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alilcupof jo

it's only for a season jojo

Recent entries from alilcupof jo
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alilcupof jocoming soon..

i’ll be restarting this routine as part of an Instagram Dec challenge w/ friends
different season.. this’ll be fun, fun, fun!!i 12 months ago

alilcupof jo 3 years ago

alilcupof jo 3 years ago

alilcupof jo 3 years ago

alilcupof jo 6 years ago

alilcupof jo 4 years ago

alilcupof johow exciting!!

i absolutely LOVE africa!
so happy yo have the privilege to go!
i will believe with you that you WILL!
best wishes finishing curriculum :) 3 years ago

alilcupof josimilar goal

i’m [def] inspired by your “how to” post!
thanks for posting :)

alilcupof jotuesday june 21st

1- friends who randomly call to spend time w/ you when youre hurting
2- bad news preceeding unexpected good news
3- all things hot fudge
4- open, generous people
5- intimate moments with the Lord- oh how He loves us! me!
6- platonic male friends- a blessing 3 years ago

alilcupof jono laughing....

but this list made ME feel better as i read it!
i tell you in my opinion gratitude journals are the BEST picker upper!
got lots to be grateful for [speaking to self as well!]
happy listing/living! :D 3 years ago

alilcupof jolol... friend visiting?

... i can totally relate! LOL!
i have a friend staying w/ me for a couple of weeks. theres nothing like an impromptu visit that will make you get your act together faster…ha!
now to maintain it….. always a work in progress.
reg Amazon ive posted books for sale but ive not heard abt Amazon “trade ins”. would you mind sharing (on here or msg) how that works? thanks!
and rem to keep up the good work! 3 years ago

alilcupof jowondering if youd moved....???

not sure 3 years ago

alilcupof joim late on this but...

... did you make the move?? 3 years ago

alilcupof jowow! id be excited too!!

... july is right around the corner!
do keep us posted… if youd like that is. lol.
happy packing! :)
- signed native new yorker 3 years ago

alilcupof jomonday june 20th

1- im grateful for an empty house
2- that with all the ugly ive seen in people somewhere deep inside remains this itty-bitty glimmer of hope <—WOW!
3- i show signs of wanting to start over agsin <—signs that perhaps hopes not lost.
4- chicken nuggets that taste [and look] like chicken
5- realizing that the part of the past [the parts ive chosen/i choose to let go of] cant hurt me anymore 3 years ago

alilcupof joha!!

got me laughing! i hear you. enjoy! 3 years ago

alilcupof joooooo! what a FABULOUS color!

consider posting a pic of paint color or of your freshly painted kitchen :) 3 years ago

alilcupof joglad for you as for me....

...i wish i had the courage.
i crave pop/soda- as im sure thats a familiar feeling youve had.
id like to not only quit but actually enjoy the alternatives…. embarassed to say i just cant stand water.
i’ll drink water if i’m thirsty but the sugar fix i get from pop is hard to curb.
pray my strength. seriously. def wanna conquer this.

alilcupof josaturday june 18

1- wooded backyards
2- dog cuddling/sleeping on your lap
3- self evaluation
4- self assurance
5- the situations in life that help to buffer #s 3 and 4 3 years ago

alilcupof jofriday june 17th

1- knocking out 4 loads of laundry!
2- sun showers (SO romantic)
3- recognizing i have a problem and doing something about it
4- actually completing items off to do list
5- being so distracted that i TALK LESS <—less blabbing, less rehashing 3 years ago

alilcupof jothursday june 16th

today im grateful for
1- reaching out for help (food pantry)
2- kismet opportunities (hopefully work opportunities cometh)
3- cornflakes w/ bananas (see #1)
4- conversations with friends who pray/show great concern for you
5- ability to encourage others when hurting myself —> “God You are truly goooood! 3 years ago

alilcupof jolove your entry!

congratulations! must feel GREAT to have accomplished many things! stay encouraged! 3 years ago

alilcupof jograyheart youre not alone....

relationship ended- 2 weeks ago. :/
none of it feels good.

“not so” good news: some days are better than others
“good” news: some days are better than others

i wish there was a way to speed up the healing. you may too.
what i find helps is relying on friends and whats especially helped me is relying on my faith.

talk to your friends about it.
“real” friends.wont mind you blabbing/sobbing incoherently. smile. theyll also help slowly nudge you when its time to move from here.

ive surrounded myself with positive reinforcement… a GREAT resource is “The Single Woman” <—dont mind the title!
there are some EXCELLENT tools/advice on her twitter/website

and remember its NO cliche’ but….eventhough it may not feel like it, it DOES get better! 3 years ago

alilcupof jothis would be a great challenge for me...

id find this very difficult but i must say i like your technique- gradually weaning yourself off pop! wishing you continued success!!

alilcupof jothis is SO encouraging!

honestly thanks for sharing! CONGRATULATIONS!!

alilcupof joUntitled

your posting has warmed my heart :)
i hope you find many opportunities to serve others… even BEFORE the month is over! you never know… ;) 3 years ago

alilcupof jothank you for posting! (smile)

believe it or not your sharing has helped me a great deal! now that youll be better prepared i wish you best wishes [and success!!] on your next interview! 3 years ago

alilcupof josunday june 12

1- friends that take the time to figure out your craziness
2- realizing it may not have been about you
3- sporadic moments where the heartache doesnt hurt as much
4- looking forward to job opprotunites for distraction sake (prayer app :)
5- my willingness to serve others ESP when i’m hurting because at the end of all this it’s not about me 3 years ago

alilcupof joUntitled

timely encouragement! thank you! 3 years ago

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