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Recent entries from pepilindo
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pepilindobeing the other one done i will try to improve myself

10 hours a week, lets start! 3 years ago

pepilindook i did it but

14 hours a week its a lot of time, lets set it next time in ten hours a week.
in total i spent 3 hours, making a total of 12:30 uff, close, but i did it.
my first thing done, lets hope this keeps happening 3 years ago

pepilindoi dont know...

its kind of simple, i love simplicity, belive me, but is that what you really want? dont do a tatoo just because, remember its for life, and will chase you even worse than your last wife; JK about that, but maybe you have to think it better. 3 years ago

pepilindoy estúdio EN España

just a correction, what you said was like “my name is mariska and i study spain”. the preposition “en” can be used as the preposition “in” in english 3 years ago

pepilindoi like to argue

i like to argue about thinks i know a lot, like religion and science. getting incoherencies i think is my gift, but whenever somebody comes back with something i just dont argue, not because of the truth of their word, in fact i know they are wrong, and i have proofes of that and i keep quiet, i’ll let you guess why; yeah righat because of shyness… im getting better i am talking more, but still is not enough 3 years ago

pepilindoshe wasnt there to talk

she missed her class today.on friday i will surely see her and im going to ask her out, may the gods of alergies be in my favour 3 years ago

pepilindo1 hour

i spent 1 hour on line, making a total of 9:30 hours for six days 3 years ago

pepilindoslept for 8:30 hours

too much, but still i feel better, i have to get used to the schedule. 3 years ago

pepilindowhat should i do?

during this year i invited her two times by SMS. the first time it was the same day of a big test, i told her that a friend asked me to go out with him, because he was going out with someone and he needed some support. at the begining she said yes but then, one hour later she told me that she was not going because she was very tired. ok, then i invited her a second time, like three weeks later. it was a friday that was a hollyday so i asked her to go out on thursday. but she answered me that she was going home (i have to say that she is from another city very far away from where we study and she doesnt go there very often, and that long weekend was a great possibility to spend more time there)

i still see her, and we are kind of friends. should i ask her again?
should i let this pass and think in something else? 3 years ago

pepilindoit was 3:45

when i went to sleep. again late… but its weekend… 3 years ago

pepilindoi spent an hour online today.

because of the new manga i was looking for. but well… in total 8:30 hours for five days 3 years ago

pepilindoreading manga

i found today a manga called “monster”. what an amazing thing, cant stop reading. got till book 4 in a few hours.
gotta go back to study tomorrow, but will continue as soon as posible 3 years ago


i’m martin, from argentina, i’d love to talk but i’m kind of with some exams right now, but i can make some time to talk.
just send me a message or talk here and we’ll set a time to chat.
cheers! 3 years ago

pepilindojust remember

nothing is easy and nothing comes from granted! keep yourself doing something and you will archieve whatever you want 3 years ago

pepilindoi realize it now

after reading this:
i got my procrastination to a set. i didnt ended it, of course, i realized that thinking about it wont help, actions speak louder than the voice, so i then started to realize how everything in my list connects.
lets see… i slept more than 8 hours a day, spent a lot of time online, tried to do a lot of new stuff, set a goal to finish what i start, tried to get up to date on my studies, to go to the doctors, and do keri Smiths 100 ideas. how all those 7, yeah 7 stuff melt together? in the stop procrastinating!

the help 5 people, the do a new thing(again), sing in front of a crowd, even build a house are related to shyness.

i really have to stop procrastinating! but dont know how.

well… im gone to study for god sake 3 years ago

pepilindolets see how many things i have to do...

i have to do a general exam, because i did it a long time ago
i have to go to the allergist
i have to go to the dermatologist
i have to go to an ophthalmologist
i have to go to the dentist (the temporo-mandibular articulation specialist)
maybe to a sleep specialist, i will see. 3 years ago

pepilindo 3 years ago


i danced, singed (a little bit), and had a good time while being in a Peña. it was a great exercise to improve myself.
the cold i had didnt help, i think i should solve this usual matter if i want to get this done.
i know what i should do… 3 years ago

pepilindoyesterday i saw her

i give a class with her and before that time arrives i spend all my day wondering about her; and when she is arround my shyness gets to its top, damn you shyness!! appart from that i had a cold which didnt help at all. 3 years ago

pepilindogoing to a "peña"

A Peña is a meeting place or grouping of musicians or artists, either in Spain or in various South American countries.
i had the possibility to travel north rhis year, where an activity you must do is going to a Peña. because of different thing i wasnt able to go or the one we did go was a disaster. so this is my other new activity of the month. and also i learnt to dance a little bit, total new thing to me. 3 years ago

pepilindohelp number 1

today i gave an advice to a friend of mine who is going trough a really tough situation. guess which matter; yea, love. such a hard topic and a hard case because of everything involved. didnt got the situation solved because i know im not the best in the subject, but pointed the way to go. 3 years ago


i spend zero hours online; bussy day i had.
total hours this four days: 7:30 3 years ago

pepilindoslept for 7:30 hours

i got really late yesterday, like 6 am, and went directly to bed; then i woke up to eat at 2 pm… im kind of fresh, i think this thing is working, im not as sleepy as i used to. 3 years ago

pepilindoslept for 8:30 hours

getting closser to my goal. but still is a little far from what i wanted and made me arrive late to my class. 3 years ago

pepilindobeing 3:07

im going to sleep… today i was kind of sleepy because i slept for 6 hours… it isnt enough.
damn, it is too late, but i kept awake because of a project i had to do… lets see… lets wake up at… 9:30… damn again… no i wont… i have to study and i cant if im sleepy. i will skip a class and i will wake up at 11:20, it wasnt very important anyway.
cheers 3 years ago

pepilindoi fell to the dark side

youtube got me with those charming cat videos, JK, i got distracted but with important things… like bar tricks :S…
so… we start again day 0. this is a little bit like AA.. but it could be PA 3 years ago

pepilindoever since the police song

the day i heard about the police song “message in a bottle” i wanted to do this. now i will. lets see who gets that! 3 years ago

pepilindotoday i spent 1:30

making a total of 7:30 for three days… here comes the weekend so i have to be carefull not to overspend my 14 hours. today it was because of new youtube videos, damn you youtube! 3 years ago

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