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Recent entries from pixiedustie
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pixiedustie 2 years ago


I don’t feel like he’s my one anymore. I want him to be, but he doesn’t feel like it. 2 years ago

pixiedustieHooray for number 6

and the love languages. :)

I am really struggling with this in my marriage at the moment. I feel like we have very little common ground and there is a gulf between us. Do you mind if I ask how you came to understanding on how to speak each other’s language? It sounds like through patience, love and being open to learning how to do it? 2 years ago

pixiedustieGreat idea!

I am going to add “make an emergency blues busting kit” to my list of goals. 2 years ago

pixiedustie 2 years ago


caramilk…. 2 years ago


The medical profession in the western world seems to treat birth as a risk and an inconvenience; an emergency that needs dealing with, rather than a totally natural event that women have been handling for tens of thousands of years.

Yes, I watched The Business of Being Born and read some of Ina May Gaskin and I was immediately sold on having a natural birth at home! I am a cautious person who believes in medical help where necessary but the fact of the matter is birth is being handled pretty badly in hospitals and by the usual cast of characters, and so the choice for me was a no-brainer. It was the best thing we could have done (especially since I was low risk) and we had a healthy little girl in the comfort of our own home with no unnatural intervention.

Good for you on pushing your birth plan! If you are going into a hospital you need to have an advocate who will fight for you. :)

pixiedustieThank you!

And congrats on your little one as well. I truly hope you can get some more rest as time goes on. It must be so tough that he doesn’t sleep through the night, but I guess it’s a valuable lesson in accepting what is, being appreciative of your little one and his ways, and reframing your expectations and adjusting your schedule accordingly! 2 years ago


Congratulations! That’s fabulous; it doesn’t sound like an easy labour at all but you pushed through it. I’m surprised that they didn’t make you have painkillers, but it sounds like you were supported by midwives which makes all the difference.

So many women opt for painkillers because it’s easy and they’re handed out like sweets or forced on you by doctors and hospitals. But in reality they often don’t help – they’re given too late, or at the wrong time, and they don’t offer the magic bullet the mother thinks they will offer. Plus they make the mother (and baby) woozy so that you can’t stay in tune with your body to get the baby out as efficiently as possible. I know there are times when painkillers are necessary, but most times women would be better off with a natural birth. So well done to you. Your baby and you both ended up healthier because of it. :)

pixiedustie 4 years ago

pixiedustieGood for you!

And thank you for the useful link. Just about to buy my own electric pump so good to get acquainted with all the options and tips. 2 years ago


I will. Thank you. 2 years ago


~ My beautiful little girl. She is healthy and gorgeous.
~ Getting some things done
~ Not feeling as tired as yesterday
~ A comfortable home
~ Hubby coming home for lunch
~ The cats coming alive again
~ I am lucky 2 years ago

pixiedustieWorking on this

Finally getting some time to myself with the baby this week. Trying to set some manageable priorities every day. It’s tough with the baby as she needs me so much of the time, and I am exhausted as a result, and everything is in disarray because of the fraught house move, but I think once I get into a rhythm I will rediscover some of my mojo. One step at a time. :) 2 years ago

pixiedustieUpdate (updated)

1. Become a wonderful mother
Trying hard with this and mothering is now starting to get fun after 4 months! She seems like a happy healthy baby so far, smiles are aplenty and she started giggling yesterday, so I think things are going well.

2. Find peace
Not yet. How does one do this? I don’t want to be searching for inner peace for the rest of my life, but perhaps that is part of the inevitable struggle of life.

3. Ride the waves and stay calm
Certainly riding the waves; not sure about staying calm though. I realized I’m not very good at dealing with change in life, and there have been a lot of monumental changes lately.

4. Get through my clutter
Yes, have made great progress on this front but will keep going as am very close to being decluttered.

5. Become an optimist
This is a worthy goal, but I don’t know how I am going to achieve this. On paper, my life is wonderful and I should be happy and hopeful, but in practice positivity doesn’t come easily to me.

