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nouvelle jen

today was a good day

Recent entries from nouvelle jen
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nouvelle jenday one

I am on vacation this week and thought it would be perfect for a 5-day challenge! Today I’d planned on going to the 9:30am class. Max woke up at 3am :) So it’s a double-challenge day! Can I keep to my intention? 8 months ago

nouvelle jenHappy Birthday Spatz!

Here’s some delicious tea and brunch to celebrate!! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwhen I feel alone and isolated

I try and remember, as flowergirlresumed observed, that things are temporary. You are always part of something bigger, you are always part of something beautiful and you yourself are so beautiful and strong. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} I have a pretty good imagination and sometimes I visualize someone I admire telling me that I’m strong and capable. The other day when I was struggling in hot yoga I imagined Richard Armitage (as Thorin Oakenshield) encouraging me in that gravelly voice “you are a warrior, you can do this!” :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jenI forget

that every time I learn a new word in ASL in order to teach it to Max: that I am learning a new word in ASL :) Yesterday we worked on: quiche, Christmas tree and fire. Max likes a fire in the fireplace, he decorated the Christmas tree yesterday and he really likes the mini-quiches from Costco. Worked also yesterday on Max getting the quiches out of the little plastic wrapping, putting them on tray, turning on the toaster oven and putting the tray of quiches in then setting the timer. Max has 92 words now he can sign and type from a picture. I’ve lost count of how many signs he understands receptively – over one hundred. The popular signs currently are “boat” (for taking a trip on the ferry) and “aquarium” (water + box) for taking a trip to the aquarium. Max’s words he uses daily are: socks, breakfast, sausage, water, pancake, potty, get dressed, brush teeth, “door” (for close the door, I’m going to use the bathroom), that way, outside, sit (by me), brush teeth, pajamas, bed, lights out. 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwell played!

staying strong and not following a habit of craving is absolutely an accomplishment worth savoring! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenSing Along Sound of Music

Went to Edmonds Center for the Arts with my best friend again this year. Went for the first time last year and had a blast! My husband was puzzled. “What is it you’re doing again today?” he asked when my friend came to pick me up. “Well, these people overcome adversity…” she began. “And they sing about it?” Paco replied, incredulous. Sorry. That wasn’t my point. As we were waiting for the costume contest to start I remembered that last year I resolved to go to more live events. Live music, a lecture, any type of performance, class, workshop etc. Monday or Tuesday evening going to the Zoo for “Wild Lights” December 14th is the luminaria walk around Greenlake. Yay for do-ing! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwhat a kind and lovely gesture

to recognize someone for volunteering – and I bet it was gratefully received :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jencongratulations

on completing your goal! I was just thinking today it’s time to re-read “The Wishing Year” :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jencongratulations!!

Sounds like it was meant to be :) Hope you are happy and thriving there! 8 months ago

nouvelle jennice!

Congratulations! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwoot!

Congratulations and well done!

nouvelle jenyay for donorschoose!

I’m excited that you love the same things about this site that I do: you can donate by geographic location which means your own state, city etc. if that’s what you want. Or you can donate to science if you loved science as a student. Or you can donate to schools to help them rebuild from tornado damage. Donorschoose does a great job of making you feel engaged: the classroom photos, the project descriptions and when the projects are realized you see the positive impact! yay! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenhope the trip home

was relaxing, rewarding, rejuvenating and fun. 8 months ago

nouvelle jenfound a new hot yoga studio finally

the place I’d been going to closed. I’d gotten so comfortable in my routine there it was hard to even cross the threshold of a new studio. I found a great place though and have been going steadily for over two months now! Even more convenient than my former studio and the two instructors I’ve taken classes with so far are both incredible! I’ve had “complete a 5-day challenge” on my mind since Spring. Time to get on with it! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenOctober + November

my son’s incredible middle-school teacher has this project
She’s done great things for Max, only too happy to give back a little! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenyou're a natural writer

your posts are always a good read :)
I got this book “One Continuous Mistake: Four Noble Truths for Writers” by Gail Sher when we went to Cannon Beach last month. Of course I’m procrastinating on reading it but the parts I’ve looked at were great! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwhat a great idea!

I bet the new occupants appreciated the “handoff” document. And finding money is always a thrill! Here’s to you finding a $50 stashed someplace interesting :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jenthe people on your gift list

are most fortunate indeed! Moccasins, bath-bombs, almond bark, yay! 8 months ago

nouvelle jensounds so cozy!

One of my favorite grocery stores just started stocking pecan shortbread cookies shaped like stars: one of their special holiday treats. Brought some home and enjoyed them with a cup of Tazo “Joy” tea :) Hope you are feeling revitalized soon! 8 months ago

nouvelle jenI'll have to read this

Looking for a few books to read over the long winter months. Thank you for recommending :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jenwhat a fabulous way

to have an adventure every day :) 8 months ago

nouvelle jenhow is the new job?

What are you loving about it and what are you wanting to get into better balance? 8 months ago

nouvelle jen 14 months ago

nouvelle jenoh, thank you!

”...something more eloquent than go fuck yourself” made me laugh out loud! After seeing the movie “Argo” I often mutter “Argo fuck yourself” under my breath when I’m cranky, which seems to be a lot lately with this latest re-org at work. So a laugh today was a beautiful thing, thank you. 9 months ago

nouvelle jenI love your goal title!

I hadn’t thought about the poem “Jabberwocky” in a long time; my father used to read it to me :) And your avatar pic is so cheerful as well! Thanks for the “pump” of positivity!! 13 months ago

nouvelle jenthank you card and a housewarming card

Sent a nice thank-you card to my friends in Portland for putting me up at their place for 3 days (workshop at U of P). (Also took them out to dinner as a “thank you” and so they wouldn’t be cooking for me while I was there). My auntie bought a house and I saw this beautiful mandala card that I knew she’d like, so sent that to her wishing her many beautiful memories in her new home :) More of this artist’s beautiful work here13 months ago

nouvelle jenreplacement blinds

for the kitchen are ordered and on their way! We love 2” wooden blinds we got for the living room so got a similar style for the kitchen :) 13 months ago

nouvelle jenJune

to Mrs. James and her classroom in Sioux Falls SD for their reading program13 months ago

nouvelle jen#78 and #79

To Taj in Pakistan for her tailoring business and to an anyonymous gentleman in El Salvador for his farm. 13 months ago

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