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santorinipleaseStarting weight!

Today I was 123.2 pounds.

I’d love to be 115 on my wedding day (at a maximum!). And so that I can feel confident and great during my honeymoon. Today is April 10th, I have a little over 200 days until my wedding. I should try to make my goal even earlier because of dress fittings, though! I’ve been going to the gym for a few weeks now because I finally have a membership, and I really, really want to get fit and just have a tighter body all around. If there are any other brides out there, please join me!


4/14: 121
4/21: 119
4/28: 117
5/05: 115

Damn—now that I typed it out, this is TOTALLY doable. Hope I can keep myself accountable! 1 week ago

santoriniplease 1 week ago


After seeing the scale yesterday (125!), I tried to make healthier options for myself and smaller portions for the rest of the day. Thankfully, it wasn’t a real gain and today I was 123. Definitely aiming for 120 again! I think all of the pasta and weekends eating out have been a subtle sabotage.

Have a lunch to go to this Saturday so I’d love to feel a bit slimmer and fitter. Going to the gym this evening and will just make smart decisions to remember my short term goal! 1 week ago


I’m on the right track—just 6 more to lose! Making it my goal to lose it by May 1st. Being 115 again would be awesome!! Going to implement small activities into my days…barre 10 minute classes, Tracy Anderson, and more. Excited! 1 month ago


CW: 123.4
GW: 115
Pounds to go: 8.4

Today I was 123.4 and feel very happy with that. Especially since I’ve been skipping workouts – yikes! And yesterday wasn’t my cleanest eating, had pizza! Also had a mini burger & fries on Sunday and leftovers on Monday. I realize eating like that doesn’t make me feel good though, and I’m eating much lighter for the rest of the week…bought a sweet potato & broccoli and different fruits. It’s sooo worth it, our health is worth it. :)

12/14/13: 122
12/22/13: 118-119 (Christmas Party!)

Still remembering: I’d also love to be slim by January 1st because I’m going to be meeting friends of my boyfriend’s for the first time and would love to feel like I’m at my best! 4 months ago


CW: 124.0
GW: 115
Pounds to go: 9.0

9 to go! Actually extremely happy with my current weight. With eating out and the holidays, I’m shocked that I loss! Been working out (Tracy Anderson method) to tone up and just trying to eat lighter.

Still hoping to be at or under 120 before I go back east. I have 10 days, so I’ll just try to make good decisions. :) But, I’m not going to beat myself up if I can’t get to my goals ‘in time’ either, it’s all about making the weight loss permanent and not yo-yo-ing so I’m not going to deprive myself. Just going to make it pleasant and know what I’m doing is good for my body.

12/09/13: 122
12/14/13: 120
12/22/13: 117 (Christmas Party!)

I’d also love to be slim by January 1st because I’m going to be meeting friends of my boyfriend’s for the first time and would love to feel like I’m at my best! 4 months ago


Well, I think eating out on the weekends with my boyfriend do not help—lol. Also, it was Thanksgiving here (so lots of food!) last week. I still have leftovers, but am just choosing wisely. For example, sweet potatoes, a little mashed potatoes, and peas & corn was dinner. I might weigh-in tomorrow just to check, but can’t say I feel like I’ve lost. Honestly, I’d be happy to maintain since I haven’t been eating too clean. That said, I’m still inspired to do my best while I’m in Los Angeles before I go to see family. I wonder if when you feel like there’s a binge coming on, can you try to drink a lot of water, just to help satiate your tummy? :) Or keep your favorite sweet or salty thing around so that you know you can have it if you want, but might not because it’s not forbidden? I wonder if that will help! :) 4 months ago

santorinipleaseYou're doing great!

If you’re starting at 119, and I think I last read you needed to lose 12 so you’re at 117, then you’re doing AMAZING! Good luck to you—you seem so committed. Wish I was better, but I’ll try to make up for it during the weekdays by eating healthier/smaller portions! 4 months ago

santorinipleaseHey :)

OMG, I just saw your comment now. It was sent to my spam! So sorry about that! I was 108 also at my lowest weight and wanted to be at 102 or 105 lol. Now I’d be sooo happy at at least 112. That seemed manageable for my body. I’ll be honest, haven’t checked in on my weight lately…always hate doing it after the weekend because I’m usually with my boyfriend eating out. Yikes! Maybe I’ll check-in tomorrow, though. Thank you for responding and I’d still love to have a buddy! Also, I fly on 12/14…I feel so far from my goal. 4 months ago


CW: 124.2
GW: 115
Pounds to go: 9.2

Less than 10 pounds, I should have this. :) Last night my sister and I made a bet of some sorts to motivate each other. Also, I think I will get a gym membership for a month while I’m back east for the holidays, which I am looking forward to so much since it’s my old gym. Also, I must remember to weigh-in to keep myself on track.

