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☺☺ Attitude ☺☺

I'm taking inventory of my past

Recent entries from ☺☺ Attitude ☺☺
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☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

I think studying with a buddy would help you focus. 17 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ New York Time article about Nostalgia

Here is a New York Time article that I found interesting…

I tried not to let nostalgia become a negative influence by living to the fullest. 17 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ 18 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

I just want to let you know that I’m still working on this goal. It’s on my mind daily. I hope to get into the right network for resource, to find guidance and support in the technology field. Next week, I’m planning to attend a networking event at the corporate office with my Alumni and see what will happen. 18 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Yawned, yawning, and, more yawns

Oh my ! yawned

Tonight, I was just yawning. Then, I remembered how my Physiology professor showed us a picture of a yawning statue, which made me yawned in class. Here I go….yawned again as I remember that statue.

But the more I remember about yawning made me stretch my muscles and yawn again….yawning yawning….

I couldn’t stop thinking about how we can yawn just by looking at someone who is doing it. Then, it kept happening to me. I told myself to snap out it. YAWWWWNNN

Oh Jesus! I can’t stop thinking about it and the vicious cycle continues. This becomes boring to you. Let’s just watch a movie or something before….(yawn) get infected with my [yawn]. 20 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

An acquaintance of mine, we met at the alumni networking event last year, who also works in the same company with me but at different location, I emailed him this Monday and we hung out today (Thursday). It was our 4th meeting since we first met. I was hesitated at first to contact him but I did it any way (Yes, removing boundaries that I formed on my own).

Anyway, we’ll hang out more later, but for now, it’s good to know that people aren’t forgetting you. 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ I've google the career topic recently

There’s this quote that seem to stand out:
Know the difference: A paycheck requires obedience. A career requires vision. And sacrifice.

Only the test of time will prove if this is true. 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Here are few things that I want to save money for

1. Plane tickets to go home visit my family
2. A new Lenovo engineer laptop
3. Car maintenance
4. More furniture for the new place
5. More books
6. School admission and tuition
7. and yes, the student loans 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

this list sounds so familiar…oh! it was my list back in undergrad! Things were more predictable …hope you’re enjoying your college days. 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ First update

I think this is a goal that many people are striving for, only few would succeed. I’m not sure if I ever will.

This year, 2013, I would like to change many of my habits to see what can happen. Reasons? Because there are more than 1 way to do thing, more than 1 way to find a career that I want. So, I want to explore more career options by changing the way I used to do things, do them differently.

I will reach out to different people that I never thought of contacting. I will organize my time differently to be more in control of my life. I will call my relatives more. I will live the life-style that fits my present situation than wishing it to be any other ways.

And of course, I will exercise more to forget all the troubles that my new habits bring to me. 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

Good luck!!! 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ just a real-life post about college 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Here's a good link for those in need.

It contains tips to navigate the Quarter-Life-Crisis, if you have one. 21 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

Don’t worry. It’s best to remain positive for your own good and don’t think about it too much. Time will fly, people will change on their own term. None of this will matter in the long run. 22 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

my friend went crazy about this ….and it’s expensive. May be we’ll seize them next Black Friday. 22 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ New kitchen

So, with my recent move to the new apartment, I get to live in a new kitchen that’s easier to function compare to the previous one. I hope that I can practice cooking better. I also added a few pots and pans as I changed my cooking style (cook more than you can eat and freeze the rest for another day).

I know it’s not easy but each of us has to begin somewhere, right? 22 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

I don’t have a clear idea on why I created this goal. I just have a gut feeling that my own boundaries prevent me from doing many things. Even though I tried to be as realistic as possible, sometimes my own set backs are what I’m actually facing, not the problems themselves.

One trick that I learned from my counselor (a long time ago) is to mentally remove yourself from your current position (whether you’re sitting, standing or thinking) and look at yourself from another perspective (a 3rd person point of view maybe), then you can come up with what you’re ought to be doing at that moment.

Perhaps it’s easier said than done :) 22 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ the heaviest thing is done!

Ok….that couch! I will never forget how difficult it was to move it up the L-shape stair and how exhausted it can be to move it down. I’m so happy that my friend and her parents came to help. For the rest of my stuff…I think I can take care of them by myself in a few trips! 23 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

I think what’s more important is the work-experience. The right kind will get you some money. 23 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

Away from AT&T? I’ve done that centuries ago…. 23 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

January, 201???

I was about to write 2012!!! for the title of this goal.

2013 doesn’t stick to my head yet.

I think I have to repeat 2013 like 100x then I will remember. 23 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Untitled

You’re a very busy person! When do you get some time to relax?

I noticed a trend in your postings….it is that you like to keep track of everything, log everything, or may be check progress of everything. Those could potentially become overwhelming. I’m surprising that you still have time for 43Things.

For me, I have gotten into the habit of recording stuff as well (like personal data, budgeting, or writing journals); however, after a while, things got pile up and I had to give up. Hopefully, I’ll get back into that habit again (in moderation). But in the mean time, I think you should look back at your data/journals to collect some conclusions instead of keep writing them to no end.

Myself and others on this website are appreciating your candid inputs but I’m just worry that you might burn out. Those are just my 2 cents. 23 months ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ A small update

It has been a while since I established this goal, so I just want to give you a small update of my progress.

In my opinion, you wouldn’t know if you really made the most of your twenties unless your twenties has passed. I’m in my late twenties now (and I won’t tell you exactly how old I am), but this goal has been with me since my early twenties. Starting out, I had so much hope and dream [when I first entered college] with a firm belief that I will successfully make it.

Only heaven knows, I did all the right things but I still didn’t come out like I thought in the beginning after the economy turned up side down.

Now, I’m in my late twenties. I have changed a lot. As a public service announcement, I just want to warn many early twenties out there….that you will change, too. And you might be very surprised by the time comes.

For me, I have revised my feeling about this goal. I will do my best, as long as I look back and not shred a tear for what I have done, then I would be happy. 1 year ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ What did I received for this christmas?

Let me see….an outfit, an electric blanket (my most favorite), a pair of gloves that allow me to use the touch screen of my cell phone while driving without having to take it off, chocolate, and may be a few little thoughtful things but I couldn’t remember (oh! like nail polish).

Thanks to all of my friends and family who made my Christmas 2012 became possible. Christmas required lots of effort but it was a good way to end the year and to begin something new.

Here’s the list of what I bought for my love ones: music-box, nice blue scarf, water boiler, angry bird helium, 2 egg stand to help you easily eat a special kind of egg, an angel display cross, and may be more but I couldn’t remember. I don’t thing this list cost that much because I was prepared for it several months before the season arrived. They’re just little things I might like to have but I know that someone else I know would like them better….so I bought them in advance and hide them.

Anyway, I think this goal is considered complete!
Have a happy new year everyone. 1 year ago

☺☺ Attitude ☺☺ Thank you!

Thank you for spending time writing this “how-to” post. You make the world a better place.

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