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Build a jacuzzi and they will come, okay...

Recent entries from Laura
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LauraFiguring out which ones matter

I’ve been posting to my photoblog, but the others have been pretty much neglected. So I am debating on if I should even keep the rest. 13 months ago

Lauralast class, finally

So I finally started the last class for my degree. It’s portfolio development, which is what I really need – is a great portfolio. I want to make a digital version, of course, but also want to make a CV/give away item that is portable, but will make prospective employers remember me. It also can’t break the bank. 13 months ago

LauraWritten Tests vs Projects

I don’t have any regular tests left – they are all graded projects. That’s good and bad. Multiple choice or essay tests have a definite beginning and end. I don’t find written tests to be very engaging.
But projects are fun. Getting to really use the program, pushing out ideas and being creative are most appealing to me. Projects can take longer because sometimes creative ideas just don’t flow on command. 2 years ago

LauraMade the list - I hope I didn't forget anything...

I made the list finally! I also included my photoblog. At the same time, I slimmed the list down by two blogs that I didn’t want to keep up anymore, and transferred relevant posts to my main blog. 2 years ago


The instructor reset my exam status and I repackaged it and sent it off properly. And got an A! 2 years ago


I can’t believe I just sent in my files for my second exam – and forgot to include the main project!! What was I thinking? I am finding out if they will let me resubmit my files. Ugh. 2 years ago

LauraJust keep swimming

Still working on my Electronic Publishing class. It’s really more fun than a class should be! 2 years ago


Laura 2 years ago

LauraToday I Finish

Today I finish this project. My garage looks pretty darn good and now there is room for a workout area, too! I could probably stand to move around some bins of stuff to make it more neatly arranged, but as for everything else, it’s done!
But this brings me to my next project – fixing some of the things in my garage! Mainly, the bikes need some TLC. 2 years ago

Laura 2 years ago

LauraWhen is it done?

I have another load for the e-cycler, and some other things to get rid of, but after that, it seems like most everything has been sorted. Just when do I decide that this project is finished? I decided that the sign that I am finished is when I don’t see anything that we don’t use sitting around in the garage. There are a couple cardboard boxes left filled with mason jars. I don’t know quite how to store them properly, or if I am even going to use them again. So I think I’m close but not quite ready to call this one finished. 2 years ago

LauraSeeing so much improvement!

I only have a few larger items left and one more trip to the e-cyclers, but I can really notice the difference in the amount of space and how much more organized and clean it is in my garage now. Soon, I will have room for a work out area – a weight bench, and maybe a punching bag. I figure that will be the reward for all this work. The weight bench is mostly for my husband, and I really like the bag. 2 years ago

LauraOne class down - three to go.

Yay! My first class is done. Now on to InDesign, which I am so excited about. 2 years ago

LauraNot much progress yet

I just haven’t had the time to do this yet. Yikes. At least I have been working on the other items on my list. They are much more important than this. But it will stay on my list until I can get to it :) 2 years ago


Souvenirs are a nice idea, but I’m not sure it’s a very practical one. They are reminders of something: an event, a trip, a milestone. But I think I collect too many of them. Then they just sit around and take up space, especially if they are just knick-knacks and don’t have an actual use. I am learning that they can over run a house, or garage, quite quickly.
I suppose the easiest souvenir to store is a picture or something made of paper. Hence the wisdom of a scrapbook.
Note to myself: keep all future souvenirs small and easy to store for the sake of my future sanity, organization, and comfort. 2 years ago

LauraTypography - halfway point

I really like typography. It is so useful. I hope to finish it up today, so I can move on to InDesign – insert squeal of joy here. Doesn’t Adobe make the best software?! 2 years ago