12/01/13: 123
12/08/13: 121
12/15/13: 118

Would love to be 118 or 119 before I go back east! 4 months ago


Yes! It would be great just to keep each other motivated. :) I’m trying to check in often, but am a little sad because I don’t think I lost this week. Still at 125 :/ Would love, love, love to be 115 or just under 120 before I fly back to see family/friends! What about you? 4 months ago


CW: 125
GW: 115

Pounds to go: 10

Checked the scale today and was 125 again. Not too shabby since I was eating a lot of bread. Thinking about making wraps and lots of soup next week! I’ve eaten extremely light today so I’m hoping it pays off tomorrow. The only downside is I’m going to a food & wine festival tomorrow…yikes! I’m still going to try to not overdo it. Wish me luck!

p.s. If I can even reach 119 I’ll be ecstatic! Haven’t been in the teens for what feels like ages. :) Going to get there again, I’m determined (and my jeans will thank me)!!!

11/13/13: 125
11/20/13: 123
11/27/13: 121
12/03/13: 119
12/10/13: 117
12/17/13: 115 5 months ago


I know exactly how you felt! When I was 112, I just wanted to be 105! Now I’m at 125 and really wanting to get back to 115. If you are still trying to lose, let me know. Could use someone with the same goals. :) 5 months ago


CW: 125
GW: 115

Pounds to go: 10

I got sick a few weeks back and took it easy eating, as in I only wanted soup and crackers. I definitely need the scale to keep me accountable. I’ve felt much better about my food choices lately though and am going to keep it POSITIVE! I also feel like my clothes have been fitting great! Made a big batch of chickpea soup this week and am also trying to stay on a budget with food spending. So, I’m coupling that with how I eat from here til the holidays…save money and slim down is the hope! Also doing the Tracy Anderson mat workout…crazy hard but makes me feel great after. Cheers to all of us working towards our goals!

11/13/13: 125
11/20/13: 123
11/27/13: 121
12/03/13: 119
12/10/13: 117
12/17/13: 115 5 months ago


I think all of my hiking is paying off! Today I was 120.4 lbs, so I’m almost half way to my goal! 5.4 lbs to go. I leave in about a week, so losing 5 lbs is not realistic, but losing 2 or so is. I feel so good about this! Just going to try to work out tomorrow (hiking!) and make healthy choices. :D 10 months ago


Woke-up this morning and was 123 (not shabby) but have been drinking a ton of water…hopped back on the scale and was 121.8. Whaaaaat?! Happy me!

11 more days – I’m going to try to make ‘em count!

5/20: 121.8
5/27: 119 11 months ago


I think that’s awesome that you’re lean and so strong! I can tell my weight gain has NOT been muscle, haha. Try to focus on how your body’s feeling—do you think you really need to lose the weight if you’re in such great shape? Or did you just feel better at 118 knowing it was less weight? I know I’ve got a tummy that could be lost! 11 months ago


Aw, thank you so much! Still at 123—but actually kind of happy about that because it was the weekend and I always tend to gain! 11 months ago


8 more to go. 21 more days…3 weeks, that’s a loss of 2.66 lbs a week. I’ve got this!

Today: hiked, 30D Shred – Week 1, ate lite (think thin bar)/protein shake. Having Greek for dinner! :) 11 months ago

santoriniplease123.6 - 8.6 lbs to go!

5/13: 121
5/20: 118
5/27: 115

It’s a little aggressive, but I am just going to eat healthy and continue doing the 30 Day Shred. Going to CR on the 31st and want to ROCK the bikini!

p.s. I read some of my old entries about being 110-114 and it was easy peezy for me. I’d like to get back to that ASAP! I remember a time when no matter what I ate, I never saw over 119 on the scale. It just didn’t happen. Personally, I know getting under 120 is psychological for me because I haven’t seen it in awhile and seems like foreign territory. BUT, I’m going to do it, for ME. I want to feel comfortable and beautiful in my body. Here’s to doing this for US! 11 months ago

santorinipleaseThe month of December

My goal is to reach 115-118 lbs. Going to read books, listen to podcasts and hit the gym. So nice to be back in one. :)

12/12 CW: 125.8

Pounds to release: 10.8 16 months ago

santorinipleaseoh yesss!

For some reason I just feel good about breaking into the teens again! I’m actually LISTENING to my body before I eat. Waiting til I feel a little hunger – yep, like a naturally slender person!

My goal is 115. I’m 5’3” and just ready for all of my cute summer clothes to fit AMAZINGLY!

So I have about 11 lbs to release and 11 weeks to do it. That’s when I have my trip and it would feel soo good! This is totally doable. :D 1 year ago


123.8 today. :) Snacked a little in the evening but was well-satisfied with my Greek meal I had around lunch time and my tummy woke-up hungry. Been so long since I felt that! But I’ve noticed by keeping it light, my body’s actually ready for breakfast come morning.

Wednesday meals:
-small homemade biscuits + strawberry jam + green jasmine tea 2 years ago


124.4 again today. I feel pretty good about that. Just keeping my eye on the prize! Goal: 119 and sooooon! But doing it healthily without deprivation and it’s all about balance and what feels good to my body. :)

Sunday meals:
-cereal (lovely filling mix) + raisins + banana + almond milk
-whole foods dinner

Monday meals:
-cereal (same!)
-Mexican with my sisters

Tuesday meals:
-cereal (same!)
-homemade Greek food

Snacks have been sour cream puffs from TJ’s and dried mango—yum! Tons of water and Earl Grey tea + sugar + milk…and/or Jasmine green tea.