6. Like my body
Have lost all but about 3lbs of my baby weight and like the way it looks (dont seem to have been too ravaged by childbirth and I can live with the changes I see!). Now that things are calming down a bit I intend to hunker down on healthy eating and regular exercise and harden up a bit.

7. Go part-time
Yes, finagled! It’s funny what comes to you when you are clear-minded and let go.

8. Stop commuting horrible distances every day
Move is done and I’ll be working from home most of the time! Goodbye daily commute.

9. Feel rested
Well, the baby is now sleeping through the night so life has got a whole lot better in terms of sleep. I don’t think I will feel truly rested for about another 4 years but want to focus on getting to bed and waking up at a structured time and making the most of sleeping when the baby sleeps.

10. Embrace my pretty side
Since the baby was born it’s a good day if I get to take a shower or comb my hair, let alone keep the vomit/dribble off my clothes. Prettiness has taken a back seat but I realize its important for me and my husband for me to make more of an effort. Will try if I get a spare minute!

11. Play the piano
Not yet, hopefully soon…

12. Study French
Done a little but this would be fun to pursue 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Nearly finished packing
~ Our first family picnic with her
~ Enjoying our garden one last time
~ Hubby having fun
~ Knowing that it’s all normal
~ Sweet kisses and smiles
~ The kitties came home 2 years ago

pixiedustieNewborns and control don't go together

Having a newborn baby has sent all of my previous priorities out of the window. Plus moving house when she is just 3 weeks old has made things even more manic. She needs so much care and attention that I have to focus on her most of the time and hardly get time to wash or dress each day, let alone get lots of other things accomplished. As an “A type”, I am learning to readjust my priorities. My need for control must go unfulfilled and all the “little” things I worried about before must be put aside. That is difficult, but part of the journey. It is a big change but hopefully a worthy one. We are everything to her, her whole world, and that means everything. She is my priority now. 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ A good day
~ Life is full
~ Life is good
~ Friendship
~ A great network of family and friends 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Got all the new utilities set up
~ Support from family
~ Our little one
~ Making progress on packing, slow but sure 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ First trip out on my own since the birth
~ Making progress on tasks slowly but surely
~ Soothing her
~ Getting back into shape 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Our beautiful baby. She is perfect in every way.
~ A natural, wonderful birth and giving her the best possible start
~ All of our preparation and hard work paid off in the most beautiful way
~ She is breastfeeding perfectly
~ Falling in love with her, bit by bit, day by day
~ So many people who care
~ Life changing in an instant 2 years ago

pixiedustie 6 years ago

pixiedustieOur darling has arrived

She is gorgeous. I had a record-short labor. Had the midwife arrived 10-15 minutes later, we would have ended up delivering on our own! All went beautifully and she was born at home in the most natural way possible. Our “day” of labor ended up being a relaxing day with family. I have been on a high for days. She is perfectly formed and adorable. Life has changed in an instant. Our hearts have found a new dimension. 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Yummy quick dinner
~ Getting through tasks on the list
~ Nice lunch
~ Well wishers
~ The baby is on its way soon! 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Time with a friend
~ In good health
~ Cute stuff for the baby
~ The cats playing with each other
~ Very nice lunch with hubby
~ Compliments on how good and healthy I look 2 years ago


but falling into some darker feelings at the moment. Lots of things converging. Life changes. Difficult people. Uncertainty. Not sleeping. Feeling heavily pregnant and tired.

I will fake it until I make it. 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ Babba and Daddy having fun
~ Spy games
~ Nice compliments
~ Got through the review, good feedback
~ A productive day
~ Soft kitties
~ Yummy dinner 2 years ago

pixiedustieRecent positives

~ A very relaxing day! Unexpected and happy, perhaps some of our last special us moments before the baby arrives
~ Time with family
~ Time with hubby
~ Laughs and sweetness
~ Not worrying about other stuff too much 2 years ago

pixiedustieWe are moving

Moving out. Moving on. Moving up. Moving along into a new phase of life, becoming parents. It’s very exciting and interesting. I know there will be some changes I don’t like, and some that I absolutely adore. I can’t wait to meet our little baby. I can’t wait to smile and share in simple joys, hopefully more and more often. 2 years ago

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