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Recent entries from tessiebess
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tessiebess2014 update

1. Get a tattoo (last year, tattoo of a circle on my wrist)
2. Get married
3. Drink more water
4. Learn how to drive a stick-shift
5. Go skinny dipping
6. See the northern lights
7. Bake a cake (made a chocolate butter cream cake with Sean)
8. Buy a house
9. Read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
10. Swim with the dolphins
11. Graduate from college (May 2012…but it didn’t get me anywhere)
12. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
13. Meet someone famous
14. Skydive
15. Have a slumber party
16. Have oreos and milk together
17. Do ten full push-ups
18. Have a baby
19. Learn to play the guitar
20. Learn how to cook
21. Own a car (2002 honda) 9 months ago


tessiebess 7 years ago


How am I just discovering Gotye???
Love the feeling of finding real talent 2 years ago

tessiebessOnly negative about India...

Tried to donate today which would have ticked off this goal, but I discovered that I can’t donate for a YEAR because of the malaria risk present in India. So sad. Understandable, but so sad. India isn’t even listed as one of the countries that prevent you from giving blood in that packet you have to read every time, either. So annoying. Oh well. I guess I will finish this goal January 16th, 2013. 2 years ago

tessiebess 2 years ago

tessiebess 2 years ago

tessiebessThanks, India

Three weeks, and I’ve been able to check of three things here that I haven’t been able to in a while. Careful though girls…Indian massages are a lot different than in the US!

1. Get a tattoo
2. Get married
3. Drink more water
4. Learn how to drive a stick-shift
5. Go skinny dipping
6. See the northern lights
7. Get a massage
8. Bake a cake
9. Buy a house
10. Read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
11. Swim with the dolphins
12. Graduate from college
13. Go on a cruise
14. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
15. Meet someone famous
16. Take more pictures
17. Skydive
18. Finish a sudoku puzzle
19. Have a slumber party
20. Have oreos and milk together
21. Do ten full push-ups
22. Have a baby
23. Learn to play the guitar
24. Learn how to cook
25. Own a car 2 years ago


tessiebess 3 years ago


My quest to become fully vegan has been put on the back-burner, as I don’t have the resources I usually do over the summer when I’m home.

I will definitely check out the website and podcasts though. The recipes sadly won’t be put to good use until I get a kitchen, but I’m always interested in learning more about veganhood in general!

To my credit, I have stuck with my no-milk and no-egg thing, and have replaced many of my deathly boring and unhealthy fries/veggie burgers with lovely spinach salads piled with veggies and beans. Thank you salad bars in dining halls! Other than that though, I’m seriously limited on the food front…

Thanks for your post! It’s good to be reminded of goals that are often put of of my mind when I’m so focused on other things. And this is definitely important goal :) 3 years ago

tessiebessLet me tell you

It is not, may I repeat, NOT cheap going to India. I’ve purchased my flights with a great sadness…like holy crap. Definitely going to be broke by the end of my time at this school.

BUT. This is, of course, a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am so excited at the idea of being in India for 2 1/2 weeks. Who can say that!

My school has made the entire preparation process really easy. It is much easier than preparing for Study Abroad in France (probably because I’m not going to be in India for 5 months like France, but still). The visa process was a surprisingly brainless procedure. I didn’t have to go to NYC. In fact, I didn’t have to go anywhere. I applied online and compiled all the necessary passport photos and documents, submitted them to the Study Abroad Office, and they mailed it to the Indian visa place. Was mailed my passport with the hot looking India visa a few weeks ago.

So, even though this trip is sinfully expensive and even though I may have to pay Spring’s semester tuition in installments as I desperately search for a job, it’s worth it. Can’t wait to go. 3 years ago


I found out that I was accepted into the India program for the winter! SO EXCITED. Study abroad will be the highlight to my college experience, for real. I am going to India and visiting seven cities in the process. I am so thankful that I’m going to be able to take part in such an amazing experience.

In the coming weeks I need to submit a lot of paperwork and such to get my visa and become generally prepared to leave in late December. Thrilled. Totally thrilled. 3 years ago

tessiebessWhy is there no "I changed my mind" option for 43Things??

