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mortaineI've started

I’ve started this process and am enjoying it very much. 2 years ago


So, I’ve been taking clases for 6 months now. 6 months! I spent the first 3 months (2 terms) in beginners, and I’ve spent the last 3 months (2 terms) doing both a bridging and a beginners class. I started originally after waking up one morning too many in pain because of my back injury and lack of core strenght, and decided that I would start. And, I haven’t looked back. I’ve had one period of bad back pain (from mowing the lawn), rather than the monthly occurence it used to be. And, it is the most fun i’ve had workign out, ever. Because I forget that i’m working out until the end of the class. If you’re considering it – jsut do it. book a term, or a taster class, and do it. 3 years ago

sarcasticbarbie31Next Level?

I am planning to bump up to the next level soon! It’s fun. as a beginner we are taught three spins. 3 years ago

sarcasticbarbie31Second Class At Luscious Maven

Really like the instructor. I took a class at another studio, and there was one thing I like better, the lighting. They had read light. That gave the studio a sensual private feel. The bright light at this place leaves me feeling a little exposed. But anyway I am planning to sign up for a set of classes. 3 years ago

sarcasticbarbie31Class Scheduled

I have my first class tonight. I just bought another promotional deal, a set of four classes to The Secret Pole Academy! I am excited. 3 years ago

clarawrPrivate dancer

Save up money for classes!
I want to do this to boost self-esteem and build my upper body strength. 3 years ago

sarcasticbarbie31Luscious Maven

I just bought a set of three classes as a promotion off Daily deals. I am excited I took an intro class a while back and it was oh so much fun. 3 years ago

AliciaOk so I can definitely do this now,

but I am going to keep this goal a while longer.

I have been at pole dancing on and off since my last entry, and I still love it. Unfortunately had a bad knee injury at another dance class and so I have been out of the game for a while recently, but my physio hopes I can start back to more exercise soon…so I will def be back to the pole then :)

And the ballet, bollywood, and burlesque! 3 years ago


It’s fun not really a big goal but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. 3 years ago


I took my first intro class on my birthday with Jill! It’s really really hard, I’ve got to give strippers more credit. Takes an incredible amount of skill and muscle control to do this. We had a new instructor, so I can tell she wasn’t that good. I wished we had the master instructor, she seemed much more bouncy and would have progressed faster with the class. I really wanted to learn more and my intructor just dragged ass. But I can’t check off that I’ve “learned” theis art after only one lesson, so maybe I’ll take two or three more classes (whenever I can afford them)then I’ll check this off the list. But really really cool experience! 3 years ago

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