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I have a day off from work, so I am listening to the WHOLE audio book today. I will get this into my head somehow. 12 months ago


I’ve tried it, kinda do it. Need to focus on one goal only so putting this on hold until I get my ONE GOAL: house=back to ready. simple: spend 15 minutes each afternoon tidying up the house. that’s it. for a month. nothing else. 16 months ago

chispaLack of focus

I just don’t understand how people do this. I try different things, but I alwasy have to try a new system, a better way, a differnt noteook ,etc. 18 months ago

simonewestphalFirst step

Last week I have bought the book of David Allen “Getting things done”. Now I plan to read the book in the next 10 days and put the techniques into my daily routine. 19 months ago

James CronenUntitled

Back from the dead! I’ve recently started to implement this. With the birth of my second child, a promotion at work, and basically having met most of my medium-term goals, I’m looking for some longer goals. And I don’t think I’m quite going to get there unless I get myself organized.

I’ve started using todo.txt hosted on Mark’s machine with the corresponding app. I’ve started doing weekly reviews (two, one with Robin on Sunday nights and a work-related review on Friday afternoons). I also am working on capturing my projects list.

It’s HARD. I never realized productivity would have this much thinking and refactoring involved. And yet it doesn’t seem like I’ve gained much—but I’m sure in six months I’ll look back and realized I’ve gained control of my “stuff”. 23 months ago

MissaThis has made a big difference

I highly recommend this system! It’s really helped at work. I’m trying to get it going at home, too. I love not having the “to do” list that just gets copied over and over again. 23 months ago

tygabso far off the wagon I need to start over...

so, this has been a FAIL at home to date, but I will get it sorted out THIS YEAR. no. more. excuses. 1 year ago

StephenMarch Bootcamp boost to GTD

Adding the “March Bootcamp 2012: On the Move!” goal to my 43things has given me my first opportunity to combine other goals I have on 43things. I plan to use it as a catalyst for making progress on major goals I have and I already have had a very good start.

Needed to update here because this is my supervising goal for my “get things done” goals! 2 years ago

GazeboGalGTD is getting me through the holidays at work

If I can just implement it all the time…2 years ago

GazeboGalWeekly Review

This morning’s plan – and it comes out to being much more than a week since review, but I’m plunging back into it! 2 years ago

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