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Don't make long term plans

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ItalygirlWho knows?

I have no idea what’s after college. Europe, a career, marriage and kids…? Who knows? I know I’m not ready for marriage right now and I’d love to go to Europe sometime soon, but no plans have been made.

Right now, it’s focus, focus, focus on school and get it done! Also, paying my bills to get out of debt and to move out asap.

I think short term goals are more effective. That way you seemingly get things done and aren’t discouraged by not quickly completing a goal you really want. 6 years ago

ItalygirlMaybe I'll become a nun...

I’ve decided I’m only going to have short term plans; that is, I will only plan things as far as a year in advance. This bright idea came to me in one of my finance classes… that’s how they ‘account’ for things… by determining if they are long term or short term. Everyone talks about living for the moment and living for today, and I think this is as close as I can get to that… so, I decided, since nothing has worked out like I planned so far, why even plan anymore? So I know a year from now, I’ll probably be in school (still) and after that, who knows? Maybe I’ll become a nun. 7 years ago


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