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teachocolateandbooksmy vote

Going out with a bang! 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksWrapping it up

Checking out of June feeling rather good. It was a month for reflection and action for me. Some difficult, anxious periods, some regret, some growth.
Doing well with the healthy eating over the last week, not too many slip ups. Really considering going off the alcohol for the rest of the year with perhaps an exception made for anniversary. It’s a bit sad that I find it daunting but maybe a sign I should definitely do it.
Course is extended until October! So much to do though. I’ll be doing that this evening until late. 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksA very lazy Saturday

VERY. It’s close to 4pm, I’m in my PJs. Sat on the balcony a bit, watched a bunch of videos, had some vegan meatballs from a packet and finished up some bread. Nails painted, 1/10th of the washing up done. And I don’t mind at all! I went out and socialized last night, made a couple of new acquaintances, it was fun and quite unusual for me.

I’ll finish off the washing up in an hour, tidy a bit, take the rubbish out and go for a walk.

In the meantime: one more hour of nothing :-) 4 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksgood day yesterday

Got home at 10:30pm but I did arrive at work at 11:30am so can’t complain. It’ll be the same routine today. Managed to finish the first part of a complicated project schedule; ideally I’d get the other part done today, but I have a bunch of articles to write first.

Slept well. Sitting here with my morning coffee. Packed up some nuts, dried fruits and some muesli to snack on today. I’ll pick up two bunches of bananas at the station and that should see me through the day. Took a break yesterday evening and went for a veggie curry and rice, listening to podcasts and reading books.

Took the time to use up a bit of my Burt’s Bees cocoa and cupucao lotion this morning. I’ve got a thing about using up beauty products, absolutely love the feeling of finishing up a bottle. I guess it feels like I didn’t waste my money?! Who knows. The lotion does smell a bit odd though, not unpleasant per say, just interesting; it makes me think of fusty books, oxygen and cocoa powder. I know, doesn’t sound appealing. The texture is really good though, no greasy aftermath.

Objective for today: eat as healthily as possible, get a bit bottle of water and drink up, stay calm at work, resist temptation to go home before 9pm and get all this writing done. 4 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksbootcamp update

Visitor went back home last Tuesday. I fell off my healthy eating and exercise wagon a little (although we did go walking), but started again yesterday with the weights and squats. Used all the fresh veg in a curry and a salad, and made a smoothie with some fruit that needed to be finished up.

Continuing to study for course but will have to see about an extension as I don’t have enough time to finish it. If I can get an extension, I can aim for a good score. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been stepping up my skincare routine, using oils and lotions, and used up a bunch of hair products and soaps that had been sitting around for a while.

I’m off to work in about ten minutes (late start): goal is to stay cool and calm, get a decent amount of work done, go to for a lunch day walk and sit under the trees, and leave early. 1 month ago

teachocolateandbooksLast goal!

So this is the last one, I’ll make it extra special to honour 43 things and acknowledge the wonderful support I have received here. If anyone would like to stay in touch with me, please PM. I will save your messages offline and get in touch once I work out what I’m going to do. I will definitely miss this place.

So for June:
- keep going through my training course. I have 5 chapters left, let’s see if I can do them all!
- toning, stretching and posture: I’ve been working on this a little every day. My goal is to simply keep working on toning and good alignment. I might even try and get a couple of back massages.
- food: try and eat as healthily as possible and bring lunches to work.
- communication: listen, be patient, be true to my word, evaluate whether or not something is worth commenting on a bit more thoroughly.
- maintain a better work flow at the office. Streamline some processes, find a better way to deal with work flow and load.
- take time to read, watch films, listen to music, make a bit of art.
- start socializing a bit more again and brush up on relevant communication skills! It’s been a while, I think I may have gone feral again.

Best of luck to my fellow 43 thinkers! 1 month ago


Might need to watch it again now… 3 months ago


Some of this is very familiar to me. I hope you get to a… I don’t know how to describe it… peaceful (?) place with all of this. 4 months ago


I purchased a moon pendant and earrings a few months ago. It’s soothing just to look at :-) 4 months ago

teachocolateandbooksCheering entry

In a supportive way, not a yay way :-)

Treat yourself nicely in the days leading up to it. Looking forward to reading many more 43 things entries from you post-surgery. 4 months ago

teachocolateandbooksI love this post

It brings back many sad/sweet childhood memories too. 5 months ago

teachocolateandbooksI have this

I bought this over Xmas but I haven’t built up the courage to watch it yet… I love animals and want to educate myself but it’s hard to take the information sometimes ( ;_;) 5 months ago

teachocolateandbooksNew subscriber!

Hello :-) 5 months ago

teachocolateandbooksI love that you use humane methods

Much respect to you. 7 months ago

teachocolateandbooksGreat pic

Love all the colours going on in that picture! 8 months ago


I’m having the same issues with my job: feeling like I’m sliding backwards when I shouldn’t be, incredibly stressed.

We’ll make it; I love Rosie’s advice. 9 months ago

teachocolateandbooksHere's to more time at home!

Hope you get more time to yourself soon then :-) 10 months ago


I find it hard to use up lotion because I found it such a chore to put on after drying.

If any of your lotions are “compatible” with water, I’d recommend keeping a bottle in the shower and slathering it onto wet skin; takes a fraction of the time, you can quickly get it all over, and I actually think my skin feels nicer after patting it down with a towel than when I used to use it on dry skin.

Nivea wouldn’t mix with wet skin though and would just shift around in lumps, but most other liquid lotions work well like this. 10 months ago


Pretty much ditto to all that. 10 months ago


That was lovely. 11 months ago


Fearing for the future is one of my biggest joy killers. 11 months ago

teachocolateandbooksMy coworker

Just wanted to say that my coworker lowered his cholesterol after a warning from the doctor by going vegan, but he was full vegan and he also cut out junk foods and factory foods, something that I’ve never managed to do (yet).

That said, I’m not a doctor etc, so I don’t know if it will work for everyone, and going vegan does require attention to B12 supplementation, getting sources of omega 3 (dark leafy greens, veg, walnuts, or two tablespoons of ground flaxseed a day) despite what some say (not worth the risk: “Vegan For Life” is a great book IMO).

Best of luck. 11 months ago


I aspire to such busyness! 11 months ago


I get disconnected continuously. It really puts me off from updating and I barely get enough time to read a couple of entries before I lose connection to the server… 11 months ago

teachocolateandbooksPoor Sophie

She must be so confused but she’ll settle in. Love reading about this. 13 months ago

teachocolateandbooksIt's hard!

Overcoming shyness is hard, so be gentle with yourself at all times. 14 months ago

teachocolateandbooksI find that

happiness, or at least a sense of calm, just seems to come when I keep busy. As soon as I spend too much time at the computer or “relaxing”, I start to think and my inner voice just seems to hate me! So I just do stuff, as much as possible, trying to balance it all out between work and play, and when I manage to do that I don’t feel quite so bad.

I’m very sensitive to my monthly fluctuations too, so I feel you. Maybe if you mark up that week on your calendar every month in a particular colour and set a few ground rules for each day? Make a list of situations that trigger you, prepare nutritrious meals for the week (if you have a freezer), don’t read the news, whatever works for you. 14 months ago


fair enough. You don’t have to give up completely though; you can do a lot at home without fancy stuff. You might find yourself back at the gym one day if you manage to develop a good routine… That’s what I’m thinking about for me. 14 months ago

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