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quiddities 11 hours ago

quidditiesProject Three

A larger baby blanket for my friend. 6 days ago

quiddities 1 week ago

quidditiesNumber Three

3. Sew buttons back on coat 3 weeks ago

quiddities 3 months ago

quidditiesFinancial Responsibility Day

So, after cutting costs on my phone bill I got round to finally setting up an ISA, which is where all my savings will be going.

2. Set up an ISA3 weeks ago

quiddities 3 weeks ago

quidditiesOne down, 42 to go!

Almost April and this is my first entry. Not as organised and punctual as I had hoped I be. But now the ball is rolling lets hope there’s a bit of acceleration!

1. Change phone contract. (yay to saving £25 a month!) 3 weeks ago

quiddities 5 months ago

quidditiesHalf Price Hooray!

First I called a few months too early, then I called a month later than planned but I’ve finally managed to sort this out and cut my bill in half without having to take out a new contract. I’m calling that a win. 3 weeks ago

quidditiesProject Two

A small crochet baby blanket for my friend. 1 month ago


‘Fool Moon’ by Jim Butcher

The second in the Dreden Files. My friend lent this to me sometime last year when I wasn’t well. I read the first couple of chapters at the time but my brain wasn’t really up to concentrating then, so it sat on my bookshelf. Finally picked it up again and I’m glad that I did. Thoroughly good supernatural romp! 2 months ago

quidditiesBeef Stroganoff

I held a Murder Mystery Dinner party last weekend for my friends. It had a Russian theme and the suggested meal was beef stroganoff. The only problem was that there was I only have one rather large pan and I’d need that for the soup. Then I remembered that I had a slow cooker and proceeded to look up recipes I could use. And I found this one http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/7191/slow-cooker-beef-stroganoff.aspx – very easy to make and very tasty. I’d definitely make it again for myself and I’m not particularity keen on beef and mushrooms! 2 months ago


“The First Fossil Hunters” by A Mayor 2 months ago

quidditiesProject One

Finished a late Christmas present – a long crocheted scarf for my friend. 3 months ago


“Milk, Sulphate, and Alby Starvation” by Martin Millar

- Delightfully mad! 3 months ago


“Shakespeare” by Bill Bryson 3 months ago

quiddities 3 months ago

quiddities 3 months ago

quiddities 3 months ago

quidditiesTime Management

Didn’t complete this in a year so marked as ‘gave up’. Will try again next year, hopefully with better results. 3 months ago

quiddities 15 months ago


Whilst I didn’t manage to avoid new purchases entirely I did cut down on a lot of impulse buying, and when I did genuinely need to buy new this got me to shop around for the best year. Hopefully I’ll carry my new good habits forward! 3 months ago

quidditiesNew Year

Now that the party season is over I can finally send off my photo ID to be updated. I’ve put it off and off mainly due to all the events I’ve been going to – perhaps I should get a second form so this doesn’t happen again. 3 months ago

quidditiesAbout this goal.

I am hoping this goal will help encourage me to make time for crafting in 2014. I do hope to aim for one project a month but by allowing it to be averaged over the year helps include and encourage a mix of large and small projects.

Possible projects.
- Finish that blasted fairy cross stitch!
- Try making bowls out of old LPs
- Explore candle making more
- Crochet! Perhaps finish my blanket.
- Cross stitch Christmas cards (might want to start in July!) 3 months ago

quidditiesA good try.

With just over three days left in this year and only nine projects done, I think I can safely say that this goal won’t be completed in its entirety.
Whilst I was tempted to mark this as complete I think I’ll put this in the ‘give up’ pile, not because I gave up, I mean look at the big push at the end there, but because I could have done this if it wasn’t for poor time management. Also, I want my list of completed tasks to be a true reflection of my achievements rather than a series of excuses. 3 months ago

quidditiesThe SALES!

Oh, the sales. The ultimate time of impulse buying. And so far I have brought 2 saucepans – items that I was waiting for the sales to buy because in all seriousness when your current saucepans have RUST in them you really need to buy new ones, and a murder mystery dinner game that I have been planning to buy for a while and needed to get now seeing as I’ve already made plans to hold it in three weeks!
Quite pleased with myself as only planned purchases made at cut price. Though I have to admit that all the pretty things did make me pause more than once. 3 months ago

quidditiesNot enough hours in the day!

Ran out of time here. Getting presents made and keeping commitments to see friends took priority. Now that things will calm down I’m hoping to reclaim my room by New Years. 3 months ago

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