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BVLGARIMany ways to the destination

“The ways to the One are as many as the lives of men.”
- Zen saying 2 days ago

BVLGARI 4 days ago

BVLGARI 2 months ago

BVLGARIit's healthy

to donate blood.
good on u! 2 days ago


are not spoilt flower, they are quite easy to grow and survive, as long as not over sunny. 2 days ago

BVLGARI22/3-5/4 : Motivation+wisdom

17. 左右你一生的心态 漆浩编, 2009,290k字
18. 老子的智慧,林语堂,2006,180k 字
19. 学会选择,学会放弃, 唐汶,2009, 155k 字
20. 天荃和他的家,幼兰, 1997 4 days ago


Respect bring double fold effectiveness
“If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are.”
- John Gardner 4 days ago

BVLGARIsorry, I just get online

yes, I put “man’s expression of love” as the title instead ` trust or internal affairs btw couple” because I recently watched an interview of an celebrity. he told that he has been be careful of his wife for past 14 years, until his wife forgave his mistake on infidelity and didn’t make any wave that he was ready to divorce. after that incident, he put all his properties under his wife name. it sound like a complete trust to me.
another reason I think it’s an form of men’s expression of love, because I have some western female friends verifying with me about life after married to a Chinese man, is it common that the wives usually don’t have to work?
also, a lecturer enlightened the difference btw western and eastern men (Chinese) is that Chinese men are much practical than lovey-dovey romantic. instead of open the car door or pull the chairs for women, they rather give a properties under the name of the women they love (wives).
all these make me pondering….
I like it that u claimed that it’s your rights – as if ” my $ is my $, your $ is my $”. is that really true? i’m not sure this is a rights of wives to put her name on something she doesn’t earn? 2 weeks ago


30” - successfully hit target -0.5”/month x2

Review: stressful month
Plan for April: Fasting 2 weeks ago


31” - success hit target -0.5”/month

Ate a lot this month 2 weeks ago

BVLGARI 2 months ago

BVLGARI"eat, PLAY, love"

that i’d say to u. :) 3 weeks ago

BVLGARI 2 years ago

BVLGARIExpression of Men's Love

In your community, is it quite usual
(kinda custom or natural thing)that a husband put his properties (almost all) under his wife name? 3 weeks ago

BVLGARIGoals are mainly

what I cheer. I don’t time to read thru entries and comments, unless there are some really inspiring and short ones. 3 weeks ago

BVLGARI8-22/3/2014: Wisdom+Self-help

12. 为人处世菜根谭 黄家章, 1995,216k 字 *
13. 你可以不生气 Thich Nhat Hanh, 2011,180k 字 *
14. Start with Shame Hiroshi Egawa (2000, chinese)

15. 站在有光的地方 吴若权 2002
16. 低调做人的哲学 刘子奇 2010,250k 字 *4 weeks ago

BVLGARIwhat a beautiful

serendipity+ happy ending story! 4 weeks ago

BVLGARIcute love story

a little admirer… do u think u’ll marry him if he was single? 4 weeks ago

BVLGARIso sweet...

:) 4 weeks ago


romantic! should had given him a quick kiss on his cheek! x 1 month ago

BVLGARIAn attitude, not a result

“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

- Margaret Lee Runback 1 month ago

BVLGARIThe spirit of making Impossible Possible

“What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.”
- Theodore Roethke 1 month ago


gave a free ride to a poor old woman. she blessed me good health.
a pure sincere good vibration eventhough it’s happened in a dark road near cemetery.

started soothing and loose self-talk. let myself be restful w/o guilt. 1 month ago


I’m currently working hard on getting myself a new home, new living, and making $ to pay off my loan. 1 month ago

BVLGARITo live? or Exist?

what are you working hard on (or busy about) currently? 1 month ago

BVLGARI 1 month ago

BVLGARI“Remarkable is a choice.” | Seth Godin

yes. it is my choice. bless me. 1 month ago


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