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thoia 12 months ago

thoia 12 months ago


I will mark this one off as done; things that have impacted & imporved my queality of life:
- moving to a warmer climate
- enjoying gourmet foods
- getting a dog
- spending 1hr outside walking every day
- more sunlight in my life
- worrying less 12 months ago

thoia 8 years ago

thoiaDone (sort of)

Well, it wasn’t a 100% eclipse, but it was close to 90% and I think that is as close as I am ever going to come. It was a wonderful & weird experience. It was almost as if the sunlight was dimmed, hard to describe. Will always remember it. 12 months ago

thoia 8 years ago


A friend and I went on a ghost tour on Toowong Cemetary in Brisbane. It was eerie, scary and beautiful.
Didn’t see any ghosts and I am probably just as happy we didin’t! 12 months ago

thoia 4 years ago

thoiaMeet Barry

On June 2nd 2012, we adopted Barry (Bazz). He is a bull arab – a rescue dog from RSPCA and I went to Toowoomba to pick him up.
A friend of mine fostered him – that’s how our love story began.

Bazz is the most lovely dog ever, love him to bits. 12 months ago

thoia 8 years ago


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