cuddling with our son
88. Working from home
89. Meeting deadlines
90. Redwoods in the back yard 2 years ago

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