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Steamed Yams with curry sauce. SO healthy and tastey. Highly suggested for a good, vitamin filled snack! 4 years ago


My new house in Sydney (not right in the city) is in a residential area. The only proper supermarket is too far/dangerous to walk to at night just for snacks, so I’ve cut down on that unhealthy practice. Yay. Eating lots of good bread, fruit and vegies, stir fry, etc.

Also having another shot at this vegetarian thing. Going well so far. I think vegetarianism is something you really have to work at – it’s not as simple as arbitrarily cutting out meat. You have to really improve in other areas to both compensate for the nutritional deficiencies and curb cravings. I feel a lot more in control than last time I did this, in December of last year. 7 years ago


I ate out last night, and tried pad thai for the first time. Now I know exactly why people are obsessed with it. Soooo tasty yet healthy. It is now near the top of my list of recipes I want to recreate at home. 7 years ago


Last night’s dinner: white fish + pumpkin, tomato, lentil, chilli and spinach salad. 7 years ago


I’m trying to eat better food. ‘Better’ in this case doesn’t necessarily mean every product has to be 99.99% fat free. I just want to eat more organic, varied, and generally healthy foods. Taste is important too. I also need to keep my cupboard and fridge well-stocked so I feel more inclined to eat at home than to buy expensive food while out.

Muesli, milk, greek yoghurt and maple syrup.

Tofu burger from Melbourne Uni Food Co-Op (highly recommended)

A little bit of fettucine and Arrabiata sauce, and some yogurt, tomato and cucumber salad. Now I’m full and my belly is happy.

Just have to keep this up! 7 years ago

geeebeeeAsparagus soup

for dinner was ok. Followed by some more Passionfruit Semifreddo.Which K bought home again. Hmmm.Will be glad when thats all gone. At work had two cookies from the vending machine.
There was an article in the Herald this morning regarding vending machines in the workplace and how they want to change the law to make them a breach of the Health and Safety Act, if not stocked with healthy foods only…trying to save us from ourselves. 7 years ago


Mmmm K bought home three tubs of Semifreddo last night. One Passionfruit and two walnut and honey. So all the Passionfruit is now gone. Not a good day as far as nutrition goes. 7 years ago


bit over the last two days and I have certainly noticed the difference in stress levels at work and tiredness, back on track today though.
Part of the reason is I don’t have any real food in the house. So shopping today which means I will have to take the car to work. 7 years ago

geeebeeeNo breakfast and Yum Char today for lunch

at the Pearl Garden, and some pears in pear juice for dinner, a weird combination I know ;). 7 years ago

geeebeeeStill doing ok with this

Has become normal for me now drinking water tea and a little coffee. No sweet snacks anymore. Next is the butter…
Weight is still the same though which I,m finding a little demoralising. Will reduce portion size as well. 7 years ago

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