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starscollide79FINALLY DONE!

I now own my own car! AND I don’t owe the government for my education! YEA! No more debt!!! ...and it only took 5 years to do it. 5 years ago

anyonecanStudent loans

I paid off my student loans two years ago … sigh 5 years ago

kajhnubLoan debt.

Im still in school, but by the time I graduate, I will have accumulated about 40-50G’s in loans. =( 5 years ago


At my current rate of payment, I will pay off all my loans by the end of the year, leaving only my credit card debt to wrangle. Wow, that’s a good feeling! 5 years ago


I am still in school so I dont need to pay them back yet, but the thought of having to do it scares the crap out of me. 6 years ago

entropic ankhstarted!

well, its started! my grad school loans are still in a grace period, but my undergrad loans are now in repayment! 6 years ago

clandescentShopper by Connie Bensley

I am spending my way out
of a recession. The road chokes
on delivery vans.
I used to be Just Looking Round
I used to be How Much, and
Have You Got it in Beige.
Now I devour whole stores –
High speed spin; giant size; chunky gold;
de-luxe springing. Things.
I drag them round me into a stockade.
It is dark inside; but my credit cards
are incandescent. 6 years ago


Just wanna pay off the loan as soon as I can 7 years ago

loansdebtcreditguySigning up for this

I first sign up for the one “pay off my loan” then I realized I have more than one. Soon I will consolidate. 7 years ago

RochelleHDrowning in debts.....

Oh God, I can´t wait until my bloody personal loan is paid off… Note that I say “is paid off” and not “I pay it off”... Hmm.. I sense a lack of responsibility on my part… ahaahah!! 7 years ago

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