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finding my way again (I think)

Recent entries from wlake
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wlakeTry this link...

Ours came with the lid, which probably is one reason why it doesn’t smell. It looks like the store still carries it:,default,pd.html?start=1&q=Pail

Hope that helps! 2 years ago

wlakegiving up

I give up on the past few days. I’ve done bit bit, but nothing that seems to have made a noticeable difference in our house. Today I’m trying to do things that make a noticeable difference. So far: cleaned the stove top. 2 years ago


I had a photo of the boys printed and shipped to her today. While I’m not contacting her directly, she’ll know I was thinking of her and listening last week when she asked for one. 2 years ago


Who knew the there was so little of interest in the newspaper? Most of the highly entertaining things (cattle rustling!) make it onto the TV news, so she already hears about them. She’s not interested in the town budget battles or other local government things (she lives a couple of hours away, so it’s not local for her). I did mail her something last week about a tractor ramming incident, which she enjoyed. I’ve got more pictures to mail to her as well. 2 years ago

wlakeBucket idea

We have a stainless steel pail with a lid we keep under our sink for days we don’t feel like running outside to the compost heap. I’d be embarrassed to tell you how long we’ve left things in there, but it has never smelled until it gets opened. I think it’s from Gardener’s Supply if that helps. 2 years ago


I cleaned two of the carpets we have. It wasn’t a great job, but they’re cleaner than before. 2 years ago

wlakenope, nothing

I didn’t get anything done yesterday either, and there was no beach or family crisis to blame (although there was a doctor’s appointment and a baseball game). Today seems to shaping up in a similar fashion, but I am trying to get through a few more things than usual on my do-every-single-day list.

Why is everyone posting cat pictures and cartoons on Facebook? This is not really helping. 2 years ago

wlakethe lost day

I was all set to get something taken care of today, but I seem to have misplaced the day. We went to the beach for the first part of the day, I spent the second part of the day on the phone relaying information about a situation in my extended family, and the third part of the day was spent at the big one’s Little League game. By the time we got home, it was after 9 and past several people’s bedtimes. Oh well. That’s why we have tomorrow. 2 years ago

wlakeThank you.

She was almost 19 and had been with me for that entire time—all of my adult life, so it’s hard right now. 2 years ago

wlaketrying again

It’s been a week since my cat died and we were able to bury her ashes today. I’ve ordered a little engraved rock for her and the big one wants to plant daffodils there too. (I was thinking some sort of a perennial, but whatever he wants to help him deal with his grief is fine with me.)

So it’s time to start putting things back in order again. It’s falling apart enough now where the children are noticing a difference in their world (a difference beyond everyone’s sadness, that is), so I need to start functioning fully again. The house has become a wreck and we’re still working on getting rid of all of the cat pee in the carpets from the last two weeks of her life.

I need to pick a starting place, and I think it will be the fridge. Cleaning, coping with all of the CSA veggies, and restocking it will be today’s goals. 2 years ago

wlakeI just can't

For the next however long it takes, my one thing is going to be to grieve for my cat. She was with me for 18 years and I miss her. 2 years ago

wlake 2 years ago

wlakefurther behind

5/26: party prep
5/27: party! Hopefully the last for awhile.
5/28: nothing
5/29: nothing
5/30: nothing
5/31: made an important phone call
6/1: made an appointment
6/2: worked for a few hours on a school project
6/3: finished the project and started a new one

Here’s to a better week! 2 years ago

wlake 2 years ago

wlakeoh dear

Being behind on writing isn’t a good sign.

5/21: nothing
5/22: nothing
5/23: nothing
5/24: a good night—went through all my work emails and made notes on dates and things I need to get done
5/25: gathered some laundry 2 years ago

wlakelooking for less painful yeses

I said yes to playing catch today. I am a lousy baseball player, and now my fingers (I kept needing to use both hands to catch, despite having a glove) and my forearm hurt. Yes to ice cream sounds so much better…! :) 2 years ago

wlakemore progress

5/20: still moving along! Lots of laundry folding, errands, a closet pick up session, and changing over the children’s shirts and pjs from winter to summer. Going to try tackling some school things tonight. 2 years ago

wlakemoving forward

5/18: between work, a photo session, and sports, we weren’t home long enough to tackle anything but brushing teeth and going to bed.

