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savouring the simple things

Recent entries from Saraband
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SarabandHa ha, Yes!

Have you noticed how hard it is to remember that when you need to remember it the most? :)5 months ago


I hope the same. Many already have. I hope more will follow :) 5 months ago

SarabandGoals on popclogs

If you look at an individual’s page you should see their goals, GM. Is that what you mean? There’s also a goal here? where you can ask questions about how the site works and keep abreast of new developments.

:) 5 months ago

SarabandMonday 21st July

Monday. A restless night. The silence after B had left was deep and delicious. Still feeling quietly reflective and that’s ok.

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • another warm July Monday, with lower humidity than of late
  • a quiet uneventful day at work. Especially welcome when I’m supervising
  • a wittering evening; much-welcomed
  • the wisdom, insight and compassion of much-loved friends
  • time. And space

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” – Marilyn vos Savant5 months ago

SarabandDear GM

Thank you :)

I have worked through the anger now. I’m still a little subdued – quiet and sad (especially having logged on to the message from the robots, which although expected has left it’s mark) – but I’m ok. We helped Cl – that much I know. And that must be enough for now :)

x 5 months ago

SarabandRosie books

They are as different as chalk and cheese!

I’ll be interested in your reactions to them when you get to read them :) 5 months ago

SarabandWhat a lovely idea

I think the thought behind these blankets is wonderful. I feel sure they bring much pleasure and comfort :) 5 months ago

Sarabandwe'll have to wait...

... to see what grandmonster thinks of both Rosie books.

I agree with your thoughts re Cider with Rosie. It will be interesting to see how I find it second time around and with the benefit of a little more literary experience :) 5 months ago


What WQ just said. Lovely lovely list. You made me smile too – and that’s quite a feat right now :)

x 5 months ago


Yes, you’re right :) Though I didn’t realise it was of his wife. I came across this same image on a tile at work on Saturday and was very tempted to buy it. I love it too :) 5 months ago

SarabandI love that

So pretty! 5 months ago

SarabandBook club choice

We’re reading The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion which we will be dscussing next week. I’ve finished it early!

It’s a departure from our recent choices: light, funny, romantic. I liked that it’s different. A good option for a holiday read unless you prefer something to get your teeth into in which case I would give it a miss :)

Our next choice is Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, so a re-read for most of us. Two ‘Rosie’s’ in a row!5 months ago

SarabandThat is...

... just beautiful!!!

:) 5 months ago

SarabandYay! Yay! Yay!


Fantastic achievement, especially in this heat. It sounds like a great experience :) 5 months ago

SarabandSunday 20th July

Sunday. Cl has gone. She leaves for NZ on Wednesday so it is unlikely we will have a repeat of her previous attempts to leave. My overriding sense as she left was one of relief. I don’t feel good about that.

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • for B. This has made us stronger
  • for the open conversation we had once he got back from dropping Cl. It has helped me
  • for dissecting the weighty emotions I had accumulated over the past few days. Now I am just left with residual sadness and that is ok
  • for the softest, gentlest of days: coming together, talking a little, drifting away. Quiet. Easy. Peaceful. Reflective.
  • for sitting together outside as the day waned; discussing possibilities for Cl, for us; watching the swifts and the clouds, and when darkness fell properly – watching the bats
  • togetherness

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell5 months ago

SarabandSaturday 19th July

Saturday. Work. I am glad to be working, partly to give B & Cl a final day together and partly because I’m angry – seriously so. I don’t want to feel angry but I can’t shake it. I feel frustrated and voiceless. This is a challenging day when it comes to appreciating the good. That makes it all the more important to seek out that good…

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • work was busier than we’d expected. I welcome the distraction
  • B’s happiness and appreciation – even if right now I don’t feel I deserve the latter
  • a brief period sitting outside listening to the thunder rumble before the rain came
  • the knowledge that tomorrow we get our lives back – even though I feel dreadful for thinking that way
  • sleep

Don’t worry about losing your way. If you do, pain will remind you to find your path again. Joy will let you know when you are back on it. – Martha Beck5 months ago

SarabandNot yet.

But I am at an excellent point to start – just finished my village book club choice. I shall pull it off my shelf this afternoon :) 5 months ago

SarabandIt will all be worth it

:) 5 months ago

SarabandFriday 18th July

Friday. More rain, more sparkling sunshine

Joys, grats and happiness:

  • deep sleep despite the storms (both inward and out)
  • waking naturally – very late. Waking to an empty house. Knowing my strength and equilibrium are replenished
  • silence and solitude. Blissful
  • getting a few things done as the temperatures soared
  • collecting Cl, meeting her mother, interesting to see them together
  • chats through the evening. Cl is leaving us on Sunday morning. She has retracted everything she’s said about her maternal family. It doesn’t surprise me.
  • sleep

    “In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.” – Charlie Brown, Peanuts5 months ago

SarabandThursday 17th July

Thursday. Cloud cover and overnight rain hinting that both will soon pass to reveal the scorcher we’ve been promised. Still feeling fragile. I have much of today to myself. That can only be good.

