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redbandita 3 years ago


wish I knew where to find that SH group so I can take a peek. Plus: I love no. 4!
Our men mostly have great singing voices but will rarely use them for more than jest.
I seriously dig a nice men’s voice (which is why I am puzzled with my newly found Gotye obsession). It can even be an aphrodisiac. Paul still hasn’t noticed he could hum me into the sack. 2 years ago

redbanditaO honey.

From my perspective, reading your entire oevre on this goal, it gets harder and harder to write a comment that does not go through the old relax-it’s-going-to-happen routine.
I seriously believe that you will have that baby of yours, but we both know that I believe it because I WANT it so much for you. I have no effing idea if cycle two or three will be successful or not. But I wish it so for you!
You are smart reflecting on possible downfalls at christmas time before you see your family. Do what you feels is right. You are an intelligent woman and you know that you should be extra kind to yourself after the marathon that’s already behind you. So if they are annoying you, go for a walk.
Love you, sweetie! 2 years ago


I am so sorry to read all of this. You’ve been through so much already!!! Big hugs from me. I love you so much! 2 years ago

redbandita 3 years ago

redbandita 3 years ago


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