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is trying really hard to be a good vegan and is trying to avoid sugar.

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Tana Foster 2 years ago

Tana FosterI Can Totally Relate

You sound a lot like me! I don’t know if you have kids or not, but it is especially hard for me to get rid of anything related to them. Like you, I am afraid that I will forget all of the adorable little things about them and their lives with me. It makes me sad to get rid of things. I also draw and paint, so I can so relate to what you said about getting rid of previous work. It is really difficult. I scan a lot of my kids homework over the years and keep some hard copies. My goal is to have one file box of papers for each person in my family, and one file box for each with toys or other objects in those. That’s my goal…difficult to reach. If something is to big or awkward to scan, then I will take pictures of them and then donate as much as possible. I still have so many boxes of my kids’ clothes from when they were little. I think of them being little and wearing the outfits. I feel kind of coo koo sometimes. 2 years ago

Tana FosterLittle by Little

I have been trying really hard to wittle down our stuff. I try to donate at least one large garbage bag of stuff a week. I’ve been working on my son’s room. I want him to have a nice room that only has stuff that he likes in there. He deserves that. 2 years ago


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