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I need to stop living my job and start living my life.

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Peggy Hill 23 months ago

Peggy Hill31

Progress in the right direction! 20 months ago

Peggy HillAunt Award

I think that I may deserve an aunt award by the end of this summer.

At the beginning of the summer, my husband and I spend a week at Disney with one set of nieces and nephew. Then we spent a weekend at the beach with another set. Today the third set of nieces are spending the day at our house playing video games. And finally, next week my oldest niece will be staying with us for a week.

I miss out on so much of their lives during the year that I make a strong effort to see them in the summer. But this summer has included an impressive amount of time with them, especially when you consider that the ones located closest to us are 120 miles away. 21 months ago

Peggy HillShelves

I bought and put together a new set of shelves for the linen closet. Now I need to take everything out and organize it! 21 months ago

Peggy Hill34

Back to 34 I go… ugh! 21 months ago

Peggy Hill#7

Tonight I listened to an excellent guitar/singer and bass player duo near my hometown. They had a wonderful folk sound. It was lots of fun. 21 months ago

Peggy Hill 21 months ago

Peggy HillNiece Visit

My niece is visiting for a week later this summer. I am so excited! 21 months ago

Peggy Hill#6

The goal for the year has been achieved, but I think that I will continue to maintain the list until the end of the year just to see how many I attend.

Performance #6 was by a band called Funk Station. While they did not play one funk song during the two sets that we watched, they were an outstanding and extremely entertaining Southern Rock band that played at a townie place called Your Mama’z House with a river as the backdrop. We had a great time! 21 months ago

Peggy HillI Survived

I survived Sea World and Disney with the nieces and nephew. I should be nominated for Aunt of the Year….. Seriously! 22 months ago

Peggy Hill#5

Saw Leroy Jones in NOLA. It was INCREDIBLE. 22 months ago

Peggy HillStill

Maintaining 22 months ago

Peggy Hill29!!!!!!

I finally broke the “30” barrier! Now I need to maintain. 22 months ago

Peggy HillJob

I honestly think that after all of these years, I have finally gotten my job in perspective. It is important,but it isn’t me and is not the most important thing in my life. I hope that this can continue. 22 months ago

Peggy Hill31

I feel like I am never scoring below 30. Ugh! 22 months ago

Peggy HillFront Number

My “front number” of my age recently changed so now is the time to have the best decade of my life thus far! 22 months ago

Peggy Hill32

Ugh! 22 months ago

Peggy Hill31

Back to 31 it is… 22 months ago

Peggy Hill33

Seems like this is going to be a long cycle of three steps forward followed by two steps back. Guess that I just need to stay positive. 23 months ago

Peggy Hill30

Finally getting closer to the goal! 23 months ago

Peggy Hill31

Not bad! 23 months ago

Peggy HillRetirement

I know several people that have retired recently or are in the process of retiring within the next 2 months.

The ones that already have retired look great and constantly talk about all of the things that they always wanted to do, but couldn’t while they were working. Some of those things include traveling, fishing, participating in sports, working out more often, reading, volunteering and playing musical instruments.

The ones that are retiring soon are prioritizing what they are going to do first. While I understand that setting goals for this time of their life is important, I begin to wonder why so many people wait so long to do these activities that make them so happy.

Money isn’t a reason because most people have less money when the retire or at least are concerned enough about their financial future that they don’t waste it.

I asked a few people and they said that time was the issue.

Time? Really?

Many of these people work 7.5 hours a day and time prevents them from fishing, golfing, volunteering and working out? I think time is the best excuse, but not the reason.

I wont be retiring for at least 17 years, but I plan to keep things in perspective by doing as many of my retirement activities as possible…. Now.

Why wait? 23 months ago

Peggy HillWork Conflicts

Ugh! This club looks perfect for me… They have so many members that they have 2 meetings per month. (on the same book) Unfortunately, I have work conflicts with both of them this month. :-( 23 months ago

Peggy Hill 23 months ago

Peggy Hill32

Finally made some progress! It’s not much but I will take it! 23 months ago

Peggy HillStill 33

Still can’t score below 33. This is frustrating! 23 months ago

Peggy HillAnd...

I also am enjoying my job more! 23 months ago

Peggy HillHarder, but Less

Since I have been working harder (and more efficiently) but less, I have more time available to visit with my family that lives nearby and talk to my faraway family. 23 months ago

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