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prateek agarwal2048-Tetris

Now i can say with much more confidence, that i made my own game. 1 week ago

prateek agarwalTwo more Half marathons and soon a 10K...

Last year completed Mangalore Half Marathon (01:58:00) and this year Austin Half Marathon (02:03:00).

Soon, will be running 10K. (aiming for under 00:50:00) 1 week ago

prateek agarwal 9 months ago

prateek agarwalMade GuessTheWord game on my website

GTW was not an innovative one (which i still want to make one). but still it counts as designing one. I will update here, if i will make something totally new and awesome. 2 years ago

prateek agarwal 3 years ago

prateek agarwalGo for it

if u really wish to …then just go for it … :) 2 years ago


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