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • accepting that my thoughts of ‘getting things done’ were simply that: thoughts. Giving the day over to rest – with as little thinking as possible and acceptance of my depleted energy levels
  • E called
  • the sun did come out. It was a scorcher
  • reading outside in the shade; soft breezes on bare skin
  • easy evening tv viewing
  • finally hearing from Cl – hours later than expected. I am to collect her tomorrow and thus meet her mother for the first time for what I assume will be a simple handover. Except nothing has been simple so far…
  • sleep
  • waking with B in the early hours – watching the thunderstorm raging all around us; returning to sleep with heavy rain hammering on the roof and low growls of thunder still audible in the distance
  • more sleep

”Every problem has a gift for you in its hands – Richard Bach”5 months ago


Glad to hear this Colleen :) 5 months ago

SarabandRead it...

again with me, Cornucopia. We can form a mini book club! :) 5 months ago


Yes, I’m sure our ‘soaring temperatures’ are nothing compared to yours :) At the moment we’ve been over 28degrees with 34 in the cities – that’s very hot for us here. Humidity according to my weather ap has been around 58% though it feels much higher to me. I would not attempt to garden in these temperatures.

I’m glad you’re having a more tolerable summer. Heat is very tiring!

And yes, I will reread the book. I like your final sentence: it will be interesting to see which of the two possibilities happens :) 5 months ago


Thanks FGR. Feeling better now :) 5 months ago

SarabandI've had a few...

... like that lately. Only I forgot to keep saying “om”....

Looks like things will be back to normal again here very soon though :)5 months ago


That was quite a day :) 5 months ago

SarabandWednesday 16th July

Wednesday. A badly disturbed night – what night there was after B’s revelations. And a bad day for me – the most difficult I’ve had for a very long time. I have some concerns that trouble me greatly and which are almost certainly ridiculous and yet they refuse to back down. A day in which old fears and old patterns returned.

I’m writing now from the relative safety of Thursday morning when hopefully I have a better perspective and can draw out some good things from yesterday. And there were some good things :-)

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • finding Harri safe and sound after she didn’t come home last night.
    We’d managed to shut her in the garage
  • keeping a long-standing arrangement for coffee with friends. Sitting in the garden with china cups, chat and biscuits. And no mention of what’s going on at home. Distraction
  • Cl’s appointment with occupational health went well
  • B & Cl had a lovely day together; they bought me flowers :-)
  • the kindness and support of a very old friend to whom I confided my fears
  • chocolate. Today needed to be a chocolate day
  • suggesting we all watch Philomena. My second viewing but B & Cl’s first. We all enjoyed it. A welcome welcome break from all the drama
  • sleep

“There is nothing that will not reveal its secrets if you love it enough. – George Washington Carver”5 months ago

SarabandTuesday 15th July

Tuesday. Woke sluggish and slow, feeling burdened and troubled by last night’s marathon session with Cl. Remained that way all day. The situation is fraught with potential for destruction. I feel unaccountably sad. We’ve had rain overnight and outside it’s damp, muggy and grey. Claustrophobic. Yet again inside and out seem like mirrors of each other.

Joys, gratitude and happiness:

  • remembering this: What makes me shine? Helping people to thrive
  • the oppressive muggy dampness gave way gracefully to golden sunshine
  • the picture I have just bought. I have nowhere to hang it but I love it attached
  • time away this evening to talk with B as he worked through his plans for handling the situation
  • leaving B and Cl to another evening together; hearing Cl ask him to tell her about his growing up in NZ…
  • being woken in the early hours and listening to B’s account of what Cl has told him. He feels he has now heard everything about what’s been going on since the divorce. Astonished to hear him explain that he intends to take the approach I would use. Totally different to his usual somewhat combative manner and under the circumstances an angry combative approach would be totally understandable. Grateful that information is starting to fit together; grateful that B has coped so well. Cannot shake the sense of deep sadness…

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always.” – Plato

Edit: I remain deeply uneasy. To write a list of gratitude without acknowledging the intense disquiet I feel would be dishonest. I feel like we are all fighting a battle at the moment. I just wish I knew what it is we are fighting. Although B feels he now knows everything, I am not yet convinced…5 months ago

SarabandMonday 14th July

Monday. Early rising to a glorious golden morn and the beginning of another week.

Joy, gratitude and happiness:

  • quiet energy and warm loving gratitude on waking; feeling clear-headed, calm and compassionate
  • clear, bright, fresh morning air
  • a few early morning moments with B before his alarm went off. Cl wants him to stay home with her and he can’t. He has a busy week ahead at work; I know he appreciated those few moments
  • the seedlings in new flower bed have filled out beautifully. The orange welsh poppies lift the predominantly blue and yellow colour scheme just as I’d hoped :-)
  • a really good day at work. This is odd since our newest team member told us he is leaving, but it’s for such positive reasons that we can only be happy for him. And there may be someone ready to step straight into the gap
  • the generosity of our dealers, two of whom gave me such amazing prices on items I am thinking of buying
  • being able to use my strengths with Cl. B texting me in the middle of it all with the sweetest message of gratitude.

“There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” – Han Suyin5 months ago


You’ve made me want to read it all over again :)

Though I remember reading it very slowly – it felt like time was suspended.

I read it over a day or so of a very hot summer interlude in July 2004. It would be rather fitting to re-read it now. We even have the high summer temperatures to match those of a decade ago. Very tempting!!

:) 5 months ago

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