Will update again! 2 years ago

santorinipleaseyikes (but hopeful!)

I was at a party that took place in some beautiful gardens this weekend with my friends and we had some pictures taken. Those pictures were a little bit of a wake-up call to me as I hadn’t taken pictures in a long time. Out of curiosity, I hopped on the scale the next morning (2/26). I was 126.2. So, that day, I was conscience of what I ate, and only ate foods that made me ‘feel good’.

Well, it paid off because today I was 124.4!

I was quite pleased. :) I really think a great, short-term goal for myself would be 119. I think I have a mental block from going below 120 (and I have no idea why considering I was 112 for 2 years, without a problem!). I loved the feeling of being light and fit. I felt very strong and toned. So, I just need to remember how I felt and remember I can get there!

I’m not doing anything drastic to lose the weight, just going to try to move a little more during the day, drink a lot of water, and eat good, whole foods. Wish me luck! 2 years ago


I know the feeling, I lost a ton of weight after a break-up but it was just because I was sad and lost my appetite. :( That’s awesome you’re 112 (my goal!) but hope you maintain in a happy way and that you feel much better. :) I also understand having goals, when I was 112, I wanted to be 105. Now I’ll be happy to be in the teens again. ;) 2 years ago

santorinipleaseAw thanks!

Well, my weight went back up, to 122, but I’m not letting that deter me. :) Honestly, I just wasn’t getting on the scale for awhile because I was scared of the number, but when I saw I was 125 last week I thought I needed to do something about it. My ideal weight is 112-114, and I was at that weight for 2 years, without a problem. Prior to that, I was in the high 130’s. But basically, I just had to tell myself I could do it again!

Exercise didn’t change…I haven’t been actively working out since the summer. Boo. :( I just told myself ‘I like the exercise’ of going up and down the stairs so many times during the course of the day or whatnot. So, no change in exercise, but a change in attitude.

Huge change in diet. I tried to eat foods I loved and not ones that made me feel crappy—I did just ok with that one, haha. And I didn’t snack as much. I also didn’t overindulge but I didn’t restrict myself either and tried to eat when I was actually hungry, rather than decide to eat based on the time of day. So, I turned down a lot of offers for food, because I actually listened to my body.

I did record what I ate for about 3 days. This was the quick rundown:

day 1
-cottage cheese
-red velvet cake

day 2
-salad with grilled veggies
-veggie taco
-small pecan caramel cluster

day 3
-mango lassi
-lunch at Indian restaurant
-red velvet cake, coffee
-1/2 chargrilled chicken sandwich + 2 nuggets from Chic-fil-a

I will say that eating lighter and having salad in the mix made me feel fantastic. I forgot how nice it feels to not have my tummy be so full to where it is uncomfortable! I hope that helps a bit! :) We can do it! 2 years ago


Earlier this week I was 125.8—now I’m 121.4. Aiming to be under 120 by the end of the weekend. I’m going to be super active (lots of projects to do around the house and time with friends out of the house) and eat fresh. I bought some yummy things at Whole Foods that I’m looking forward to. Excited and have so much motivation now!

I’m going to aim for 118-119 by next week before I fly home! 2 pounds, totally doable. :) 2 years ago


Kate Moss said, “No food tastes as good as skinny feels.” I don’t know if I agree with that entirely, as I’ve tasted some pretty incredible things. But the point is, there is always another meal to eat, something new and wonderful to try – never feel like “this is my last chance! I have to eat all the pizza now because I will never have pizza this good again, ever!” Chances are you will have a better pizza at some point in time – so eat until just before you are full and enjoy that you didn’t stuff your face.
It’s also all about exercise and moderation. I am very conscious about what I put into my body and how those foods make me feel. I always eat breakfast. I usually opt for a smoothie, egg whites, fruit, yogurt or oatmeal. Lunch is either a salad, smoothie or soup. I like to keep it light in the middle of the day and heavy lunches slow me down. If I have a heavy lunch I want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head for a few hours, so I usually save the big meals for dinner.
I love dinners. I love 3 hour dinners with 10 courses. I also love the random Thai place down the street where dinner costs less than $10 and the food is authentic and spicy.
I’m also very ingredient conscious. I’m not obsessive about it, but I really appreciate local, sustainable ingredients and seek them out whenever possible.
But the message here is that to stay skinny definitely takes work. It’s not as simple as having a good metabolism. I do some form of continuous cardio for at least 45 minutes per day- EVERY DAY! That’s seven days a week. Again I don’t eat that much during the day usually and if you don’t stuff your face during the day you can eat pretty much whatever you want for dinner. Of course there are exceptions but overall my big meals are dinner and dessert. And yes dessert is pretty much my fourth meal of the day. I figure if I eat really healthy during all other times, a dessert a day won’t hurt me… 2 years ago

santoriniplease 6 years ago

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