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Sometimes, a successful practice means “I practiced”.

Sometimes, it means, “I understand the notes I left for myself last time”.

Sometimes, it means, “Wait! I can play this bit of this tune now!”

Mostly, it means “maybe a tiny bit better”. 2 years ago

rockerdaddyStart somewhere.

So I set this goal a long time ago. And…it sat.

In November of 2010, I realized I’ll never accomplish this goal if I don’t actually try. So, I found a teacher, and have officially been taking lessons in Irish fiddle for a few months now.

My current ‘task’, so to speak, is to practice daily. I get a lessons each week, and if I don’t practice, I suck. Realizing that there is no such thing as talent has been an awakening. It’s all about the practice and hard work.

Today’s practice was 30 minutes; I ran through scales, and practiced a few tunes (Boil ‘Em Cabbages, Egan’s Polka, Shortnin’ Bread, and part of Angeline the Baker).

The fears are that I’m too old…I don’t have the talent for it…I’ll never be able to be better than mediocre. Sorry, but that’s all bullshit. Natural talent is a myth. Practice, and you WILL get better. I can see it in myself. My teacher can see it. And my wife can see it.

I’m pushing 50. If I can commit to learning one of the most difficult instruments there is at my age, others can do so, too. 2 years ago

rockerdaddy 4 years ago


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