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true_blueWater flosser

I’ve finally decided I’ll be getting a Panasonic water flosser instead of the WaterPik brand after reading the reviews on Amazon. Can’t afford it now… It’s quite expensive. Hope it will be worth it. 2 months ago

true_blueWater flosser

I will be purchasing a WaterPik water flosser/irrigator in the near future. I find that an ordinary dental floss is difficult to use – it would usually get stuck between my teeth while flossing. Also, the WaterPik brand is said to be more effective than traditional dental floss. 2 months ago

true_blueBleeding gums

I’ve been to the dentist yesterday and had my teeth cleaned. I had bleeding gums (gingitivis), as expected. The dentist recommended that I floss for 2 weeks and that will help my gums to stop bleeding. But I had forgotten to ask her how many times a day I should floss, so I’ll just do it every night. 5 months ago

lindseyLove flossing!

I used to dread flossing. If you don’t do it regularly, it’s no fun to do it ever…. OUCH! Once your gums get used to regular flossing (in other words, become healthy) it’s easy as pie! I also got a waterpik, which I enjoy but dont think is as effective as flossing maunally, at least imo. My dentist says my gums look “fabulous.” The message here is: Floss floss floss! It’s crucial in preventing periodontal disease. Your teeth, gums, and your dentist will thank you! 3 years ago

meliaaevery night!

I want to floss my teeth every night! I just always forget to do so… 3 years ago


Because having day old food stuck in your teeth is gross. 3 years ago

Mme DelacroixUntitled

flossed yesterday
ya for me 3 years ago


i think i should make this a daily reminder to myself.. i’d like to be flossing almost every night. i just forget sometimes or i’m too tired at night and end up falling asleep before this happens. i’ll be flossing tonight 3 years ago


Im 20 years old and i already have 10 cavities including a crown. WHAT SHUOLD I DO??3 years ago

TessFFilling's at the Dentist

Went to the dentist and i needed 4 filling’s that a bad sign. And I may have been able to prevent that if I flossed and brushed my teeth more. No time like the present to start this goal and floss regularly. Becuase I want to look after my teeth and gums. I don’t want to regret not flossing later in life when my teeth are all rotting and I have gum disease and broke from all the dentist bills. Eeeek that’s an insentive to start flossing!! 4 years ago

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