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no more excuses!

Recent entries from zdechlinka
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zdechlinkaSigned up for a seminar

Oh and I also signed up for this seminar that the author of the book (The End of Procrastination) is having in the town in the autumn.
So, yay! 8 months ago

zdechlinkaThe End of Procrastination

I’ve started reading this Czech book, it’s called Konec prokrastinace (The End of Procrastination), everyone’s saying that it’s amazing.
Well, let’s see. 8 months ago

zdechlinkaBachelor's Diploma

I’ve finished one of my bachelor’s diplomas!
It feels so exhilrating!

Now for the next step:
- finish my English diploma paper! 8 months ago

zdechlinka 8 months ago

zdechlinkaStep one:

Time how long it takes me to get ready to leave. 9 months ago


zdechlinka 5 years ago

zdechlinkaTask list:

  • Take my personal organizer with me everywhere I go!!!! (and actually use it)
  • Create a morning routine
  • Start keeping budget again

(To be updated later) 9 months ago


I’ve started a few weeks ago, I’ve passed the painful phase and I’ve already built quite nice calluses. So, yay.

I’m doing well I think. 9 months ago

zdechlinka 9 months ago


It’s been quite hard lately.
I took a semester off and I’ve been struggling with coming back to the studying routine. And with work and all that… it’s a bit overwhelming.
But I do want to finish school this summer so a great deal of determination and motivation (and a shitload of precautions) is in order.

First thing is to get rid of all the distraction.
Like….tumblr. Oh god.
I downloaded Cold Turkey a while back – which is an amazing thing, it blocks all the websites that distract you for a period of time and it cannot be undone by anything – not by restarting the computer, not by uninstalling the application. It’s brilliant.
This is gonna be tough.
But I think it’s necessary.
I’m blocking tumblr for a week (cause the app only allows you to go a week into the future…I’ll do another week after this – although I’m pretty sure I won’t even remember tumblr a week from now). 9 months ago

zdechlinka 9 months ago

zdechlinkaGoing well

I completed a course at school at level B1 and I had a tutor who gave me extra lessons for a semester.
Now I’m attending a B2 level course and I think I’m doing well.
The classes are a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying it. 9 months ago


zdechlinka 5 years ago

zdechlinkaDamn it, again! aka new start

Here we go again, I haven’t been paying any attention to this site for a year.
A year and a week, to be exact.
Screwing around, not doing what I should and would love to do.

I really want to make a difference this time.
I want to be organized, motivated and keep promises.
I want to stop wasting my time, I want to become who I want to be.
I really do.

New start in 3…2…1…
First step, review my old goals, delete those I don’t want to keep and add new ones. 9 months ago


I finally got better and I was planning on starting with the exercises again when this thing happened: I accidentally dropped a plate, the plate knocked over a glass and broke it, the glass fell on my foot and now I have 3 stitches on my toe.
I limp like a moron, I won’t be able to do anything for at least a week.
I think I’ll start with the 30 day shred all over. 2 years ago


I have a cold and I feel terrible.
I couldn’t possibly do anything today, I’d die in the middle. Hopefully, it’ll get better tomorrow but I don’t want to chance it, I really feel ill. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 9

Level 1

I had to skip two days cause I was sick, I spent 2 days in bed with mint tea and I felt awful, jumping around for 25 minutes would have killed me.
I feel better now but my muscles hurt again after the workout. Great. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 8

Level 1

I do advanced versions of the exercises, except for push-ups, I intend to keep doing the girl version of those. The normal ones are too much for my wrists. I can hear a crack in the left one every time I do a normal push-up. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 7

Level 1

The day when I’ll have to switch to level 2 is getting closer. Supposedly it is much more difficult than level 1. I think I’m scared. 2 years ago


I went to see my supervisor to discuss my the topic of my thesis.
She’s really great and I think she’ll be a lot of help. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 6

Level 1

“Unless you puke, faint or die, keep walking!!!!!”
If this woman can force people into losing 150 pounds, then she can push me enough to get myself in better shape.
I’m really feeling the difference. I feel great. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 5

Level 1

I’ve come to the point where my muscled don’t hurt next day which is great. New dumbbells still feel really heavy but that will get better in a couple of days.
And I really wasn’t imagining things, the outlines of the muscles on my stomach are visible after the workout. Yay! 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 4

Level 1

So far, this workout was the most difficult one. It’s still the same and yet, halfway through, I felt like I was gonna drop dead.
But I think I’m slowly starting to feel the difference – and I swear I could see muscles on my belly shaping up after the workout. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 3

Level 1

I’ve got heavier dumbbells and.. Oh. My. God. I’m so sore…
But I worked out at 2 PM and finished all exercises, some of them even in the advanced version. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 2

Level 1

Yesterday wasn’t the ideal start of a big workout plan cause I worked out at 8:30 PM and that’s not good. Plus I didn’t do all exercises properly since I wasn’t sure what to do.
It’s 2:30 now and I’ve just finished the second workout without stopping for a second. I’ve got to say, wow.. it’s much more difficult when you do it 2 days in a row.
I still feel my muscles are a little bit sore from yesterday and I’ve just added more to what I’ll be suffering from tomorrow.
I’m sweating like a pig but it feels gooooooooooood. 2 years ago

zdechlinkaDay 1

Level 1

I did the beginner’s versions of the exercises and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad.
I wonder what I’ll feel like tomorrow.. 2 years ago


I’m not really trying to lose weight, that wouldn’t do me any good. But I’m in awful shape. I lose breath really quickly and I have absolutely no strength in my arms. I really want to get it together, gain some good muscle weight and feel good about myself. Hopefully, Jillian’s 30 day shred is the way to do it. 2 years ago

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