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Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices.

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Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
Some success gained in 2013

I’ve lost 25 pounds, and have been involved in training for a half marathon.

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
I have been having varying success with this goal.

Last year I had totally lost focus of this goal, as I’m sure that my teammate would agree with. (Don’t tell on me too much, though!) This year I’ve done extraordinarily well considering the amount of stress I’m under and the time and health constraints I’ve had for exercise. I’ve recently started exercising some with my clients, and it has shown me how out-of-shape I have gotten. I have lost weight or maintained most of this year, though. I’ve only gained on two different occasions this calendar year so far. I am doing a lot better with food choices on a whole, but I still have problems with stress eating at times. I hope that I will stay focused and get back on a consistent track of making good health decisions. I’m so thankful for Todd’s off-site support. I could not have done it without his encouragement. There were times last year I was ready to totally give up, and thankfully he would not allow that.

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
Day 3 (a week ago today):

High-fiber oatmeal

Mesquite chicken
baked potato

spaghetti with meatsauce
green salad

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
Nutritional intake, day 2:

2 peanut butter and banana sandwiches
2% milk

Snack 1:
100% juice fruit punch

1 chicken tenderloin
mashed potatoes
green beans

Snack 2:
fat-free strawberry/banana yogurt

fat-free vanilla yogurt
cojack cheese
corned beef lunch meat

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)

was too much for me yesterday, and I chose to eat french fries, a hamburger, and a milkshake for lunch. Therefore, Todd said that he wanted me to post what I eat on-line here for three days.

So, here is the first day’s:

Fat-free yogurt

Cereal & Milk

Subway club sandwich (1.5 six-inch)

Cojack cheese
Fat-free yogurt

I’ll have to post the next two days later…I’ll be out-of-town.

Todd Schoonover will miss all his 43T friends

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 15 entries…)

It’s common practice nowadays to tell other people what your goals are and have them help you be accountable for reaching them. This works as a great motivator for most people, as they don’t want to be perceived as weak or that they have failed.

The truth is though, you need to be accountable first and foremost to yourself. If you aren’t willing to hold yourself to your goals, no one else will be able to make you achieve them. The motivation has to come from within.

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
Long overdue update:

I have been trying to write a report to update my progress with this goal for about a month now. I cannot do this really easily without explaining what my program entails to you all. This may help me to have this out here in 43Thingsland in the long-run, because maybe some of you can help encourage me when times are tough for me to make good decisions regarding this goal.

I have an agreement with Todd and my trainer that I call my “physical fitness program.” There are several elements to this, and I will explain them. The first element deals with exercise. Basically, I am supposed to be exercising every day unless I am sick or injured to the point where I am unable to do it. The second element deals with diet and nutrition. With this part of my agreement I am supposed to be drinking enough water every day, eating a balanced diet, not overeating, and staying away from “bad foods and drinks.” The third element of my program entails proper rest. I am supposed to allow for eight hours of sleep every night and go to bed at 10 p.m., with some reasonable flexibility on the weekends.

The fourth element of my program is accountability. Those of you who know me well know that I almost always would allow Todd to come up with consequences to my “personal challenges” if I failed to complete them. I look at this goal as an on-going personal challenge with no deadlines, especially since this is so important for my well-being. So, Todd being the generously supportive person he is agreed to help hold me accountable for my program. That is part of the reason for this lengthy update. About a month ago I was not cooperating with this goal, and we mutually agreed that I should write a report about my goal to improve my attitude toward my fitness goals.

Exercise has always been something I have struggled to like consistently. Since Todd has become more instrumental in helping me focus on this goal, I have been encouraged to do at least some form of exercise regardless of how I feel. This has been something that I have done relatively successfully this year.

Diet and nutrition are things that most of you know that I have a very hard time keeping focused with. However, this year I am learning to adapt better (notice I did not use the word “well”). My biggest problems this year are not the cravings that I have to go off-diet fairly frequently, it is the overeating. I have once again gotten over my caffeine addiction enough to almost entirely abandon my soft drink habit again. Therefore, I have been getting a really good amount of water regularly again.

Rest is something that I have struggled with all of my adult life. It is no secret to those at 43Things that are familiar with me, either. I had gotten internet access on my cell phone a few months ago and it seems to have intensified my internet addiction, which led me to surf away on the web rather than sleep at times. This is something that I had identified as a problem with Todd as part of this element to my goal several weeks ago, and it was decided I needed to not be on the internet between 9:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. to accommodate my getting enough rest without the distraction of the internet. That’s not the only thing that prevents me from getting enough rest, unfortunately. I like to spend time with people when I have the opportunity to and sometimes can stay out really late with them if I have the chance to do so.

Since this goal is as important as it is, I need to come up with some ways to improve my performance with this goal.

With regard to exercise, I think it would be good for me to start exercising first thing in the morning again. That way, I’ll have done it the first thing in the morning, and if I feel like additional exercise later in the day, it would be an extra added bonus.

