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Stu 1 month ago


Could be on for an extra £375 per month in the next few weeks, doubling to £750 later in the year. 4 weeks ago


This book has been suggested in two separate sets of reading I’ve been doing, so I’ve bought it and started reading. 1 month ago


This time, digesting one section at a time and performing all the actions and further reading suggested. 1 month ago


A really excellent book. Some things I’ve been doing already; some were real eye-openers. There is A LOT of further reading to do, as well as action points. This book needs a one-section-at-a-time re-read. 1 month ago

StuGoing really well...

Two months down and no slips. Something in my mindset changed… I know I will not reach my ambitious goals if I allow my health to suffer through feeding myself gluten.

When gluten is not an option you start to find creative ways to avoid it… even if someone you’re with will think you’re mad, you just have to press on and stick to the goal. 1 month ago

Stuintersting quote...

I saw something today that said the poor live in the past and regurgitate it often, the middle class live with the lies they tell themselves, and the world-class live in objective reality.

Food for thought… 1 month ago

Stu 1 month ago

Stu 1 month ago

Stu 1 month ago


After a good amount of focus, we’re now at:


What’s more, only £182.38 of that is interest-bearing, the rest is on zero percent.

The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming seriously brighter.

Plus my next big non-monthly expense is my car tax @ £175 due in May… I already have £90 saved towards it so it won’t have to go onto my credit card. Woooohooo!

The number of times I’ve nearly bought stuff using my card, but for some reason my habits now reject the idea… you don’t need it, you don’t want it, it’s not going to help you get to your goals… fantastic! 1 month ago

StuGetting there...

2698.96 and counting… with the accruals in my savings account this shouldn’t be going on its usual cycle this time… I’ve cut up the other card I had so I can’t be tempted to use it. 2 months ago

StuDaily Mnemosyne

Still using Mnemosyne daily, and the list of stuff I know is growing rapidly.

My wife is using a similar system (with three ‘boxes’) and I’m amazed by how quickly she’s picking up kanji and katakana (her hiragana is good already). She’s amazed, too! – we need to add some practical application now. 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

StuFinal total: Unknown

I changed my focus on this goal mid-year to only counting coffees with introducers and “big fish” prospects. Total of those: 13.

A one-to-one with someone who I can’t help and can’t help me isn’t worth the time. (Unless it’s on non-paid, social hours!) 3 months ago


Less formal than ‘having a coffeee’, but I’ve met a few photographers this year and chatted at social and networking events. Suitably eye-opening, and suitably confidence-inducing (that my offering is unique!) 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

StuTotal figure: Unknown

I removed this from my business goals late in the year. I think I probably did at least four of them to be fair. 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

StuPut on hold

I put this on hold. It’s gerat for general photography, but not so great for the areas of the business I’ve been actively developing… so these topics have made way for some other learning that has been more valuable. 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

StuActual figure: 10

Wow… pretty close. Introducers are a great source of business, and I have repeat relationships with a few of them. 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

StuActual figure: 0

Really. But I had a lot of repeat business from the large companies I’ve worked with before, so I haven’t starved to death!

It’s definitely a goal for 2014 to get a few high-quality clients on board. 3 months ago

Stu 15 months ago

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