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joyesh bharneUntitled

hi iam joy. i want freindship with you u want ? 19 months ago


We haven’t spent any time alone together since January! Our relationship is falling apart, and we both know that in order to save it we have to date each other. I will set aside one night a week for him. We are also going back to counseling. I think counseling every other week, alternating with a date night is best.

I think Wednesday nights will be the right time. 5 years ago

indigostringswent on a weekend retreat - alone!

It was sooooooo amazing. I truly love my boyfriend more than ever. He’s actually my fiancee. We are getting married in October.

The retreat was with 2 therapists who are amazing people. They will forever be in my prayers. These people have given us an amazing gift of their time. There were 9 other couples experiencing the same thing. Numan and I stayed in dormitory type beds and ate vegetarian food all weekend. It was all located in the mountains in Massachusetts. The snow we got was beautiful too.

I am so happy in my relationship!!! 5 years ago

indigostringsWe do it, but not enough.

We date once in a while. It’s so nice to re-connect with him. I get so giddy when I get ready for our dates.

This also helps my “fix my relationship” goal. 6 years ago

indigostringswe're doing it!

We’ve been out a handful of times. Sometimes we take the baby and he is soooo well behaved. This Saturday I am taking my honey to a comedy show. My mom is babysitting. Can’t wait! I’m so glad I am doing this :) 7 years ago


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