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I got a wave of rejection emails today from jobs I applied for a while ago, both ones I interviewed for and ones I did not. Odd timing.

Just now finally coming around to getting back into the grind of submitting applications. 126 is the current count.

I’m applying to a company my friend works at, doing quality assurance. She said it’s boring but pays well, although the specific project I’m applying for involves working with maps, so it wouldn’t be quite as boring as working on the other software.
Getting a job that is boring but pays well so I can work for a little while to just travel is an option I am re-considering, as opposed to getting a dream job somewhere and settling down and feeling really guilty when I have to quit so I can go travel more.

Anyway, I’ve got to go fire off some more applications now. 22 hours ago


I got listed on the teachers on reserve website, so now I can do substitute teaching. I did everything, finger printing, etc etc.

Now I am an official substitute teacher, I just have to go to work!

(and not be too freaked out by my first day! I’ve done it before and it can be really hard) 1 day ago


i applied at a retail store yesterday, which hopefully will be okay. i also recently subsribed to the subreddit /tales from retail… so there’s that.

anyways i know someone who works there and he said he would recommend me… so we’ll see.

it’s not a high end and probably won’t pay that much but here’s hoping. 6 days ago


My interview today went pretty badly. I think the quality of my interviews is declining. It shouldn’t be going that way.

I’m still having a hard time pushing myself to apply for more jobs. I need a break, I need to go somewhere for a day, or just spend an afternoon driving in the country. 1 week ago


I am on the verge of a breakdown. My interviews for the most part go well enough, but when I’m competing against 100 (this is not an exagerration) people there’s just no chance of me getting through. I’m amazed I even get as many interviews I do (about a 15% response rate). I just want to go beat these people over the heads and shout “I AM A COMPETENT EMPLOYEE, I promise!”

Don’t tell me to “hang in there.” I don’t want to hear it. 2 weeks ago

RachelBad Rachel

I have been terrible about applying to jobs lately. I’ve only applied to 5 since my [second-to-]last post… 5 days ago. It’s just hard to keep slogging away when you’ve done so many so far. That, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking up new prospects, which is good and all, but it’s really just a distraction so I can avoid actually applying to them. 2 weeks ago


I decided to look around and see if there’s anything I can do with my bachelor’s (physics). I did find one job being an astronomy “tour guide” of sorts in Nova Scotia that I’m going to apply to.

My thought process went like this: have I been stupid trying to get a job that I’d enjoy, when I’d also like to just save up a bunch of money quickly so I can go abroad soon? I certainly won’t be making any money at non-profits. But I also won’t be making any money as a physicist – there is almost nothing you can do with a bachelor’s in physics other than teach. My friends who majored in theatre have had better success getting a job. None of the people I know who majored in physics – or even in math – and aren’t in grad school do anything even remotely related to what they studied, except for one teacher.
People are just suspicious when they see it on you résumé, and you’re not well-trained enough to actually do anything physics-related, so unless you happened to take a bunch of stat or comp sci classes while in undergrad that you can put to use elsewhere, it’s completely useless.

But I still figured I’d give it a go.

And I came up with one job. 2 weeks ago

zanfisa zulI cant wait

Yeah I know jobs arnt as great as some people say they are, but when your a teen and you still live with your parents you can spend your money freely, and save up for college. c:
You can quit it any time too. (I’m talking about jobs like working at pizza hut, subway ect)
I cant wait till I get a job~
Hehe, I will be buying plenty of things online~ 2 weeks ago


104 applications in, and two more (phone) interviews coming up.
One is tomorrow, for a job I applied for today. They just might be desperate enough to hire me! Unfortunately, this one’s part-time and in Seattle, so unless they’re paying me for nearly full-time work, I don’t think it’d work out. (Obviously I’d get a second job, but I wouldn’t be able to get an apartment until I had proof of income for both.) But they appear to give the same benefits, which is pretty valuable for me.
The other one is for an events job, or rather 3 events jobs, as I applied for 3 positions in different places (Boston, Maine, and LA) with the American Cancer Society, next week.

I thought my interviews at the foodbank and with the private school went really well, but I still didn’t get the jobs. There’s just so much competition.

There’s a certificate I want to get, that I really think would help me get a job. Unfortunately, without a job, I can’t pay for it. The old conundrum. 3 weeks ago


thinking about building my own fitness studio. 3 weeks ago

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