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teachocolateandbooks 1 day ago

teachocolateandbooks 1 day ago

teachocolateandbooks 1 day ago

teachocolateandbooks 1 day ago

teachocolateandbooks 1 day ago


I was looking through my things and realized that quite a lot is related to hobbies I thought I’d have. Arts, crafts, fitness, languages… So many skills! So much potential fun! I accumulated these purchases at a time when I wasn’t controlling my finances, living short-term, paycheck to paycheck. I grew up in a household with no notion of money management, and inherited that trait accordingly.
This goal will serve as log of each activity that I get into. 1 day ago

teachocolateandbookstoday's rainy day menu


brown lentils, onion, garlic, spices; topping: marinated soy mince

Dinner: soy fish from the freezer, lemon and mustard soy milk bechamel sauce, runner beans from freezer; old rice and seeds popped into the rice cooker.

To do: peel and freeze all fruit, in batches for smoothies and banana no-milk ice cream. 2 weeks ago


I’m not sure if I’m hallucinating but I think my ketosis pilaris is less noticeable.

I made two 400g batches:

1) I mixed 1:1 sea salt and brown sugar, melted a shea/cocoa butter/vanilla oil/jojoba body balm I made a few months ago and added that, and then I poured in castor oil until the mixture was saturated.

I don’t know anything about how well or safely these conserve as I haven’t added any preservatives, so don’t copy me! I’ll use mine up quickly so I don’t think it’ll be an issue.

2) 1:1 sea salt and sugar, emptied a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen in there, added some Burt’s Bees vitamin E lemon oil for scent, and topped up with a little castor oil. 2 weeks ago


Some of this is very familiar to me. I hope you get to a… I don’t know how to describe it… peaceful (?) place with all of this. 3 weeks ago


I purchased a moon pendant and earrings a few months ago. It’s soothing just to look at :-) 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksplan for today

I’ve got quite a few mid to long to goals, which I have mixed feelings about as someone who struggles with concentration problems. My instinct is telling me that by cleaning up my diet and exercising, there will be improvements.

It’s Sunday, and as much as I’d like to “go into town”, I do have a lot of things I need to get done that I simply won’t have time for if I take a train to wherever. So instead, today’s plan:

1. Clean up the kitchen
2. Finish the laundry
3. Decluttering
4. Coursework
5. Write some cards and letters
6. Do some scanning
7. Vacuum the living room rug
8. Work out
9. Get clothes ready for the work week
10. Make datorade (ten dates + 1L of water blasted in the blender for a couple of minutes)
11. Stop eating at 8pm
12. 3L water
13. Skincare
14. Flashcard practice

I’ll be surprised if I get through all of that but no harm in aiming a bit high :-) 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksreposting exercise goal

I posted this daily exercise list a long time ago and didn’t stick to it. I think it’s pretty good. Reposting as a reminder:

-10,000 steps
-100 squats
-50 arm stretchs with 1kg weights
-20 mins hooping 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksdoing it this year

Finally decided to do it this year and figured it would be a great excuse to overhaul my health.

Did a workout with a muscle training book bought a couple of years ago (and thoroughly ignored). I’ve got my 1kg and 2kg handweights out and my 3kg kettlebell to hand (I’m not swinging it, I’m using it for squats and raises). Very weak at this point. Muscles feel almost non-existent. 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksLazy, then back on it again.

So since the last update, I was doing SO well, then I slipped right back into the old me (sleeping in make-up or not moisturizing out of the shower). I’m back on track again now though:

-make-up off every evening in a variety of ways, depending what I have to hand (wipes, cleansing foam, gel, oil)
-face mask last week
-using a hot washcloth to wipe away cleansers; skin is much less flaky as a result
-using a blend of castor oil, tea tree, and jojoba on face, then wiping off gently with washcloth again; I think I get less pimples when I do this but I probably need more time to see
-used coconut foot balm and cocoa body butter
-just whipped up about a litre of body scrub, using from tomorrow
-taking supplements on and off; not sure if they work 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooksFruit craving

I can’t not buy fresh fruits and veg while doing this.

Used a small amount of soy ham from the freezer, an old onion, tinned tomatos as a sauce for a pot of… pasta. Ate it throughout the day, feeling good as it was low-oil too.

Eating up the cereal and muesli in the morning. I’ve got a few packets open and stopped eating breakfast a while ago. It’s been nice to have a little something again.

I’ve got quite a bit of dried seaweed I should really get through. I’ll probably use it for broths and soup bases. 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbookshair products

Straight mousse
Wet look mousse
Hair laquer
Clear gel x 2
Elseve straightening spray
Apricot hair oil
Liese hair smoothing spray
Body Shop coconut balm
Africare glycerin
Pot of hair mask 3 weeks ago

teachocolateandbooks 3 weeks ago


Good job on the pasta! Resist temptation to stock up again until pantry is reset; I absentmindedly picked up some gnocchi yesterday.

:-( 3 weeks ago

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