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Pray to Allah

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What I mean is pray each prayer at the begining of it’s time and not miss or combine prayers. 6 years ago


i miss too much of my prayers inshallah i can stop being distracted and do my prayers 6 years ago

AmirAlshaqPrais all

yes 5 times a day 7 years ago

JP CreightonI did the "99 holy names of Allah" the other day, after shutting off the radio

I was on my way back from the hospital. And now I’ll pray again, and again later today, as closely as possible to the appointed times. 7 years ago

JP CreightonIn order to mark this as accomplished in any significant way,

I want to remember to pray at the five times appointed in the Koranic tradition, and to pray entirely in Arabic. Of course, Allah understands me in any language, but there is something especially beautiful about the prayers in Arabic. Thus I want my offering, which is what a prayer is, a verbal offering, a verbal communication, sometimes mental, but audible nonetheless to the reciter’s inner ear, to be a beautiful oration in Arabic. 7 years ago


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