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Alyssa is a singular girl

Recent entries from Alyssa is a singular girl
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Alyssa is a singular girlToronto in the fall!

The one flaw about my trip to London in the spring was that the exhibition about David Bowie, a man whom I have described as “my Jesus,” was sold out for the entire duration of my trip.

But now the exhibit is coming to Toronto! And that’s not very far away! And I think I’ll go!

Side trip to TH’s will fit right in. 18 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl9.

A and I went to probably the only restaurant on Bourbon Street that didn’t serve po’boys for dinner. But it was kind of a fancy place, and we got seated, so we ordered a cheese plate. (It’s good practice, I told her; she might start dating a foodie.)

I was two hurricanes down and had just ordered a Sazerac, so the only cheese I remember was Sandy Creek goat cheese. This plate was not labeled, which made things confusing, but if it was the cheese I think it was, it was a good, basic, nondescript cheese. A little boring. (But maybe that was the absinthe talking.) And we ate po’boys afterwards anyway. 19 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlLouisiana

My hotel is three blocks away from Bourbon Street. I have to leave at about 7 AM tomorrow, so, although it’s 4:00, I’ve just consumed two hurricanes. I like New Orleans. 19 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlBloodies and crosswords and rainy Saturdays

Bloody Marys have become the Official Drink of My Boyfriend and Me. (We’re waiting for our endorsement deal.)

The recipe:

*Horseradish Bloody mix (wish I remembered the brand)
*Worcestershire sauce
*Bacon vodka
*Hot pickles and a little bit of juice

Procuring the ingredients made going out in a blinding rainstorm totally worthwhile. 19 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWith coozies of wine on the side, I hope

My boyfriend (because I have one now and he is awesome) is outdoorsy. It’s one of his few flaws. I support nature’s right to exist, but I feel like humans have evolved into social, urban creatures, so shouldn’t we celebrate that? By sleeping in comfy beds? He wants to go camping with me this summer, like actual camping, with hiking and hanging bags of food in trees so bears can’t get into it. This is so terrifying to me.

But: have you ever considered that you can make s’mores with Reese’s peanut butter cups instead of regular Hershey bars? Or with Nutella? This is making the prospect of sleeping outside more palatable.

And even better if we just spend the day at a beach instead and then go back to use the fire pit in his backyard. 19 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWeek #12: peanut butter chicken

This goal has had the unintended consequence of reminding me exactly how long an extended school year can be.

This was extremely mediocre, probably because I’m used to a damn fine peanut sauce, which this is not. I think I added about every Thai ingredient I had around (and that’s a pretty decent number) but I still couldn’t get it to taste right. Really, I just felt bad for the commenters who said “This is exactly how it tastes at my favorite Thai restaurant!” PEOPLE. NO. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlBooked!

Just finalized my Memorial Day weekend trip to New Orleans. This month is going to feel so long. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWeek #11: chicken caesar something

Date #3 is about to happen with the new fella. Between that and the adorably flirtatious emails and texts he sends me, I’m almost comfortable enough to eat like a regular person again. This was spurred by this boring, bland thing that I’m eating right now. This, Spark People, is why people hate diets. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWeek #10: Chicken taco stew

I promise I’m a feminist, but: a new gentleman will motivate me to get in shape better than anything else in the world. I really don’t care how I look in a bathing suit, but the prospect of a second date means that for a week I’ll get up half an hour early to do planks and bicep curls, and subsist largely on wraps and fruit. (In a mostly healthy way, I swear.) I’d be running except that it’s snowing again, and no one in the world is worth running in the snow for.

So SparkRecipes it is, and I like the Chicken taco stew because it’s perfect to put on top of nachos. Which probably is counterintuitive for a diet, but if they’re multigrain chips… 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl42.

I had a date yesterday. It has turned me into a 12-year-old girl. I spent hours planning what I was going to wear, two hours on the date, and probably another two on the phone with my two best friends discussing, “But what does it MEAN? Does he LIKE me?” God, it’s so disgusting.

We met at a museum and I drank a China Mist Twisted Lemon Black. I think it was good. I really don’t remember. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWeek #9: Spaghetti sauce

Today is a long day. After school, and after after-school, there is family night. I probably won’t be home until close to 9. I already know that tomorrow is a day I’ll hate everything. That feeling is already creeping up, actually.

I figured I really wouldn’t want to do anything tonight except maybe have a cocktail, so I made spaghetti sauce and boiled the pasta. I had some for lunch, and it’s a little bland, but decent. Definitely still better than jarred. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl41.

The meteorologists say it’s spring. The weather appears iffy about it, but I’m drinking warm-weather tea again, even if I do still have to wear mittens outside.

I think Lipton might be a little generous with the “superfruit” title; seems like they stick it on everything. But I like the Acai, Dragonfruit and Melon green all the same. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlBreakfast of champions

I didn’t really know that I’d be able to taste a difference, but yesterday, while I was eating British chocolate and listening to the Sex Pistols, I made my first bacon Bloody Mary and detected a noticeable smokiness. It took a few sips to get used to, but then I really liked it. I can’t wait to make a real cocktail with it. 20 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlBrazil

I was at Highgate Cemetery this morning, and I met a very nice Brazilian girl. We took pictures of each other in front of Karl Marx’s grave. Side note: socialist realist sculpture did not render Karl Marx’s face very flatteringly.

