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give my 100 percent to every moment now.

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give my 100 percent to every moment now.
100 percent

Every moment…
The key to the moment is utter precence. In totality. To be with the void within. To exeperience the nothiness of now. To be at peace with it. The void is pure love. Love of everything. No exceptions. 100 percent. Let the mind be. Don’t listen. Be quite. The void is my friend. The mind is my tool. Essence is overwhelming. Let it be. All else will follow.

give my 100 percent to every moment now.
give my 100 percent to the this very moment

Every moment counts.
Being more compassionate in the one we have now rather than waiting for a time where we will be happier than the one at hand.
My dog needs attention now, in this moment he is craving a hug, a reciprocation of affection that he displays now.

Tomorrow might never come, absorb, cherish the one that is staring you in the face right now.
Celebrate this wonderful gift given to us..


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