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Good luck on your half marathon!!! I’m sure you’ll a lot of fun…cheers ~ 9 months ago

TSE#335 -

Life 9 months ago

TSE#334 -

Regrets 9 months ago

TSELucky #333 - Choose to...

...be a leader ~ 9 months ago

TSEYea...today's my...

...2 year anniversary at 43Things…Wow, can’t believe it’s been 2 years already…time flies when you’re having fun… 9 months ago

TSE#332 -

Believe… 9 months ago

TSE#331 -

Who cares?! 10 months ago

TSE#330 -

Don’t despair… 10 months ago


TSE 17 months ago

TSEHappy B-Day to BOTH Candiedsky and Flowergirlresumed!!!

May you have the best birthday ever!!! How neat that you both have the same birthday… 10 months ago

TSE#329 - Imagination is...

...is boundless. 10 months ago

TSE#328 - Learning is...

...a gift. 10 months ago

TSEI feel absolutely ecstatic that I'm about to run my FIRST marathon...

...I’ve worked so hard for 6 months. It’s now time to make this dream a reality. I see it. I can already envision myself crossing the finish line. I’ll finish strong and I know my training will pay off. I’m so pumped. Can’t wait to be around all the positive energy. Cheers to all~ 10 months ago

TSE#327 - Impossible or?

I’m possible… 10 months ago

TSEWith just over 2 weeks to go, I'm now...

...tapering off on my training. Unfortunately, my chronic pain resurfaced on my left foot. Not excuciating pain, but enough to bother me a bit…I think that I should take no chance and better slow down in the coming weeks. But I’m very excited!!!

Cheers ~ 10 months ago

TSE#326 - Small things...


Cheers ~ 11 months ago

TSE#325 -

If you train hard, you will win easy. 11 months ago

TSEI ran B-2-B this year with the hope to do it under an hour...

...unfortunately, I took a minute too long. I clocked in at 1:01:15. Last year, my time was 1:10. The upside is I did better this year, the downside is I failed to meet my goal.

BUT, I did have a lot of fun. People were in good spirit all around. And it was just one big party. No doubt, I’ll do this again next year and I’ll give it another shot.

Next stop, speedwork…

Cheers ~ 11 months ago

TSE#324 - Beauty...

...is everywhere if you know where to look. 11 months ago

TSEB-2-B is this Sunday...

...and I’m starting my streak. Last year, I did 1:10. This year, I hope to get it under an hour. This year is my best shoot since I’ve been training for a marathon. So, this is it! Wish me luck!

Picture and medal from last year… 11 months ago

TSEHappy Birthday, TeenyBean!!!

Wishing you lots of joy, good health, and prosperity in the coming year. Enjoy your special day and do something special and memorable! One that you’ll look back and say “wow, I did that?!”.

Cheers~ 11 months ago


Moments that count… 11 months ago


Just like that… 11 months ago

TSEBoy, I've been so busy lately...

...I like in a way because the day goes by so fast. But it’s tiring at the same time. The last couple nights, I passed out as soon as I got on the bed. Man, time really flies. We’re in May already. Gotta remind myself to slow down sometimes and smell the roses…

Cheers ~ 11 months ago

TSE#321 - Grateful...

Cheers ~ 11 months ago

TSEAnother great day in San Francisco...Yay!!!

Gosh, I love spring!!! 11 months ago

TSE#320 - Better

That’s what we got to be… 12 months ago

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