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spend more time with family

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thebeanandthebirdFirst Steps

- Make Sunday Family Day a tradition 6 months ago


I will cherish the time that I have with my mother, father, brother and sister. They molded me into who I am today and I owe them more than I could ever repay. 13 months ago


Casino Niagara bus trip Jan 2013
Guyana for 2 weeks in April 2013 14 months ago


See at least once every two weeks 2 years ago

xdownfornowxSpending more time with family

Started hunting a lot with my Uncle Jim and Cousin Shane. Mom watches my son during the day, so I see her 5 times a week and she stays with us twice a week. 2 years ago

Nightshadow1427Coming out of my cave

My parents always referred to my room as my cave because I would never come out of it unless I was forced to. They believe I should spend more time with everyone instead of giving in to my more reclusive tendencies. So far, since I came back this summer, I’ve barely spent any time in my room and I’ve been taking more time to be around my family, talking and helping them with whatever is needed. I’m glad that I’m able to at least stick with one thing that I’m aiming to improve on. 2 years ago

Dawn Matthews:) It feels nice.

Right now I’m working two jobs and I’m usually so tired or busy that I don’t find time in my day to call my family as much as I should. Tonight I took the time to call my mom and my brother and it felt good to hear their voices. I’ve only been away from home for two years and the first year I was here I called them all the time. Lately, I’ve been lucky to talk to them maybe once a week. I want to keep up with my family’s lives. They’ve done so much for me and I feel like they deserve to hear from me more often than just when I need help.

I’m moving this goal up on my 43 Things because you only get so much time with your family. 2 years ago

Turt1eMake more phone calls and visits to my family

- at least 3 calls per week to my parents
- at least 1 call per week to my 2 grandmas (1 in China and 1 in the U.S.)
- at least 1 email per week to my uncle
- visit my parents and brother once a week on regular days and once every 2 weeks during busy season
- give my grandma (in US) $$ on her birthday. visit her at least twice a year
- give my grandma (in China) $$ or send her gift on her birthday. mail her card/letter for new year and birthday
- call all my aunts on or before Chinese new year
- have dinner w/ my parents and brother on their birthdays and on Chinese New Year 3 years ago


Played all 12 rounds of Chicken Foot with my sister tonight. :) She was way ahead half way through but I pulled out a win in the end. :P It was fun to do something semi-mindless. (We play with the colored tiles.) 4 years ago

crystal_bubblesHave had a great summer!

I have had a great summer. My holiday allowed me to see a lot more of my family than is possible while working. This goal is something that is ongoing and I think will need to be maintained… 4 years ago

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