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somanya5 years is enough for me

he has been in my mind for 5years,i can’t throw him off .he doesn’t know this at all.i just can’t end my miss of him,everyday.he seems to be a mark in my heart.i don’t like myself of this condition,i want to have my happy life without him.what should i do?
i dare not contact with him, let alone pay attention to him. 2 years ago

somanya 2 years ago


maybe this is a physical lauguge born with me,i shouldn’t try to get rid of it ,why can’t treat it as one of my special features.just like someone is good at dancing,another singing,giving speech or else,while i am so unique,i am good at blushing.interesting,isn’t ? 2 years ago


this exam has been over for a month,so many students are waiting for the grades,of course including me.expectantly but apprehensively.waiting waiting .it is a tough work. 2 years ago


yes,i haven’t got a car yet,but it is execiting to get the drive licence,because in the future days i will own one ,for sure.i am working hard. 2 years ago

somanya 3 years ago


it has been one year since i have begun it,i am so lucky for that i have witnessed the effect,it is going to be perfect!thx god! 2 years ago


yeh,wait for the special day ,that’s fate. 2 years ago


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