I didn’t “give up” on law school. I changed my mind. I realized that I might enjoy studying something else in graduate school, and that law school may not give me the freedom I would want.

I wanna study abroad in grad school. I’d have the chance to study abroad in law school, but after the first year of torture and unhappiness. I think I really would need the passion to study the law in depth in order to go to law school, and I think I would be miserable since I don’t have that passion.

I’m now looking at graduate programs in Political Sociology and/or International Development. 3 years ago

tessiebessMy Spanish class

I forgot how hard it is to learn a language from scratch. Spanish is sooooooo not similar to French OR English. I don’t know what people are talking about! But I’m getting the hang of it, and I feel like this and next semester will give me a good beginner’s foundation of the language. 3 years ago

tessiebessIndia - Winter 2011-2012

Study Abroad application COMPLETED, WOO!

I am supposed to be notified of my acceptance/rejection one to two weeks after October 15th. Here’s to hoping for this crazy awesome opportunityyyyyyy :) 3 years ago

tessiebessOctober LSAT

Decided to abandon the October test date. I wish I had dedicated myself a little more to prep over the summer. There were too many days in between practice testing and studying for it to be effective enough.

Now that classes have started, I don’t think I’m going to realistically get enough prep in until the June LSAT next year.

This is very clever of law schools… Not only are they pompous and overly reliant on meaningless test scores, they make it seem as if you’re not going to succeed or that your crazy big tuition bill isn’t worth it if you’re not in the top 30 (or top 14…some would say). I’m sure this deters many pre-law students… But it won’t deter me! :P 3 years ago

tessiebessSpanish 100

I’m taking SPN100 this semester. It’s so interesting learning a 3rd language, and pretty frustrating. I forget how hard it is starting from square one. Every time I want to say something and don’t know how to say it, I think of it in French and get really annoyed how I don’t know it in Spanish.

But I know it’s going to take time. I’m just glad I get to set a foundation during my undergrad. Only one more year and I want to get everything out of it before it’s too late. 3 years ago

tessiebessLSAT diagnostic

So, after a week or two of doing basically nothing in preparing for the LSAT, I finally took a diagnostic for the first time. It was something I really should have done early on and studied the Bibles in between, but better late than never.

It was under strict time conditions. I definitely need to build up my endurance, and I need to work on time management. I’m actually not too worried about the progress I need to make in order to get my targeted score.

Diagnostic: 159
Goal: 170

I think what I have going for me is my ability to actively identify the things that I need to work on. By doing that, I am hoping to score in the 165-170 range. If I achieve that, I will have a very good chance getting into all the schools I have my eye on at the moment. 3 years ago

tessiebess 7 years ago



I checked off the bilingual goal. Now onto a third. While I absolutely adore Italian, I’m going to focus my efforts on obtaining a working knowledge of Spanish first (because, as I think most people would admit, Spanish is more useful professionally).

Working on Pimsleur audio clips for Spanish I. The downfall of this is that there is more of an emphasis on listening, speech and pronunciation, and less on actually seeing the word and learning out to spell it (and Spanish accents completely don’t make sense to me now that I’m so comfortable with French…).

But I think it sets a good foundation, and maybe after I complete the first set I can focus more on the writing/reading aspect of what I’ve learned.

Goal: get to a good enough level of Spanish before Spring 2012 so I can test into a 300 level Spanish class at my university (for my last semester as an undergrad—EVER!). 3 years ago

tessiebess 3 years ago


This is a really commendable goal. It’s so easy to for people’s potential judgements to change how you see something, and it’s so important not to let them! Good luck :) 3 years ago


tessiebess 4 years ago


The first obstacle. I need, need, need to score a 164 or higher in order to get into the law school of my choice. So much pressure! I am not really a talented test taker, and I’m worried about massive disappointment when I receive my test grade.

However, I have a lot of time to prepare (I’m taking the October test). If I can study as diligently as I am hoping, hopefully I can go into it knowing that whatever score I get I worked my ass off for and should be proud of.

I’m really excited to have decided the next move in my professional life. I’m a little overwhelmed with all the new things I have to worry about, though. I not only have to master the LSAT, but I have to prepare five law school applications, preferably before November. Oh, the joys of being a senior… 3 years ago


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