Diet and nutrition are very challenging for me, but I know the most important thing for me to begin to improve in this area will involve my attitude toward this area. I am able to convince myself pretty easily that I can have something I am not supposed to “just this once and it will be okay.” This is simply not the case, because it creates a cycle of making exceptions to my rules and it spirals out of control fairly easily from that point. I also have a problem with entitlement at times with eating, thinking that I deserve something for my hard work for x-amount of time, for having a stressful day, etc. This does not help me, and it does not advance this goal one bit to justify or make exceptions. I have to develop a way of changing this somehow. I am open to suggestions for this. However, I would appreciate it if there are people out there that have the opinion, “Oh, Deni, you are too hard on yourself!” that they would not share that with me at this time. I really need to adjust my attitude and lifestyle toward food to protect my future. I have risk factors with family history with diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. I am still in the obese category, and as long as I am in that category, I am at risk for these conditions.

Proper rest is vital to this goal, as much as I hate admitting it sometimes. If I am too tired it causes all sorts of problems and I just do not perform as well with exercise, eating well, or thought processes. As I had mentioned previously, social things tend to get in the way sometimes. Along those lines, Todd also thinks I travel too much and requested that I stay home and severely limit any travel I do one weekend a month when I asked for his increased help with this goal this year. So that is one solution that has helped with this area that is already being used. As far as the internet addiction goes, I have committed to myself that when my income tax refunds come in, I will get rid of the internet on my cell phone and get regular internet on my computer. That will help take the ease of access away, and make me have to either be in bed or be out of bed on the computer to access the internet.

So there you all have it. I’ve made some improvements, but I could be doing so much better sometimes. I’m at least consistently trying to work toward this goal this year, and I am proud of that. I can say that because I have lost 12 pounds so far since New Year’s Eve. I have not had a decrease for the better part of two months in quite some time, so I feel like I have made some overall improvement. However, there is always room for more improvement.

Todd Schoonover will miss all his 43T friends

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 15 entries…)

My trainer is ramping up my training so I can hit my goal weight by New Year’s. I’d been making some good progress, but have slipped the past couple of weeks. Back when I was making my initial push, I would go to the gym as many as three times a day. Not everyone has time for that though.

Still, if you can commit yourself to exercising twice a day even if it’s short duration, you’ll find that you are burning more calories and may spark your weight loss to reignite. My recommendation is to set your alarm for a half-hour earlier than normal and get up when your alarm goes off. Spend that half hour exercising, whether it be walking outdoors, yoga inside, running or using an elliptical. Then in the evening after you get home from work, take another half hour to go for another walk or run, do some weight lifting or stretching. This spreads out your workout throughout the day, and doesn’t require you to come up with a solid hour or two to block out for exercise.

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 28 entries…)
Choose who you allow yourself to be influenced by.

I’ve been really struggling with this goal as of late. Todd can tell you (although I hope he’ll just agree and not tell you details) that I’ve been making a lot of poor choices with regard to this goal. I have identified a problem with staying focused on this goal. A lot of the people I’m around really divert my attention away from this goal. People say things like, “You really don’t have to tell your weight-loss friends about (this or that)...” And sometimes I cave into that pressure. My own stresses lately have made me lead myself astray when I’m alone, too.

Todd is a really smart, logical, motivational, and energetic teammate for this goal. I think I need to tap into his influence more than my coworkers and friends…and sometimes even family. I also have a really good trainer that has very high expectations of me, so I need to focus in on fulfilling those more.

I think the continued struggle with stress and social pressures against this goal has made it very difficult for me to do what I know I need to for this goal. I didn’t really realize it until tonight when I was doing some exercise that my trainer wanted me to do that I really have been coasting on a consistent downward spiral with this goal. I had effectively given up on this goal. I shared with Todd in an e-mail tonight some things that I need to improve on that will aid this goal. I don’t know what exactly clicked tonight, but I know that I can improve and get back on the right track with this goal if I choose to make the right decisions on a consistent basis again.

I hope that I can get back my focus as I did a couple of years back with my fitness/wellness goals. This is really the most important goal of what I need to focus on…but there are a few others that are just as important.

Todd and I have been discussing commitment to this goal a lot over the last several weeks and I think I need to make a public commitment to him and my 43T friends.

I will be more dedicated to this goal by continuing to get some form of exercise every day and making a lot better nutritional choices. I don’t really have a choice with this or else I won’t have the quality of life I need and want to have.

Todd Schoonover will miss all his 43T friends

Maintain regular progress toward attaining a healthy weight and lifestyle practices. (read all 15 entries…)
Chew Gum

Besides drinking water, another way to get rid of those pesky impulses to eat something is to chew some gum. The act of chewing the gum tricks your body into thinking you’re eating, and the few calories you absorb from the sugar of the gum won’t make a big difference compared to giving in for that candy bar.


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