South American countries I still need: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl40.

England is so great because every time I get cold someone says, “Shall we stop for a cup of tea?” And it’s been stupidly cold and windy here, so: a lot of tea is being had.

Pukka green chai doesn’t really taste like green tea or chai. I can’t tell exactly what it tastes like. Maybe somehow a little minty? But I really like it. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlGod save the queen

Good lord I like this place. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlUntitled

Honestly a little chunk of me thought that I’d never get here, because there’s not enough money or time to get everywhere I want to go, but it’s so lovely. I hope you make it happen. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlRomania

The friend I’m staying with is in a brand-new flat (oh, I love calling it a flat, even though I feel like kind of a jackass) which is being painted by a whole crew of very cute Romanians. I wish they weren’t so serious about their work and were more amenable to flirting with an American girl for a few days.

European countries I still need: Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican City 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl39.

But of course I arrived in London and immediately began looking for new teas. I met my friend E around 1:00 in Hammersmith, and we’ve been shopping for/debating decorations for her new apartment for most of the day. We also went to a Thai restaurant, where the proprietor judged us for the two of us splitting two entrees and three desserts. (We didn’t care and ate every last bit anyway.) I haven’t seen this girl since 2006 but it feels exactly the same as it did then.

While we were shopping in Chelsea this afternoon we stopped at a cafe so she could eat lunch. I, having actually eaten on the plane, ate a scone with clotted cream and jam-I went that British just two hours after touchdown-and some nutmeg-vanilla tea. It was so warm and cozy and delicious, perfect for counteracting the absolutely moronic weather in London today. Also: I’ve already decided that I could probably live in this city. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlJapan

24. Tomorrow’s the big departure day for the LDN, and last night my brother came to pick up his nephew to cat-sit while I’m gone.

I watched “Departures” which is a beautiful movie, but about a cellist whose orchestra disbands and he moves back to his hometown. And then becomes an “NK agent,” a guy who puts dead people in coffins. It was probably a bad choice for my first night totally alone-no boyfriend, no cat-in almost two years. Way too many dead bodies for that.

So maybe it was a good thing that the disc was constantly skipping, and I couldn’t get through the last 10 minutes? I was left more frustrated than depressed that way. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlGazpacho

A couple of friends and I went to Pat’s Tap for cocktails. (One of the sections on their menu is “salad, alas” because they really rock those palindromes whenever they can. Hooray for palindromes!)

This goal is really about my learning to make the perfect Bloody for myself, but I can get inspiration from other places, right? Pat’s had a cucumber Bloody, which was made from a gazpacho-like base. Amazing. I’m remembering this.

Other wins about cocktail night: I saw a girl I went to high school with and successfully avoided talking to her, and my friend offered me to pick me up from work and drive me to the airport on Friday. I always get suspicious when things start going overly well for me, but I’m gonna go with this right now. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWeek #8: Apple/cheddar/turkey meatballs

I broke my cardinal rule, again. I slow-cooked on Thursday night. I knew I’d be home late, per usual, because I had to chaperone middle school fun night. (Why do I volunteer for such things? I was hit in the head with balls so many times.) I also had a busy for me weekend, meaning that one day I had to be out of the house at 10 AM, and the other at 3 PM. That’s big for me. Also I’m trying not to cook too much this week, since IN FIVE DAYS I’M LEAVING FOR LONDON and I don’t want a ton of leftovers rotting in my fridge while I’m gone. No sir, just the things that are currently rotting in my fridge.

Anyway. Apple cheddar turkey meatballs were pretty decent, although maybe I’m with the author’s 3-year-old in thinking that warm cranberries are “wrong.” They were a little tart. I’ve also realized I have a weird thing with ground poultry. I’m not sure why I can eat ground beef without a second thought, but ground turkey just grosses me out so much more. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girl38.

I decided that I could use more friends, so I joined Meetup. Last night I went to a coffeeshop for board game night, and had to awkwardly ask, “So…are you guys the atheists?” And a very sweet lot of atheists they were; very sensitive. We played Cards Against Humanity and one guy was hesitant to play a card because “it’s kind of misogynistic.” Which was very nice, but alarming to me because…isn’t that the point of Cards Against Humanity?

Anyway, the tea. Yellow and blue, a lavender-chamomile blend. I loved it, which was good because I drank a lot of it when I was afraid I was going to have to make small talk. Crisis averted. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlUntitled

Love Amanda Palmer! I think she’s such an inspiration. 21 months ago

Alyssa is a singular girlWho with a sewing machine can I bribe?

Yesterday I had to go through a bunch of S’s stuff, which is always a giant bummer. I did not find the library card that I’d lent him months and months ago. I did find a lot of his t-shirts. I can’t stand to give them away, not least because I don’t ever want another girl to have to go through what I went through when I saw my ridiculous man-child of a boyfriend wearing a shirt saying “You must be this tall to ride.” A t-shirt quilt saves a lot of girls that embarrassment. Who among you has a quilt with a square that says “Raw Fucking Power?” I’m afraid that if I put his vintage Iggy Pop t-shirt out into the world, no one would appreciate it like they should.

I found a good tutorial on Pinterest. Hopefully my friends are craftier than I’m aware of. 21 months ago

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