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is Pondering the mysteries of Dr. Who-New&Old!

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wvboarderHand in Hand

This goal goes with a bunch of my others especially quit PROCRASTINATING!
Starting tomorrow I start reading the classifieds again!

Step one= GET A NEW JOB!
Step Two= Pick up that darn phone 3 years ago

wvboarderSunny Tuesday Afternoon

15 Halloweentown + Halloweentown High
16 Idiocracy
17 Inception
18 Surfs Up
19 Madagascar
20 Nightmare Before Christmas
21 DropDeadFred 3 years ago


Maybe this will be harder than I thought…looks like (just like me) my friends myspace pages are abandoned! lol 3 years ago

wvboarderwv section

I live like ten minutes away from the part in WV/VA Ive done part and near here there is soooo much AMAZING scenery. Definately bring a camera because theres waterfalls, civil war monuments, breathtaking mtn views.

Just watch out for the bears which we’ve been known to see around the trail.Hopefully one day i’ll see it all! 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


Going Old Skool with a GBA snd playing games without any flashy gimmicks and enjoying it made me happy! :^) 3 years ago


8-NECROMENTIA-MF-TV movie- Very creepy _ if anyone has seen this can you PM OR COMMENT ME AND EXPLAIN THE ENDING :) LOL-
10-SCREAM 3 The Rules have changed ;
11-TRAINSPOTTING-Vevy believable and creepy/sad
13-Party Monster( Seth green movie!)
14-FUN WITH DICK AND JANE- I thought it was better than what It got credited for-(SMART FUNNY THO) lol Last 4 Tonight! (possibly)-

Sidenote- Can anyone tell me is the Sivler Chair or The Magicians Nephew actually coming out this year on a few sites it just says 2011 and notging else…...JW? 3 years ago


Im sort of lucky because my parents had a bunch of old ones on tape and even the DW made fro tv movie. But I was reasearching and they said that when BBC was un archiving- since DW was basically a PBS show that whole sections of the show are now just gone from existence because they were “freeing up archive space” – I was like WTF a program like this, that lasted this long is what you throw out? WOW

Im looking i’ll let you know what I come up with as well… 3 years ago


Last Years Finale/ This years finale-(next week)
Lastyear was two parter that I felt brought back what the DW episodes had been missing. The episodes without Rory were good but no excellent….but then we get to “The Pandorica Opens” “The Big Bang” I felt like these gave me what I had been waiting on all season. It felt very David Tennant=y :)In the Pandorica Opens EVERY previous episode was mahed into the story in one way or another…and it was done in a brilliant way. These final two episodes in a nutshell it was amazing they made you think and left you where you started all issues neatly tied up.

This year…I liked it alllllllll the way up to the rebel flesh episodes. It was good acting, interesting, it just didnt have the doctor who kick I IMAGED IT WOULD- LIKE WITH THE IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT. And this season my favorite nothing episode was “The Doctors Wife”YOUR NOT THE TARDIS YOUR A MAD BITEY LADY-lol-I absolutely adored hearing the TARDIS talk and we finally got to see emotion other than The Doctor just being MAD AS HELL- very tearful episode for every charachter. This season is leaving more and more questions than ever before with amy,river,doctor- SORRY FOR RAMBLING next weeks episode will either make it or break it for me. But I love a suprise :) WELL SEE…... 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago

wvboarderWest Coast Road Trip Soon

visited 29 states (58%)Create your own visited map of The United States

I wanna finish what I started so long ago. 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


The soundtrack from surfs up – its surpisingly good and every track makes me peaceful and happy 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


7-Xmen last stand 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


2-Attack of The Killer Tomatoes! always a fav
3-RockyHPS – Sadly(or maybe not) I know every word
4-I know these arent movies but I just watched a marathon of DoctorWho and Being Human- Combined I think they count. Especially “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang” combo!
5 And now for some reason watching how to lose your friends and alienate people.

On a sidenote: Im thinking at this rate my goal may change to watch 500 movies in 2011 lol 3 years ago


IE is the DEVIL it just needs to go away…. 3 years ago


1-Xmen2- very action packed. good movie b4 bed… 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


Seeing BTVS on 4 different times today made me happy. 3 years ago

wvboarderComing Home

For the last five years Ive spent my life around people that might as well evaporate as soon as they walk out of my life. Im tired of the people that only want you as a friend if it benefits them. It makes me think of my best friends and where I grew up and realize that the people I loved hanging out with back then were 500 thousand times better than those I see now. This summer I put back to gether my REAL friends list and im going to work so hard to not loose touch….

for awhile I lost myself in glorified single serving friends when all I really want is the honesty back that we all had….Craziness 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


It takes time, and shouldnt be done on a drunk dare or a hazed..cough…mind. Never put anything permanent on your body if youve even had one small doubt about it. Mine was for family lost and present, my evaporating agricultural heritage, and friends that I know I’ll have for life….Some people like it, some people dont. I stand by it as something that is a part of me not just something on my skin… 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago


Tired of not knowing what im doing . Really wanna find the bigger picture… 3 years ago

wvboarder 3 years ago

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