5/19: Saturday! After spending 4 hours at the ball field, it seemed like a shortened day, that’s for sure. Still, I returned three things to the store, picked up the bedroom, and sorted out the coupons. 2 years ago

wlakethree down

5/17: working only a 1/2 day agrees with me. So far, I’ve already cleaned up after the cat (threw up in 5 places! It might be a new record.), changed the decoration on the front door (a little late for Easter carrots), and fixed/filled the birdfeeders, and it’s not even dinner time. 2 years ago


I haven’t slept well for a couple of months now, waking up every hour or so. I’m also having trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the night. Sleep problems are a new one for me, especially since I went just over 6 years without a full night’s sleep thanks to babies and young children. (I’m a bit afraid I struck a deal with the devil in the middle of some sleep deprived night that’s now coming back to haunt me!) maybe this is my new normal now that I’ve had almost 4 years to catch up on my sleep.

I can’t rely on meds to help me as my husband travels a great deal and I don’t want to be conked out if my children need me in the middle of the night. I think my first step is going to be consistent wake/sleep times. Bed at 10:45, up at 6:50, even on weekends. 2 years ago

wlakeonly big tasks

5/16: nothing, really, but I have a better attitude tonight. I’m just not interested in tackling any of the tasks in front of me—they all seem huge and I want to go to bed early tonight. 2 years ago

wlakeLittle things

I have to remember that the little unsaid yeses are just as important as the big ones. In the rare moments when we’re home, we’ve been having lots of small family times together with lots of laughter. 2 years ago

wlakeno shoes, no contacts, no work

5/15: nothing. My eyes were bothering me so I had taken out my contacts just after dinner and my shoes were wet when I got home, so I took those off too. There really is a correlation between being in day clothes and getting things done. 2 years ago

wlakea good day

Even though I stayed on the couch for most of the evening, I:
5/14: filled out paperwork for the children, filled out paperwork for work, took out the trash, and kept the kitchen counter clear 2 years ago

wlake3 cupboards

Three cupboards down and several toddler refillable juice box containers tossed. Now, can I bring myself to let go of the cat glasses I got as a gift and never use? 2 years ago

wlakedressers done

Finally, finally, the dressers are settled in the little one’s room. The old ones are still taking up space in the computer room until we figure out what to do with them.

Still, I need to tackle a new decluttering project—I’m thinking the kitchen, with its easily defined areas. It only takes a few minutes for each cupboard or drawer, and many of them are still in good shape from the first time I tackled this project. 2 years ago

wlakelong days and short nights

Part of not keeping up is the black dog of unhappiness sitting on my shoulder and part of it is rarely being home…
5/6: folded laundry
5/7: nothing
5/8: wasn’t home long enough!
5/9: nothing
5/10: ironed
5/11: nothing
5/12: cleaned the downstairs in preparation for a party
5/13: repotted a plant and fed another one 2 years ago

wlakeon a roller coaster

Some days are good, some days are not.

5/3: nothing
5/4: folded laundry
5/5: cleaned the pantry 2 years ago

wlakedowns and ups

4/30: baked muffins from a new recipe. They weren’t bad.

5/1: nothing. I didn’t even really try.

5/2: wow! Worked on school things for almost 3 hours, made two phone calls for appointments, and updated my calendar. 2 years ago

wlakeditched the dresser

So, my husband and I are sitting at the kitchen table talking for a few minutes before we needed to start fixing dinner, and the big one comes inside and asks if we can go out for dinner. Needless to say, the plans to move the dresser got ditched and we went out for dinner on a school night. 2 years ago

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