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I need to stop living my job and start living my life.

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Peggy Hill33

Finally made it back to 33. Now I need to make some forward progress. 23 months ago

Peggy Hill35

35 23 months ago

Peggy Hill36

...moving in the right direction again. 23 months ago

Peggy Hill37

I messed up…. Backwards I go. :-( 23 months ago

Peggy Hill 4 years ago

Peggy Hill#4

Saw my harmonica teacher play in a cover band last night. They were very entertaining… Although I think that I was too young for their crowd! 23 months ago

Peggy Hill 2 years ago

Peggy Hill33

Getting closer. 1 year ago

Peggy HillAll first drafts are Complete.... hooray!

Now I need to edit everything, complete the forms and assemble it according to the directions. I am going to feel so relieved when this is finished! 1 year ago

Peggy HillVideo

Finished the video clip for this. Now I have 4 pages of written analysis to complete. 1 year ago

Peggy HillVideo

Spent hours editing the videoclip for this one, but didn’t get anymore writing done. Ugh! 1 year ago

Peggy HillConvention

I laughed so much at the convention this weekend that at one point my stomach hurt. It was fantastic! 1 year ago

Peggy HillWeekend

This weekend I got to visit with a couple of college friends and a favorite professor. It was lots of fun.

I also talked to niece T and nephew T one the phone, which was very entertaining. 1 year ago

Peggy HillBillie Holiday

Until a couple of weeks ago, I never had a strong opinion of Bille Holiday music. I had respect for her and had listened to a few songs, but that was it. A couple of weeks ago, I borrowed one of her CDs from a friend and I am completely hooked. Her singing is so expressive and passionate and I love the repertoire of songs that she sings! Double thumbs up to Bille! 1 year ago

Peggy Hill36

Today’s Score 1 year ago

Peggy HillHalf Way

1 year ago

Peggy Hill 6 years ago

Peggy Hill 1 year ago

Peggy Hill 8 years ago

Peggy Hill37

Today’s score is 37. I am making steady progress! 2 years ago

Peggy HillGot it

And it is working! 2 years ago

Peggy Hill38!!!

Hooray!!!! 2 years ago

Peggy Hill 2 years ago

Peggy HillLCD

Need to borrow an LCD Projector to practice with the next time. 2 years ago

Peggy HillGot It

Turns out that the harmonica solo in Piano Man is fairly simple. I can play it well already! 2 years ago

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