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become a scene queen

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Elloo :) ive been a scene kid for about 2 years now and in about a year when all my hair dye has grown out ill be dyeing it black with blue bangs :) iv got quite alot of pics of me on the interent if you wanna check them out just type in kayley alex64emog or kayley jade willow darroch :) theres probably more but i danno ’_’ 2 years ago

babybear1517becoming a scene queen

I have always wanted to be one just really hope I can achive this dream :) 3 years ago


Okayz So Yah I Wanna Be A Scene Queen x)Like For Seriously I Would Love To Have Like Crazy Internet Fame Like Oh Em Geez :O 3 years ago


i wanna be one! so badlyy D: i need helpp, for advice email me on msn jaimestarrx3@hotmai.com 3 years ago


i so badly wanna be a scene!!! 4 years ago

catchiii305scene queen :]

i wanna be the ultimate scene queen.

either that or be an actress. :) 5 years ago

SweetlyxSuicidalHelp!! Scene queen wishes

ive been called emo alot and i dont really care but my real wish is to become a scene queen and have everyone know my name from the internet or myspace like jeffree star or kiki kanniable or whatever…so ya help me if you can <3 6 years ago


and myspace famous (: 6 years ago


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