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Amy CoxSo many to watch!

Borrowed DVDs:
*The Vow
*Jack and Jill
*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
*Alvin & the Chipmunks
*Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters
*Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

TV Series:
*Only Fools and Horses
*Cold Feet

*Aladdin Trilogy
*The Fox and the Hound
*The Hunchback of Notre Dame 7 months ago

baileys_truffleLimitless -1

Limited enjoyment of that one. 9 months ago

OasisOfCalm2 Shows

Awhile ago I’d started watching 2 shows I have several seasons of on DVD – 2 Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps, and Modern Family. Finished both shows now, though haven’t seen all the extras on the DVDs yet. Also, have watched several episodes of Red Dwarf (new series), though haven’t finished it yet. 9 months ago

baileys_truffleDaybreakers -1/+3

Shockingly only watched Daybreakers a couple of months ago for ‘research’ purposes! In fact, I ended up watching it almost every night for a few weeks I thought it was THAT good!

New additions: Drive, True Grit and The Social Network

1 down 37 to go! 15 months ago

OasisOfCalmFew days ago

Watched a film I got on DVD recently. Awhile ago watched 1 series of a comedy show. 15 months ago

christinetI have DVDs still unwrapped

that I bought when they were released and still haven’t watched. I need to watch them or get rid of them….. 21 months ago

baileys_truffleMovie update.

Its been a while since I updated this, and Im shamed to admit that a majority of the movies remain on the list.

I have though, managed to watch all or at least enough of the following to qualify for removal:

Four brothers – Absolutely loved it, great cast, great story.
Hustle & flow – Disliked it with a passion.
Minority report – Mildly disturbing.
Monster in law – Not bad.
Superbad – Very funny, loveable characters.
The wedding date – Lovely little movie for romance lovers.
Whatever it takes – What was I thinking?

However, there have also been some additions which I have purchased them long enough ago that they should have been watched by now:

The Italian Job
The Other Guys

Am also adding borrowed movies which Ive had for a shocking amount of time to the list:

An Inspector Calls
Black Hawk Down
The Business
The Notebook

Only 35 to go! 23 months ago

baileys_truffleIm a movie buff

...apparently. Yet I never find the time to watch new films, preferring instead to entertain myself with well known classics and fall asleep to favourites.

But think of all the great movies Im missing out on, all the films sitting piled up and waiting to be viewed.

Next year I shall attempt to watch at least one new movie a week, then I can buy even more! 2 years ago

Todd Schoonover2011 Plans

Nothing has really progressed on this since I wrote the entry on it at the beginning of 2009. Now that I’m all moved and working on unpacking, I need to start working on this again.


  1. Move DVD Racks to their final location
  2. Put together new shelves
  3. Alphabetize boxes
  4. Shelve DVDs alphabetically
  5. Catalog DVDs electronically
  6. Watch at least one DVD a week 3 years ago


My friend is shocked that I haven’t finished watching the shows he lend me months ago. I should get on to it. :P 3 years ago

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