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Or at least I messaged to the bots and five mins later it was okay. Don’t know if it was them or not but hey, thanks anyway! 10 hours ago

tangerine_nowThe world goes belly-up

Scratch its tummy

No I know that a stupid bit of advice but I honestly don’t have anything better at this point. I know how much you hated the job and I would’ve cheered loudly with you but now it sucks hairy toe cheese. 10 hours ago

tangerine_nowYou'll make it

I have every confidence. Put the word out as much as you can and wait for our good vibrations to reach you. You’ll make it. 10 hours ago


Cheered ya! 10 hours ago

tangerine_nowOh heavens!

I don’t want to get too mean with her. She will house-sit for me too you know. :D 10 hours ago


A mutual friend is currently checking out if she can get a few small weed plants (yeah that kind of weed) to put under a lamp in her house. We’d put some smoking paper next to the couch, an empty beer glass, a used chips bowl, etc. :D 10 hours ago


That’s really weird when that happens. 10 hours ago

tangerine_nowYou know,

we actually came up with this one yesterday! It’s my guy’s favourite so far. :) 10 hours ago


I like it! :) 10 hours ago


We did plant a fake bug on the wall near the ceiling once. It was humongous. The shock nearly killed her. (Not really but she screamed.) 10 hours ago


The shoes are a good idea.
I’m not freezing her knickers. She’d freak out. 10 hours ago


Nice and simple. Neat. 10 hours ago


Way to confuse them 10 hours ago


We thought about something with easter eggs. Hiding them everywhere! Socks, shoes, plants, fridge, bed, etc. :D 10 hours ago

tangerine_nowOh gods...

I usually end up with “and a good day to you too”.

“Tais-toi et soit belle!” Psh. 1 day ago


fuckin’ out of fuckin’ cheers1 day ago


My friend is going on vacation for a week and asked me to look after her house. I’ve done that before, no biggie. BUT! Every time I do, I leave something quirky. A kind of prank. So for example I once pasted WET PAINT all over the house. I changed the light bulbs to blue ones which left a pretty eerie shine on things when she flipped the switch on as she came home. Likewise, she has turned my table 90 degrees during my vacation (it’s weird when you come in like that) and written WELCOME HOME in candy in my kitchen. It’s a thing.

So what should I do this time?

For the record: one of the funniest was when I did absolutely nothing. She spent a week searching for clues as to what had I changed. Hehe: nothing at all. 1 day ago

tangerine_nowOooo! I LIKE this goal!

Don’t mind if I join you. 1 day ago

tangerine_nowPhysical therapy can do this to a person.

To be more precise: standing in front of a humongous mirror and seeing your muffin top can do this to a person: revive this goal. Good gods, how did I ever get like this?

Serious sadsauce. 1 day ago

tangerine_nowThere we go!

Last week I registered for a screen printing workshop. It is at a professional studio that trains professional artists. I am not a professional artist. I have NO idea what I’m doing here. But I wanted to do it for so long and now I thought I might as well do something that scares me. “If you’re making mistakes it means that you’re out there in the world doing something.” So there we go.

argh1 day ago

tangerine_nowHee hee!!

The stupid thing is that my ‘home page’ won’t load. :-/ 1 day ago


You’re adorable.

Yay! So… quite apart from the overall mountain of yay! I find on here, I will also reconnect with some of the goals. At least, pretty soon. Not now. Working now. (Argh.)

xxx 1 day ago


Thank you :) 2 weeks ago

tangerine_nowEverything okay chucky

You chuck?

Snails are patient. ♥ 2 weeks ago

tangerine_nowSome perspective

for Mr. Asange then. 2 weeks ago

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