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Completed Date

You may have noticed that the inaccurate “completed” and “given up” dates have vanished from the year in review. They will be coming back in a more accurate form…

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How aboutthese images

Are they the right way?

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See if the images are the right way

When uploaing from iPhone

make 43 things better
Facebook Connect in the house

I’m testing this out with Buster and it seems pretty hot. Once you connect your 43T account via Facebook Connect (this is all done on 43 Things) you can see your Facebook buddies that use 43T and when you post entries and adopt goals they appear in your Facebook stream, which seems to me to “make 43 things better”. Yeah?

We should have it pushed out in an hour or so.

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cheers rss feeds

I’ve been cleaning up and polishing some RSS feed stuff, and I decided to add an RSS feed for cheers.

Go to your cheers page:

and click on the [RSS] button (or on the rss icon in your browser’s address bar). There are also separate given and received feeds that you can get to from the cheers given and cheers received pages.

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testing a fix

Ivan and I are trying to fix the server errors on posting content. drbrain suggested upgrading ruby to fix cgi issues, so I just copied the newer cgi.rb.

Here’s a post to make sure we didn’t break anything (worse than it was before)...

make 43 things better (read all 6 entries…)

Daniel and I are looking at subscriptions and how to better integrate them with the new profile page on 43things, instead of making you go over to 43people all the time. I think I might work from home tomorrow to make some progress, the robot office is fun and social but there are lots of interruptions…


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