LauraFor those of us that lose focus easily

If you are like I am, you tend to get lost in the confusion of everyday things resulting in inconsistent progress toward goals. One way I have learned to combat this ‘loss of focus’ is to use a cork board and 3×5 cards. I have a 5 inch column down each side of my cork board so that I can pin the cards in a column down each side. On the cards, I write my goals, things I don’t want to forget to do, etc. and then pin them down the columns. I like using the columns on the sides because then the cards won’t get covered by other things and they can be prioritized.
I try to keep the most important cards toward the top.
It is very enlightening to write things down and then prioritize them in this way because visually seeing the order of importance can help you resolve what your true priorities are!
Sometimes our priorities are different than what we feel they are!
I also figured out that I get more done and accomplish more if I don’t have a full column of cards. If I feel like there’s too much to do, I will get over-whelmed and not be able to accomplish as much as when I feel more in control. 2 years ago

LauraTapioca pearls

Hm. A little box of Tapioca pearls is like $5 USD. Yikes. They don’t fluff up that much! LOL2 years ago

LauraSpent a Little Extra Time on the Garage Project

I went back into the garage after everything I did already. I moved a bunch of boxes and stuff around so that when I let the cat into the garage, there’s no place for the mice to hide. (And sure enough, she killed one that night.)
I also realized that the e-cycle people will take my old washing machine, worn out bicycle, and any old metal items I have sitting about. Yay! So I have put that on my list for this project.
Now we really need a generic dump run, mostly for the gross couch sitting in there taking up all that space. There’s also a box of CDs that need to be destroyed. Until next time… 2 years ago

LauraPacing my Progress or I Love Google Calendar

I printed out the syllabus for Typography class and now I am going to sit down and make a guideline for how much I need to get done each week. This schedule won’t be written in stone, but it will give me an idea about how much more or less I can get done each week, and make sure I complete it leaving enough time to get my other classes done.

I really like Google Apps – all this schedule info is going right in Google Calendar. 2 years ago

LauraSpace Hogs

I take a trip to the e-waste recyclers today with electronic items that have been sitting in boxes in the garage. These items are major space hogs, not to mention heavy, so it will be nice to get rid of them. The e-recycle place will take them for free, I just have to drop them off!
On the way back home, I plan to pick up another plastic bin to convert cardboard storage to plastic. It will probably be the box of backpacks and related items that I pick for this next plastic bin.
Another space hog to contend with: I still don’t know of a really good way to store the 75 or so mason jars that are in newspaper and cardboard right now. Maybe I should give up canning and get rid of them??
I’m exploring ways to use some old plastic mild crates to organize the garage. More on that later. 2 years ago

LauraFinally Past Some Hurdles

My grades and points have been corrected, my books have arrived, first exam is done, and now it’s time to submit my paperwork and transcripts to the scholarship people.
Now, I am ready to finish the first class of this semester! 2 years ago

LauraThe Dreaded "I'll Fix This Someday" Box

This time, I decided to get rid of a few things that I say I will fix someday, but probably won’t. I adopted the attitude of ‘do or do not there is no try.’ So the one rule I wanted to follow was “If I have already replaced it, throw it away.” This guideline worked really well; I made some difficult yet good decisions about things to get rid of. I cleared out a few things that have literally been sitting around collecting dust. It’s nice to not have to think anymore, or be reminded, of the projects that were doing nothing but crowding my space and making me feel like I had too much on the back burner. I can definitely say it lightened my mental load as well as my garage load.
Oh, and I’m also not missing anything else I’ve previously gotten rid of. 2 years ago

Lauraoil always comes out too fast

I try not to use the bottle the oil came in to add it to food, instead, I like to use one of those salad oil bottles that has this little spout on the end that allows just drops to come out. 2 years ago

LauraSuch an insight

this book has wonderful insight into human nature and so-called civilization. 2 years ago

LauraThe starting point

Making the list. Yikes, I should deactivate a few of these. I don’t even remember the login info for some of them…what a mess. 2 years ago

LauraThe Next Box, Please!

My next box (a large one this time) is full of camping stuff. This stuff is tied to many great memories and difficult to get rid of. Also, much of it is useful during power outages…I think I can thin it out though. 2 years ago

LauraAlways review your past transcripts

Yikes! I was looking at my grade report (from last semester) online, and saw that two of my classes were showing my grade, but no point value or credits!! I hope they fix that before my scholarship paper work goes off or I might lose that money!! 2 years ago

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