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greatjassy84Nursing at the University Of Western Ontario Canada

Just Got accepted into the university of my choice,the University of Western Ontario for the BScn Nursing program! I am 25 and it has been one of my dreams to go back to school and get a nursing degree,I start September so here begins my goal to get that degree! 4 years ago

candygirrlActually attending class

I’m attending class more often so that this can happen. I want to accomplish this goal for myself and family. 4 years ago

candygirrlmissed class yesterday

:( missed class yesterday. Going to my psych class today definitely because we have a test. I still have good grades but i bet if I came to class more they would be better. 4 years ago

candygirrlWorking On It!

I’m going to start working on my English paper today, it has to9 be 5-7 pages (sigh haha). But I’m going to do it so that I can be one step closer to getting my degree in nursing. Every paper I turn in, every test I take (and pass!)is a step closer to my nursing degree. 4 years ago


In college right now pursuing my nursing degree. Everyday I’m going to start reminding myself why I’m going to college and keeping my mind focused on GOD and my goal of becoming a nurse. If I don’t do that I’ll end up missing days of school because I don’t like it very much haha. I’ll start keeping a journal here of how many days I miss etc to motivate myself to go to class everyday and stay on track, because if I stay in class then my grades will be even better and I’ll accomplish my goal ALOT quicker. 4 years ago

girl powerEven though

i’ve applied for this degree. For me its more doing it because i have to. I feel like i should do something like this because i have access to an education, even though its not really something that im passionate about.
Three years and a whole lot of money for something im not interested in or passionate about is a foolish idea.
I wanted to take the degree to africa and volunteer but i think i can go there and help out without the degree.
I am pretty sure ive changed my mind. again. 5 years ago

girl powerUntitled

enrolled for uni 2009. so excited! 5 years ago


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