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Thank you so much! I’ve no idea when I’ll feel ready for the actual wedding (marriage has never been important to me, so I’m in no rush to start planning the wedding), but it feels so natural and right to be engaged to him. Who knows what the future will bring, but right now I’d rather be nowhere else than with him. :) 7 months ago


Thank you so much! You’re a sweetheart :) ♥ 7 months ago


Thank you so much, dear. The past ten years or more were extremely challenging, but now I feel I’m out of the tunnel in the light I’ve been looking at for a long time. :) Wishing you everything that is good in the world, as well. I hope you’ve been great ♥ 7 months ago


Thank you so much, love! ♥ Life has been good to me lately. :) 7 months ago

sitruunapuuThank you... much, dear John! I’ve been thinking of you, by the way. Been wondering whether your baby boy has already arrived :) 7 months ago

sitruunapuuThank you... much, dear applepie! Personally I think I am the lucky one, but for some reason he does appreciate me a lot and think I’m too good for him. That’s far from the truth, though – he’s the most beautiful of souls :) 7 months ago

sitruunapuuThank you... much mi amor. ♥ I have to say though that in my experience men are much easier to train than this particular dog. :D She has more personality in her four pounds than most Great Danes. She’s challenging but I love her to bits and I think she’ll eventually grow to be a wise adult dog. :)

Much love and blessings, cariño. You make my heart lighter ♥ 7 months ago

sitruunapuuGoals for September

Relish the quiet

Embrace new adventures

Trust life and the universe

Study wisdom and inspiration

Let love flow freely through me

Cherish the mysteries of existence

Let the beauty of what I love be what I do

Put my heart and spirit into even my smallest acts

Let love take off the masks that I fear I cannot live without and know I cannot live within

Treat everyone as if they were enlightened, brilliant, and beautiful – because behind the heavy layers of their minds, they are 7 months ago

sitruunapuuToday I'm grateful for... #142

Inner growth

Infinite love and gratitude

Compassion and harmony

Embracing new adventures

Overflowing joy and happiness

Beauty in the changing seasons

Quiet morning walks with my dog

Healthy paleo food, spring water, fresh air, sunlight, barefoot walks

Our new apartment and the area we live in – it’s one of the most magical, peaceful, fascinating places I’ve ever been to, not to mention lived in.

My fiancé… I’ve never been sure whether I want to get married or not, but when he proposed, it was the most natural and easiest thing to say a happy yes. :) 7 months ago

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Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help.

—A Course in Miracles 8 months ago

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