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fearsomecaves seem more comfy now

i say nothing. i want to talk, but my body doesnt allow it. i dunno what im doing here. writing seems like the only thing that helps me express myself. ive never done this b4 and i doubt anyone will read or comment this. i dont get this world 3 years ago


I have allways been shy in front of peolple for some odd reason i just dont know why lol.im really shy around people i like 3 years ago

Jessica MooreCan't help it

I really wish i wasn’t so shy. It is so hard! I guess it’s all my insecurities, that is also what makes me so jealous too. Insecurity is probably the worst thing & i need to get over it all. 3 years ago

brokencyde_loverso shy

i hate being shy because when i bloom, the hole world is new to me. i see things i never saw and laugh the way i never knew i could.i am willing to explore the area and say any thing. i am a truely awesome flower inside. 3 years ago

barbar_ellapointless to be shy

i am really shy and not very confident. my roommate has convinced me that there is no reason to feel that way.

recently i crushed on a guy but i didn’t have the nerve to approach him. i found a loop hole and gave the guy my email and he approached me. it didn’t work out but if i hadn’t been so shy i would of known that a long time ago. 4 years ago

sarahkristinaMarking as done

I have done well and am much better at talking to new people – my biggest issue was with awkward silences. But I have improved way beyond expectations :) 5 years ago


I’m not shy at all when I’m just hanging out with my best friends, but around new people I can be extremely shy and I don’t talk very much its hard for me to just talk to a new person. 5 years ago

mckinsey.i'm proud of myself.

i decided that this school year i was going to be confident and outgoing.

i got my braces off and changed my hairstyle up a bit.
i felt confident about my appearance and so i felt that it was easier for me to be comfortable coming out of my shell.

i’ve actually made new friends, and people talk to me more.
i’m glad i did it. 5 years ago


because confidence is important! 5 years ago


i’m not shy with my friends or outside of school but when i get in school and stuff and i’m with people i don’t really know i get all shy and get embarrassed a lot. it’s so annoying and i’m not really sure what to do. 5 years ago

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