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Thank you :) 1 week ago

tangerine_nowEverything okay chucky

You chuck?

Snails are patient. ♥ 1 week ago

tangerine_nowSome perspective

for Mr. Asange then. 1 week ago

tangerine_nowSome day

she’ll come. I’m sure of it. 1 week ago

tangerine_now 15 months ago

tangerine_nowYep. Went ahead and did it.

There you go: one glamorous shiny muppet rainbow cake for Smartstuff the Great. I baked it, decorated it, put it on her Facebook, cut it into pieces and fed it to the neighbour kids as a tribute to the goddess herself. Of course, I briefly contemplated feeding the neighbour kids to the cake but it wouldn’t have been so tasty. So there it is. :) 1 week ago

tangerine_nowAnna Wintour

I don’t think I like her much but I never met her. 4 months ago


hoii! 6 months ago


Or however you say that in Afrikaans 6 months ago

tangerine_nowI kinda

guessed it. :) 6 months ago

tangerine_now 9 months ago


(Sorry for the late reply. :p ) 8 months ago


As in, I am vaguely leaning towards vegetarianism. That’s mainly because of concern for the planet, have to say. The other – not unimportant – reason is that my system works better with plants in it than meat.

I use leather and have no scruples about it. I think that as long as you’re going to kill an animal, the very least you can do is make sure that it wasn’t in vain. Use every last bit so you don’t throw anything away.

I don’t like the fur industry. That’s cruelty for no reason whatsoever except that weird thing called ‘fashion’. Then fashion something else. 8 months ago

tangerine_nowTwo minor slips

One was during the company bbq and I was thirsty but I had half a glass. And the other was a slip-up but not even the nice kind: I sipped diet coke. Yegh. The horror!

Anyway: so far so good. 8 months ago

tangerine_nowLisa Simpson!

(That’s a Dutch beer, mind you. Had to be noted.) 8 months ago

tangerine_nowAccording to my information

She just got second place at an awesome formation figure skating thingy that she’s been training for. The picture showed a happy Smarts with both her eyeballs still intact. 8 months ago

tangerine_nowAye 't was

I survived, and pleasantly too! It was really nice to finally meet our mysterious green-skinned friend from the emerald isle. He is very friendly, good to hang out with, has some pretty good stories, can be understood language-wise, and appreciates a good Dutch beer. So high points all around!

I was forbidden to post any pictures of the gentleman online. Only Smartstuff got to see his mugshot and so far she hasn’t run away screaming yet. I didn’t either so don’t believe his claims to hideousness.

Oh and he brought Guinness-filled chocolates. What a guy! 8 months ago


What do you mean ‘was’?
I still am. 9 months ago

tangerine_now 10 months ago

tangerine_nowQuestions about questions

It’s been a while now and it was already up way before I came here. (5.5 years ago now) It changed a lot since then because people come and go and they all bring their own things to this goal. There have been fights and arguments, sexists and racists, love and friendship, and pretty much anything that a social meeting place like this would bring. I like to think of it as a kind of bar or restaurant or something, but a weird one where everyone is free to partake in every conversation.

43things is made by the Robot co. You can read their stuff by clicking the links down at the bottom of this (or any 43) page. 9 months ago

tangerine_nowThis evening

I am meeting Cluricaune. Probably. 9 months ago

tangerine_nowDon't we all, dear?

For what it’s worth: unless you’re heavily into drugs or drink, and unless you’re suffering from dementia, it is unlikely that you’re getting dumber.

Remember that the goddess inside you is merely taking a nap from all the hard work so far. She’ll be back. Give her some coffee when she does.

9 months ago

tangerine_nowIn my own way

I figured that since I also observed Lent (in my own way) I’d also give Ramadan a shot. My sacrifice will be to not drink Coke for 30 days, so help me Allah & Friends. 9 months ago

tangerine_nowYou know, I ask that a lot.

About the hipster or bad dresser. I’m not much of a fashionista and quite often wish people would get their head out of their… Never mind.

My worst phase I don’t know. I’m not much of an adventurer, fashion-wise. 9 months ago


pop – petje (‘poppetje’ is little puppet in Dutch)
magic mouse
connect phones
hot stove
evening stroll
pretty painful
time machine
silent treatment
far off
left of centre 9 months ago

tangerine_nowYou and half the American population

Try again 9 months ago

tangerine_nowYes, but

how about you, gottawonder? ;-) 9 months ago

tangerine_nowFat chance

They’re Unesco world heritage site now. We Dutch may be pirates shrewd business bastards people but we’re not that stupid. Well. Maybe. 9 months ago

tangerine_nowGood plan

It’s foolproof.

When you win it, will you come visit?9 months ago

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