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Belinda MoutrayPaint dancing!

Was a fun evening, paint dance is just like it sounds, you paint and dance. Everyone wears white clothing, you paint and gets painted on, human canvases so to speak. Good fun. 13 months ago


haven’t danced for too long! Finally planing on going this week! 2 years ago


Last time I went dancing with my coworkers. It wasn’t planned, but it was a great ice breaker and made me realize that behind our serious facades we are all the same, young kids.

I wish I had the courage to go out with people I don’t know well more often.

..to be continued. 2 years ago

Belinda Moutrayfor CW

Good for you. 4 years ago

Sal_Galso much fun!

This weekend was so full of dancing! I finally felt like I danced enough to consider this goal done! =] 5 years ago


Well, I’ve found dancing groups, but they’re pretty far away. However, I’ve also talked my boyfriend into taking a class with me in town. The first lesson is tonight! It’s a pretty good deal. Nine lessons for $80.00, and it’s going to be a very small class. I think they almost canceled it because not enough people called, but she let us sign up, and said “a few other couples” had called. It seems very free-form, so I’m going to ask if they’ll do cha cha, which is my personal favorite. I don’t know if they plan to teach it or not. 5 years ago

WemephiI have not been dancing.

This makes me sad. I’m moving this up the list of priorities. 5 years ago

WemephiI'm doing this as a stand in for "find a social dance group."

I’ve taken lessons in ballroom, swing, and folk dancing. Now I need to find out how and where to practice! 5 years ago


We went dancing together at Spill, and I had such a great time with my man! He’s such a good dancer, and everything just fades away when we’re together. 6 years ago

Sal_Galkinda sorta

Well, I went to a local show over the weekend. Nicole and I danced a little bit. It was great. But I want more!

=] 6 years ago

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