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Ok 22 months ago

benniesBasic sketching

Today we has a workshop/tutorial on perspective and additive/subtractive drawing of boxes. This is really something I can use for drawing my own house. I have previously drawn two sketches of different spaces in the house, but with the skills I learned/was introduced to today I can make those drawings/perspectives more realistic. 2 years ago


Bought the land…. Yippee!!
I have a scrap book of what I want so I’m now concerntrating on building the business so I’ll be able to have my dream house built… 2 years ago


I am going to do this before the end of the year 2 years ago


hi 3 years ago

greenpoopeyF*** you

fuck you putas 3 years ago

Arun Kumamy heaven

i like to make my house like my heaven apart from this very busy world 3 years ago

McdowlingDesign my house

The kitchen is where it will start 3 years ago

NicoleHouse <3

I plan on doing this with my husband to be once we decide where we want to live. But first we’ll probably try getting a fixer-upper.

Also I tend to “practice” when I play The Sims. :) 3 years ago


hi 3 years ago

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