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big strong hands…. 4 months ago

BVLGARIthanks but sorry

this is out of the core point of my question/topic.
I’m pondering about the science of nature, not into sociology or specific cases that I’m still aware of (but not my point). 4 months ago

BVLGARIi'm not into peculiar cases,

but in a more general big picture. I wonder why by nature, taller and more mascular men are commonly more appealing? n yes, males are generally physically bigger and more energertic, more aggrasive than females, why are we born in this specs? 4 months ago


yes, but here my question is childlike: why males mostly, generally physically taller and more energetic than females?
if u were to paint a romantic couple, would u paint the man shorter than his partner in dancing or walking/kissing on the beach? 4 months ago

BVLGARIIt explains a lots

in the example of gelding male animals to keep them tractable.
Yes, hormones do the magick.
but question is: why typical/ordinary males have more this hormones n females have more that hormones in them? what/who made the specs and what make the decision was made this way( hormones to draw a line btw 2 sexual genders)?
I mean, by nature, or, even by common sense, we often see pictures/posters in the b/ground of love quotes portraying a couple with male taller than female. we will never see a common poster portraying a male partner is shorter than female. 4 months ago

BVLGARIMales vs Females

why are men mostly (in general, by nature) taller, stronger than women? 4 months ago


sad to hear…
I appreciate u very much, indeed, eventhough u don’t believe in virtual tribe… 4 months ago


private message? yes, there is in popclogs. 4 months ago

BVLGARIwhy not

n where would u be then…? 4 months ago


sad….thanks anyway, joie! see you in popclogs. 4 months ago

BVLGARI43Things' destiny

just a quick update from you guys who are always updated with current status of 43T.
as I know 43T is supposed to be fading away started in Jun or this month. but I recently it seems just ok.
May I know/ double check…

1. if 43T is saved? that it is not shutting down but will continue?
2. if it’s shutting down, when will be the estimate month/date? so that I’ll get ready with back up.

I really not used to popclogs! 4 months ago

BVLGARIalready applied

for the former, just in the waiting state.
flight attendant – not qualified, not to say i’m uncomfy with attention. cheers, mate! 6 months ago

BVLGARI5-star hotels

were always my try when I quitted my job from oil n gas.
I tried in publisher, antique gallery, promotion in developer, photography studio, advertising company, editorial…
I find that oil n gas has molded me become a serious(formidable) person and cant fit in or get along in cranky or gossipy company.
now I know I like reading and study on youtube very much. so i’m looking for a suitable job that can earn a decent living at the same time not to be ripped the time with books, knowledge and info. I see it that meeting people also counted. 6 months ago

BVLGARIyes, i speak

every language with accurate accent (English, mandarin, intermediate Japanese, basic French). I like open my eyes yet I can see myself fussy about people I meet. 6 months ago

BVLGARIthe info i gave was the major

I used to like writing, but not in job-wise when u’re required to write corporate or other kind of things. I made English grammar mistakes. I don’t play instrument but I’m not bad in singing (used to, not sure now, maybe). I’m a machine and computer dummy. i’m good in making conversation but i’m now reluctant to be an entertaining person to certain males who are waiting/expecting to be entertained. not in a million years! I like travel. i’m very patient with kids but not with adults behave like a kids. 6 months ago

BVLGARIstill searching a suitable job for life

what can a person with multilingual talent does?
I find our political and engineering or oil & gas industry are full of ugly and bad taste people.
besides entertainment and modeling industry, where can a decent looking or not-bad appearance girl with good aesthetic sense go? 6 months ago


i’m aware about this link, i sent a private message but…
that’s why i wondering is there more options. 6 months ago


sound crazy but I guess many parents would do this out of shock and anger….I suppose… 6 months ago

BVLGARIi just wonder

what could police help? 6 months ago

BVLGARIyeah, it's shocking and unfair,

and I guess you imply certain level of physical defense. 6 months ago

BVLGARIvery pratical

good idea. thanks a lot! 6 months ago

BVLGARIwould like to know

how do you do to `stop’ the kid when he is biting out of sudden!
how bout the parents didn’t want to respond and just walk away? 6 months ago

BVLGARIof course.

when someone, especially a strange kid with such a strange attack, how could your child is fine besides being shocked?
how about the parents see but no response, no even an apologize or teaching of their kid? 6 months ago

BVLGARILet's say you are a parent

One day, you are dining with your family in a restaurant.
a 2-4 year old boy who is a stranger comes to your one of your kid (8-11 years old), stops, looks up for a few second and bites on your kid’s arm. what would you do? 6 months ago

BVLGARI43T posts link in blog & Back up

will all my posts linked in blogger disappear too when 43T shut down?

where/how can I back up my 43T entries? 6 months ago


u must be wise.


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago


7 months ago

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